juggalo holocust


every one who hates juggalo – is already a member of the holocaust they are those before the current population Juggalo Holocaust

join http://codarobot.com/lotb3/simplemachinesforum/index.php

the rest quit our family


4 responses to “juggalo holocust

  1. haha fuck all them skinhead bitches i carry a magnum everywhere i go so let them try to step up on me one time ive had to dump bodies before and it aint no fucking problem to do it agian

  2. you al just dont understand what a real juggalo is you allow a few stereo types represent the entire juggalo population an that is simply unexceptable

  3. ok here ill fuckin tell you like this im a fuckin juggalo and i dont give A FLYIN FUCK what you think bout it you wont do shit jus a bunch of dumb bitches suckin each others dick you dont know the meanin of family a knowin that someone has ur back at all time i dont give a fuck if im the only one left that will say something bout it but FUCK THE JUGGALO HOLOCAUST I DONT SEE YALL DOIN SHIT COME ON MAKE THE NEWS OR STEP TO FUCKIN WACO TEXAS ILL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHERE THE FUCK I LIVE YALL ARE PUSSYS YALL TRUELY ARE… SO WHAT IF YOU DONT LIKE THE MUSIC OK FUCKIN CHANGE THE STATION INSTEAD OF FUCKIN STICKIN TO IT! GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET THE FUCK OVER IT! JH YALL LITTLE BITCHES EXPECAILLY THE BROKE ASS WANA BE LEADER AND OFFICERS AND SHIT… WOOP WOOP BITCHES! AND ILL ALL WAYS REPP THE HATCHET

  4. i would love to c sumone step up and fuck with the juggalo family cuz they wont be around nemore

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