“Popular” schoolgirl dies in ‘juggalo sucide cult’

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Popular and fun-loving (Yeah fu*king right) schoolgirl killed herself after becoming involved in a self-harming youth cult which glamorises death, an inquest has heard.

Hannah Bond, 13, hanged herself from a bunk bed in her bedroom with a tie believing her death would impress fellow followers of the “Juggalo” movement, it was said.

The teenager, who left a suicide note and used the nickname “Living Disaster”, committed suicide after flippantly telling her parents, “I want to kill myself”, when she returned late from a friend’s house.

They dismissed the comment and said “don’t be silly” but an hour later found her suspended an inch from the floor.

They dialled 999 and paramedics battled for over an hour to save her but she had lost consciousness and died.

Roger Sykes, the coroner who recorded a verdict of suicide, found aspects of the youth movement, which began in America, “very disturbing”.

He said: “A girl of 13 years old has taken her own life for no reason that by anyone could be found to be justifiable.

“It is a terrible and tragic explanation to what happened. It is not glamorous, just simply a tragic loss of such a young life.”

Maidstone Coroners’ Court heard that Hannah, of East Peckham, Kent, had lived a double life, outwardly a bright fun-loving family-orientated schoolgirl, but inwardly a devotee of “Icp” which owns the Juggalos.

She had secretly chatted to “Juggalo” followers online all over the world, talking about death and the glamorisation of hanging and speaking about “the Carnival” – a place where “juggalo” believe they go after they die.

She had even scratched her wrists in a form of self-harm often seen as a form of initiation into the popular fashion and lifestyle fad followed by young people who dress in clown make up like their older “Goth” crowd.

On her page on Bebo, the online networking site, she told friends with names like Sam Suicide, that she was obsessed with the American band Insane Clown Posse.

In a tribute book dedicated to Hannah at her school, one of her friends wrote, “I hope you enjoy the Carnival in the sky”, and it emerged another “Juggalo” girl at Hannah’s school, Mascalls Secondary School in Paddock Wood, Kent, had tried to kill herself a year ago.

Her mother Heather, a housewife, told the court how she originally thought “Jugaglo” was a harmless youth movement.

She said: “She called Juggalo a fashion and I thought it was normal. I didn’t know about the cuts. She used to wear bracelets so her wrists were concealed.

“Hannah was just a normal girl. She had loads of friends. She could be a bit moody but I thought it was just because she was a teenager. In the months before she had become obsessed with the internet.

“But there were no signs this was going to happen. She had everything to live for.”

Her father Raymond, a martial arts instructor who broke down as he gave evidence, said he had noticed the marks on her wrist.

He said: “We discussed it when I noticed the marks. When I was younger I was a punk and we used to do tattoos and things, but I wasn’t angry with her because she promised me she would never do it again.

“Although she was in touch with Juggalos all over the world, particularly in America, she was still in touch with the same girl she always was.

“The night before she died she came into my room and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said ‘I love you dad.’”

Vanessa Everett, her headteacher, told the inquest that none of her teachers felt she had any issues.

“She was a popular and bright girl who had achieved merits day in and day out right up until the day of her death,” she said.

She said they had been aware of “superficial self-harm” among younger students who had joined the Juggalo clan, but said it was difficult to determine those intent on harming themselves and those using it as “a fashion statement.”

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31 responses to ““Popular” schoolgirl dies in ‘juggalo sucide cult’

  1. Juggalette_4_lyfe

    Being part of the psychopathic family has nothing to do with that girl. We are not a cult. She apparently did not know the ture meaning of being a juggalette because a real lette would never have done somthing like that.

  2. Skarekrow tha Clown

    that chick was retarded an definately not a juggalette and bein a juggalo is not bein in a cult none of us kill ourselves to go to the canival they just need help an think they can find it with us but we dont encourage suicide at all we dont encourage anyone to kill themselves so wats up now …….MCL lots of luv for tha fam all day everyday

  3. What a drama queen. Juggalos are not a cult, i’m a juggalo, and i lead a perfectly normal life, sure, i’m down with the clown, but the only reason i’m down is because i wasn’t accepted elsewhere. In fact, this is probably the OPPOSITE of my story, because i probably would have commited suicide if i hadn’t been united with juggalos in my school. all the bullshit about juggalos being murderers and gothic and shit is just not true. we accept all people wether you’re black, white, mexican, asian, gay, straight, bi, fat, skinny, or whatever you can think of. i love anyone, except the bigots and racists who hate other people for no reason… i’m not trying to start a fight, but this bitch is crazy. it’s not about killing yourself to go to the “Carnival”, it’s about going to heaven, or as Insane Clown Posse puts it, Shangri-La. I know i’m going to Shangri-la, because ICP brought me to the light, to christ, and to god. i try to help anyone who needs it, i even fucking pay for my poor friend’s lunch EVERY DAY! this girl was influenced by the wrong people to do the wrong thing. this is an example of how The Witch (Satan) makes us do bad things, this case being that she killed herself, so she goes to hell. shut up about juggalos. people are so quick to blame music or anything that is “Scandalous” AND NOT BLAMING THEIR KIDS FOR BEING COMPLETLY IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO DO THE WRONG THING! Why does everything have to be something else and not the person?

    MCL to all the juggalos out there!
    Whoop Whoop!

  4. shes a dum bitch wtf?!

  5. a 13 year old POPULAR girl kills herself and the first thing they “find” is ICP?! I’m 25 been done for just over 10 years, not once had I thought about killing myself. This girl has completely takin things out of preportion. She is just as bad as some of the african americans who take what they hear seriously. IT”S JUST FUCKING MUSIC. EVERYTHING HAS A MESSAGE AND APPARENTLY SHE DID NOT GET IT. My sympathies go to her family, but what she did can not be justified by what she listens to.

  6. juice juggalette

    yup that girl is trippin its just music! cool merchandise and friends it has nothing to do with occult! that girl was on drugs and so are her friends a female insane clown posse fan is called a juggalette not a juggalo.. if they couldnt get that right maybe her mamma should have thought twice before SHE paid for the cd with Parental advisory on the fuckin front..its not icp or psychopathics fault your daughter is dead lady its yours for raising a drama queen and not giving a shit about what was going on with her…

  7. Give me a link to reputable site reporting this and ill believe it…sad yall are now resorting to propaganda didnt the lastgroup who had a holocaust do the same thing… damn who were they again….oh yeah the nazis so sad …..as always hit me up if ya got some thing to say negative or positive juggbobmurdapants@hotmail.com

  8. Bad mother fucker juggalo

    you haters can hate cuz we don’t give a fuck
    come find me bitch i will show you what a real juggalo can do woo wooo you want my address

    165 county route 127
    Addison NY 14801
    bring back up you will need it

  9. im sorry for her family and stuff but this was pure stupidity being a juggalo doesnt mean killin yaself, doing this to impress people was probably the stupidest thing ever i mean fair 1 if ur depressed and stuff (hoping that you all arent of course) but her death was unnessiary and pointless MMFWCL

  10. I feel empathy toward this girls family but Being part of our family has nothing to do with suicide cults. I dont see how anyone could think that death impresses someone because to impress someone you have to be alive to get he gratitude out of it so first of all thats stupid. Second of all we are proud to be a family with a strong support structure and idea system. and third we really dont care how you see us because were are family through and through. if you go to http://www.youtube.com and look up the song simpel and blunt by insane clown posse then maybe you could grasp a little bit of our reality.

    You take from the music what you take from your own life.

    how you see us is how you really see everything.

    All my clown love and sympathy to the family.

    whoop whoop.

  11. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Subdeb.

  12. So i honestly dont think that Juggalos are the reason that that girl comitted suicide. In reality, The Juggalo family saved my life.. I lived in mason ohio 6th-9th grade, i never had seen anything like them. i moved to amelia ohio, and the first day of school i seen them. a small group of them wearing ICP shirts, tripp pants, hatchet chains, and so much more.. i was scared, but i liked one of them, i thought he was cute. Well throughout the year i watched that group of people, i was with prissy girls, and alot of drama. I watched how they acted. Man they were rowdy! They would all stand there and rap lyrics from their songs, and they were loud, extremely loud, but i liked the energy that they gave off. They for real werent rude just loud most of the time. They didnt care what people thought, i wanted to be part of that. the next school year came around and i started hanging out with a few people who were juggalos, but didnt dress like it cuz of their parents, but i slowly ended up walking home with them and chillin with all of them. i started hanging around, and i still like one of them, finally, we started dating in October(the 26th to be exact-we have been together for eight months) and we are still together. before i got with him i was suicidal and i had been on medicine. i dont even need it anymore. We have been through alot, car accidents and such, and he is an amazing person, the clothes didnt mean a thing. He graduated from high school this year, and is continuing school in the fall. The word juggalo describes a bond. Not a cult. we have something that lasts more than any other friendship will, its Juggalo Love. get over it. we are smart, we are not pieces of trash, and by the way i live in a trailer,and they are quite comfy!!!! She prolly got involved in that fake juggalo group. the emo juggalo group. they cut themselves. we dont harm ourselves or others unless if its protection or absolutley needed. The Carnival is glamorized in our world but, its a place we know we go when our time is up. And we dont chose that. we do have personal religions to… Instead of Heaven, we go to a place we belong and we fit.We, the juggalos are good people at heart. and the cheap pop is yummy… MCL!!!!

  13. wtf i can’t beleive you guys are sayin she wasn’t a “true juggalette” and she got tha wrong message
    i really don’t think she got the wrong message from tha music
    i don’t see how you could be influenced by a person or psychopathic i don’t see how she could have gotten that message from it at all
    i think this girl had problems of her own, that had nothing to do with the music
    but we don’t know and we probably never will
    i just don’t understand how you guys can be talking shit about it if you don’t even know tha whole story
    i dunno thats just me

  14. what that girl did is classified as EMO not JUGGALO. we dont ‘fantasize’ death and we dont believe in suicide. we realize that there is death and destruction and wicked shit in the world but we dont promote it. this shit is STUPID, and please, find something else to blame her death on… it wasnt cause she was a lette, IF she was a lette…

  15. shit i never had friend till i was fucking 13 when i moved in 7th grade , cus i was to damn roudy loud and wierd and shit and then when i moved the juggalos took me in now my whole damn family is my homies the juggalos cus they fucking exsept me for me man and we are fucking good people and we have fucking feelings 2 and we love hate and shit like that were just different so mabey you should look at the big picture and stop being so blind to the wourld and i am never truning on my homies i mean there my life if enything happened to my homies i would fucking die i love my fam there the shit okay just cause were differnt dont mean we arent people and we dont give a fuck wweather u like us or not so ftfo and get a life its not the music who makes a person do something
    but the person who decides to do it them self . so yeah dont blam it on us


  16. This never really happened. Some moron is just looking for attention.

  17. danny_that_jugla

    WTF one crazy ass motherfucker hangs herself and we blame us juggalos lettes .The carnival shangri la hell’s pit are nick names. Shangri la is heaven just a nick name for heaven. I have been a lo for like 15 years ihave the shirts and shit and do i cut myself NO. And really this is the first juggalo and or lette to kill him or herself and plus they just rying to find a way to talk shit about icp. Many people kill themselfs and we are in clicks and sh*t and when one crazy b*tch cuts herself and hangs herself all the juggalos are blamed. Apearenly these people she was talking to were insane and were f*cking with her for fun and i meet people on the internet that are juggalos and no one incourages me to kill myself. And half the people hating on here probally cant name one song title or one verse one sentence. And you motherf*ckers are stupid juggalos are not in a cult we just are a family you know what i mean we homies and if anyone f*cks with a juggalo you got someone on your side gunna f*ck them up for real.

    sincerly yours ,


  18. juggalette amanda

    ok so 1 chick hangs herself and you automaticly blame juggalos and lettes let me tell you somethings being down doesnt mean you are involed in a cult there are so many diffrent los and lettes you couldnt catigorize we are all diffrent we are not a cult not a gang we are a way of life to be yourself and no one else to love life and love others that arent like everyone else to trust in something bigger we dont promote hatred on anyone that doesnt harm us and we dont promote hurting yourself ive been down for almost 5 years and everyone that i have ever met that is down are cooler than shank some people you would never guess that they were down with the clown but to hang with us or be friends with us or even have a romantic relationship with us doesnt mean that you have to be down we are cool with everyone like i said its just a way of life so to the family out there MMFWCL and to everyone else that is cool

  19. All of this is ridiculous , fuck all Jugalos fuck ICP and their Christian album hahahaha. Thats hardcore

  20. Blender magazine was right in their popular vote, this is the worst band ever ! Now all you Juggalos go to church and follow god and wrestle each other HAHAHAHA. The played you all like fools, and came out and said we are followers of an organized religion HA. I spit on ICP

  21. naw, for real thats sad about that chick, but thats not what us juggalos or juggalettes are about! we don’t advertise that kind of shit, thats the fakie emo juggalos and juggalettes! whatever. peace


  22. Fuck all u faggot ass juggalos for telling ur nerdy ass life story! A fucking little girl killed herself because of icp! Don’t tell me it’s not becuase of icp, u just wanna suck on sum clown dick and listen to more of their violent lyric! She killed herself becuase other juggalo told her too and the lyric promoted it. She’s only 13 do u think she will understand all the violence in those lyrics, NO! u people are a bunch of clown dick sucking fucks! a little girl died and all u can talk about is ur own patheic life story! Go fuck ur selves u dumb ass juggalos! Too bad a little girl died…

  23. schvelly the clown

    fuck you tyrone your a dumb-ass for sayin that becuz you dont no shit about the lyrics that psycopathics sing about you need to do a little research befor you open your mouth and if the girl did do that her soul is trapped in this world for ever becuz thats the way juggalos think if you dont believe me listen to anybody killa mudface the thought of suicide

  24. Fuck all yall niggas y’all niggas ain’t shot. Ur all gonna burn in he’ll


  26. Yall r fuqin dumb!!! Emos, goths, hippies, stoners can all be true juggalos 2,ur either down with the clown or not… Matter of fact u dnt even necessarily have to listen to any of psychopathic records music to be a juggalo… Its about family, and love for the carnival, and childhood! Juggalos/lettes can be anyone who isn’t racist, pedophiles, bigots, and abusers… Other than that be whoever the fuck u wanna be… Jst as long as u down with clown for life! N if ur not down thts respectable 2… Mmfwcl and faygo to all u homies! Whoop whoop!!!!

  27. N icp’s lyrics say absolutely nothin bout killen urself, or anything even close to tht!!! Fuck all u juggalo haterza, we dnt have time to listen to ur bullshit, by the way country is actaully considered the most suicidal muzik there is, fuq u!!! Mmfwcl…

  28. N yea juggalos/lettes aren’t a gang… But u can have gangs made up of juggalos/lettes!!! Violent jay n shaggy 2 dope were both gangster kinda thugs before they ever started jj boys or icp, n were juggalos even before any of tht!!! N they would give anything for there childhood and the carnival…

  29. And if u think wat we believe in isn’t true… Well maybe u rite n maybe u wrong… U don’t know tht wat u believe is true either soo shut the fuck up n mind ya own buissness!!!

  30. Juggalos/lettes aren’t all about psycopathic records music!!!

  31. ok i dont understand why u all must insist that we are a cult we are not fuck off

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