How to Kick A Juggalos Ass

this is only 2 things to knock a juggalo down they do work i have used them on a few juggalos so if your not a juggalo dont watch this!

Land of the Banned HomeThe Juggalo Holocaust

Jeff Nipples World – Juggalo Holocaust Supporters
the juggalo holocasut has been exposed in this radioshow.

16 responses to “How to Kick A Juggalos Ass

  1. well i don’t want to see you in a dark ally way. you look SCARY!!. sarcasm dude. you look like a little kid. or a pc nerd. you guys need to stop this shit be for any one I know gets hurt. and if my family, not the juggalo family, i mean my wife and kids, gets into this…….no telling what might happen.

  2. Youre an idiot. I wonder if youve ever been in an actual fight. World of warcraft doesnt count.

  3. LOL are you serious? You look like a fat Rivers Cuomo…why are you’re tellin us how to fight?

    At least you put Dead to Fall as the opening song, so you have a little man in you.

  4. I have a fake hip and I guarantee I would smash this loser. I am not a Juggalo but I am not against them doing their thing. They are a sub-culture and since I study Sociology I undertand them. Forget these damn hataz.

  5. juggalett Raven bitch

    Hey bitches are yall this fucking stupid.
    do you even know what juggalos and juggaletts stand for?
    damn you are so fucking stupid!!!!

  6. Juggalett raven bitch

    btw you look like a fucking computer nerd!!!!
    and if anyone has ANYTHING TO SAY TO ME.
    and you can find me on myspace.
    at this email.

  7. How to kick a juggalos ass..? It’s stupid to think that just because we are juggalos that we are the “same”, grow up.

  8. damn, ive got a video of my 6 year old nephew imitating a fight the exact same way… the only fights this dudes been in is whether to give or take the ass pounding
    Fuck you and YOUR family

  9. the brother unknown

    What a fuckin joke, go play some more pokemon cards you lil bitch. i feel bad for your parents, knowing that their son is a usless biggot. Dont worry, the Wraith is expecting you.

  10. lmao @ whoever is running this site keeps deleting my post, because they know what im saying is true. Lmao. Pussies. By the way i searched this fag on youtube. Lmao hes sitting here talking about how to fight a juggalo, on another blog he talks about how some juggalo punked him the fuck out, a juggalo nailed him in the head with a tennis ball. lmmfao took off running fat kid couldn’t catch him, and then juggalo wanted to fight him. kid was practically crying in the video. LMMFAO. these guys are jokes.

  11. wow, is this all u guys do is bag on other epople for there love for another band, see this is the shit that starts nothing but dumb drama for the world,u guys dont no us or anything about us, so why bring drama,we juggalos and lettes are nothing but a organized culture that has love for another band as u would for like linkin park and pink floyd and led zeppelin and ozzy, seroously, cops are the same way, no understanding!!!!! did u cops no that there are a few of us in ur force, and u guys try aresting us for being (gang related when we arnt, in small ways we are but thats cuz some people go over board with it, but for the others out there who dont do bad stufff just listin to them and support them, are innocent, u think killing us and rapping us and causeing all this drama is gonna do anything, no its not, i say this cuz ur killing innocent lives, ur hurting people that dont deserve it, enough people die every day we dont ned more, if ur gonna hurt some one do it to urself and see how it feels, i bet u wont like it so why do it to the people that love another and show thanx and dedcation to a group for there beliefs, ur not makeing anything right, think u killing people ur doing the world a favor, no ur makeing ur self look bad for doing that, think how god is looking at u as u do this wait till he sees u ur gonna wanna regret ever haveing anything to do with this, recruiting people, thats another thing, ur getting more people and feeding them bull shit lies about us when u dont no what we are or what we do, as zug izland says( hey people,leave juggalos alone) thats what u should do instead of causing war and chaos through the world,u think that icp do there songs and mean what they say, no they make fun of people, they say the murder, they dont they make fun of people who do tho, cuz its funny to a young yuth,they do what people want to hear,they are actualy christians, the belev in god, why do u think they say( we gonna make it into shangri-la aint no body gonna stop us) shangri-la is code for heaven, zion, all peice to existance,halo and wings…. ur killing us and all that is just gonna bury u in a hole deeper and deeper every time u do something to some one,learn to love and give love is what god wants us to do, he wants peace and harmony from us, is that to much to ask for, ur not doing the world a favor, ur killin it,by spilling inocent blood, i dont no how u dont feel like shit when u do something like that, must be u have no heart, were not emos in disguise, were not killers, or anything, were blood bones and flesh like u, we breath the same air u do, were are one and brothers and sisters no matter the cause, we are family all of us not juggalos and all that no were all family no matter what,group we like for music, no matter what race, i belive in a better place and i no alot of people do to,love one and all and be rewarded from god, thats all i think should be, were not a gang, we just make poor decisions some times cuz we have to much fun some times, befroe u do something horible why dont u look into what we are and what we stand for, take time to look before ur have action on something…… words of wisdom, were all one and the same no matter what u do ur only killin urself……

    much native love and prosparety to all including the family and juggalo family…..

  12. juggalette_kitten

    man u look like u aint never fight..
    go jack off and live in ur internet fighting game.. i mean.. that’s all you good for

  13. omfg you dont know the first thing about a juggalo/juggalette
    you know what you can do with this fucking video wait you know what im gonna do to this video im goin to take it and shove it up your god damn ass so far youll have to have fuckin surgery to get it out
    just like rainmaker said just becuz we’re a juggalo or juggalette doesnt mean we are the same
    fuck you and your family

  14. Man this whole JH shit is lame, i will meet you anywhere you want to, and see if you can take me in a fight, i will give you 3 free hits, and see what you can do, i live i bakesfield, california, i was a mma fighter for team rampage in porterville, California, so ya might wanna think bout what you say on here bout juggalos, and lettes, cause you dont know anything bout us


  16. This littel Chester looking mother fuckerwouldnt even get his hand near my face because Id break his fucking are aas soon as he tried.

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