juggalo holocaust video

Juggalo Holocaust

Juggalo Holocaust Supporters

juggalo holocasut has been exposed radioshow.

5 responses to “juggalo holocaust video


  2. jugglette sam

    man hell ya fuck [J.H] they can go fuck off! juggalos and juggaletts rox

  3. Juggalett raven bitch

    Hell yeah brother talk it!

  4. I happened across some of your video’s and letter while browsing the Internet earlier this evening. I wanted to correct a few thing I had heard you saying, but first I would like to tell you about myself.
    My blood family, are Romania. Some would say Gypsy. My clan dates back 1,800 years. We have traveled through most every country in the world, gaining knowledge and magick’s long lost. I personally have lived in 38 states in the USA. I have also lived in Russia, Germany, and Canada. I speak fluent French, German, Russian, Latin and
    I have been actively involved in Marshall arts since I could walk, my father is a black belt in shudu-con. My husband a Brown belt in jujitsu and I have recently received my black belt in judo. I also Am attending collage for social and criminal psychology.

    Now you know about me, So please consider what I say. I realize you believe all juggalo’s are idiots. Trust in me when I say I am Not. My eldest brother (by 13 years) brought me into the carnival at an early age. I was exposed to the lifestyle and ethos before I could walk. My Clan believes in a realm known as the nomadic bizarre. This belief dates back to times of Christ.
    The belief in the nomadic bizarre:
    In between Shangri-La and The Netherviod , there exists many other realms. Some being good and light, some being dark or wicked. In between those other realms in a travailing freak show or nomadic bizarre. This bizarre is a collaboration of dead souls who travel the realms to bring only what you have brought apon yourself. (( This is all because of you!)) The souls selected are of people who never fit in with regular society, therefore in death they find completion within a family of freaks. A place where all are excepted and welcome to the bizarre travailing show.
    What juggalo’s believe is very similar to this Armenia belief. So similar I can find little to contradict said statement in comparison.
    I am A juggalo. I am not A meth addict. I don’t even drink. (( Not to say there is anything wrong with drinking)) . Being a juggalo is a life style. You Cannot call down a holocaust on a life style. Holocaust means to wipe out an entire race. We are not a race, we are a grouping of like minded individuals. If you take the time, and I hope you already have, To read the meaning of the 6 jokers cards you find that what we believe is in knowing ourselves, and in doing so we find brotherhood in others who have done the same. The 6 jokers card represent aspects of yourself, undeniable truths that exist in every human soul.
    Some would call it a religion, I do. Though I do not dare speak for all of my brothers, because being a juggalo is a life style, many of my own family have different outlooks. With in every grouping of peoples, no matter where you are you will have a few people who give the group as a whole a bad name. I will admit that in my time and travels I have meet false Juggalo’s and been discussed at there actions. I have also found Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Pagans and even Armenia’s that have given there races, religions or people(s) a bad name. This is part of human nature, Every person wants to belong, even if they have to play face to do so.
    I don’t know what Juggalo’s you have meet. I hope that you research The jokers cards and see what they mean to YOU. To every man his own. You should never let another person influence your outlook on a people, such as the above described juggalos. You should learn what they have learned, only though understanding can a person over come hate.
    With Much Clown Love for all the Ninja’s in the world!!!
    The Gypsy

  5. very well sead, Im glad that there is more than one Juggalo or Juggalete who is just cpas locking and cussing haha. but that does get the anger out
    yes i know i didnt use spaces haha

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