texas boy-JH Member speaks out against juggalos

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juggalo holocasut has been exposed radioshow.

7 responses to “texas boy-JH Member speaks out against juggalos

  1. wow….I didnt understand a word that damn kid just said, all I under stood was ICP and juggalo….what a faggot…

  2. wtf did you just say??

  3. juggalettebadbitch

    ok…..does this child have a speech impediment or just a really bad mic?

  4. Juggalett raven bitch

    your such a fucking retard!

  5. What the fuck was he saying? Look kid, take the bandana and the sunglasses of and get that dick out of your mouth so we can understand you. No wonder we don’t take this juggalo holocaust bullshit seriously, all you have are illiterate little fucks whose balls havn’t even dropped yet. Fuck you and JH stop hatin we don’t give a shit about your opinion and never will. We will always be around. Why the fuck are you hatin anyway? What did we do to you? Nothing. Let me guess you think we’re all fat, scrubby, and stupid. well look here, I’m 98 pounds, I wear what I can afford, and had a 3.5 GPA last year. Get over it grown some balls then try and start shit.

  6. wow that kid needs ridilin and a speech therapist

  7. Fuck all of that bullshit these fuckin’ birthday clowns are talkin’ in the comments dude. It’s all old comments, but regardless icp is fucking queer, and everyone who follows that shit is most likely a fucked up kid with no parental guidance.

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