JH – the Juggalo Holocaust and Tulsa anti juggalo league membership drive

WE Need You to help us end the juggalo

how you ask
join the message board and lend your support
paint JH everywhere
help stop juggalos from invading our country.

join the offical land of the banned messageboard

what is a juggalo ?

Brainless selfish morons that live under the illusion that the entire world is against them. Fact is, they’re not important enough for anyone to actually care. These people are outcasts because they want to be, my thought is that they think it’s fashionable when they’re really just a small insignificant pimple on society’s ass. T
I’ve had a chance to speak with some of the Juggalos, they, as a group, are so ultra-violent that some (sick as it may be) actually have a plan to systematically cleanse the world of every one that is not “Down with the clown!” As I recall, a little more then 60 years ago a German leader had those same thoughts. Adolph Hitler was the OJ (original Juggalo) .

therefore we need to get them before they get us.


Jeff Nipples World – Juggalo Holocaust Supporters

join the offical land of the banned messageboard

the juggalo holocaust has been exposed in this radioshow.

33 responses to “JH – the Juggalo Holocaust and Tulsa anti juggalo league membership drive

  1. What the hell is wrong with you people?
    A. Do more research about the juggalos before you start ranting about it. Juggalos are a family. nothing more. So how would the entire world be after them if they have a gigantic family worldwide to turn to?
    B. Youre not a believer of that everyone is important and we should care about people in a whole.
    C. Who honestly wants to be an outcast? and when there are biased haters out there writing mindless 1-sided blogs all over the internet discrimating them(alot like yourself), its hard for them to be anything else.
    D. I don’t know what the hell kind of juggalos you say you talked to that have a plan like that because has nothing to do with violence or “cleansing the world.” One of the biggest points of our music is to not care what people say or think about us, so if theyre not, for lack of a better term, fuck em!
    E. And come on, Adolph Hitler ” the first juggalo!” Isn’t it YOU who has a HOLOCAUST?!? And another thing its the ignorant redneck skinheads who are doing all of this “juggalo holocaust” anyway. Hitler started YOUR group which is “ULTRA-VIOLENT” and “HAS A PLAN FOR SYSTEMATICALLY CLEANSING THE WORLD OF ANYONE NOT LIKE THEM.”

    You are hypocritical, biased, and stereotyping something you know nothing about.

  2. Wow let me get this straight jh is accusing JUGGALOS of being similar to nazi’s… for fuck sakes yall are declaring a holocaust against us why not declare jihad then call us terrorist? thats pathetic…. so as always if ya got something to say negative or positive hit me up juggbobmurdapants@hotmail.com


  4. jugglette sam

    man yall can go fuck off danm we didnt do shit to yall fuck the holocoust!!
    worth less pice of shit

  5. Yo, what up yall. This is TNT from Detroit area MI baby! A real juggalo who’s been down since day motha fuckin 1 bitch! I just now heard of this hatin ass shit, it actualy kinda made me laugh. If these haters knew any better, they wuld no they are most of the reason ICP is even popular in the 1st place. So ICP is rich cuz of u guys, and we got fresh azz music 2 listen 2, so thank u 2 all the JH haters out there. Yr given us a good reason 2b tha way we are. So blame yrself when a real azz juggalo like me leaves ya lips split 4 talkin shit so now when u open yr mouth it drips. So I’m sorry if u were born 2 grow up dat way, mayb yr mom shuld of swallowed u instead. Hey JH, duck my sick & buck u fitch

  6. i cant even think of anything to say about people like you. the term “GET A LIFE” comes to mind… and “go to hell because your the nazi bastards” is another phrase… i am begining to get why you do this.
    A) want attention
    B) got your wife stolen by a down ass lo
    C) have nothing else to do with your pathetic lives
    D) are jelous of the vast numbers of Family we have
    E) walked in on your mom with your new step daddy Violent J
    F) all of the above

  7. great work juggalos keep those fagity bitches down

  8. juggalette amanda


  9. juggalette amanda


  10. The Chicago Juggalo The Insane Joker

    And is this all you got a hatred for something youll never understand and dare call me a nazi im from Ukranian And Cherokee Decent i wish you people who use religion and say you hate juggalos would pick up a bible and read

    Thou Shalt not Kill
    Love Thy Neighbor Like Thyself
    Do not judge that is the job of the lamb

  11. juggalos are unfit to continue breathing my air, please go kill yourself, thank you, have a nice day

  12. May God have mercy one each and every one of you! The juggalo family does not condone hate we love all haters without you we would be nothing.


  13. look you jh nazi bitches ima juggalo . always have been always will be . and im tired of this bull shit … you feelin froggy… then leap! im from san antonio origionaly now im in dallas . ill meet you anywhere at any time hit me up juggalos or jh bitches myspace.com/hatchetswingingfaygolover or wikid_wiced_clowns@yahoo.com mmfwcl PEACE

  14. I would like to see one of you bitch ass fucks try to come find me and stop me from breathing. You better believe I’d fuck you up. fuckin bitches…


    Kid Clark

  15. muthafaku! u tryin to get rid of us?? good fuckin luck. we a Family and we stick together no matter what. we aint against the world. they against us. i live in okc. ill fuckin ride my ass up to tulsa to meet u fuckin haters. i dont wanna fuck wit us. and how the fuck u gonna be a hypocrite and say we like the nizi’s when u the one trying to get rid of us. im a lette and i will be down till the day i fuckin die. Juggalo’s will never die. you are a small little group in a little city. we all around the world nigga. you wanna do somethin about it hit me up and i can show u bitches what we can really do! MMFWLC to the Fam

  16. hey heres the deal im tired of these fags aka juggalos hangin round the lennhaven mall in Virginia beach, Virginia. I admit i do know a couple of them but not in a freindly way more like enimies im just so tired of them acting like their gangsta when all they worry about is and I quote” im hungy i havent eaten in 8 hours” and other retarded remarkes i mean i wouldent care if they dealed with real shit but their just so fake

  17. hey just one more time thats the Lennhaven Mall in Virginia beach, Virginia in the food court

  18. ay man fuck you and your juggalo holocaust. you prolly MISUNDERSTOOD the juggalo you talked to. You want every juggalo gone cause of what that motha fucka said? (sounds like a hater to me) Fuck you if I ever see you I will kick your bitch ass and call one of my homies and have them kick your ass too. Theres more of us than there are of you, we will fuck you up. I will get my non-juggalo gang to fuck you up. What makes you any better than us. You say we make ourselves outcasts, thats not true, in my case I am an outcast, Ive been an outcasts since 6th grade, like me most juggalos become accostomed to being an outcast and being hated so when they are finally accepted by everyone theyre just like fuck all you. You know theres somethin called the gathering of the juggalos? why dont you walk your fat fuckin ass up there and start blastin on some juggalos even though you wont make it to the parkin lot. You so fuckin pussy that you need to have lots of people to take out the small insignificant pimple on societys ass. And what the fuck is up with get them before they get us? we’ll get you just for sayin that shit. You are so fuckin lucky you aint next to me right now, Id bust you in the head with a fuckin faygo. You think we scared of bein killed cause we juggalos, if that scares anyone to where they aint a juggalo than they were never a juggalo to begin with. Ill always be a juggalo and nothin can stop me, cause thats how i live. Why the fuck you gotta say that were nazis. who the fuck is killin jews. when you kill one of the jewish juggalos, now whos the fuckin hilter. You prolly got the accent too you bitch ass whack motha focko. We aint selfish, I aint fuckin selfish, if I see you Ill give you half a second to run, shit Ill give you a free one way trip to hell. Fuck with me see what happens. Oh and Mr. George Washington bitches (used a faggot ass name to start with) you realize that you the only juggahata on this bitch right now, so far we have a 15 to 1 chance of fuckin you up. Think about that before you talk shit. You guys wanna say were not really hated, look at what the fuck you typed, look at that shit. Get rid of them? Last time I checked thats what you say when you kill someone and you kill someone cause YOU FUCKIN HATE THEM!!! You cant talk about what we think or even how the fuck we feel, are you a fuckin therapist? If you wanna say yes then Id like to say therapists are supposed to understand people, but Im pretty sure us juggalos are bein MISUNDERSTOOD. I hope you kill a couple of us and get locked up. I love my family but I seriously fuckin hope you kill a couple of us, then you get arrested and put in jail for life, and you get put in the same cell as a fuckin juggalo, and not a scrawny one but a fuckin huge one and he beats the shit out of you every day til the day you die. Juggalos aint like you, were different, all we want is you to accept us for being different than you, we could give a fuck less if you dont like us but dont fuckin hate us cause we arent like you, and you still wanna call us a group of hitlers, you the biggest hitler of all, if you were right about us bein nazi related people, hell youd be the fuckin president of the club. Fuck outta here with your bullshit about how you know what a juggalo is, you were never a juggalo and you will never be a juggalo, you can suck my juggalo painted dick, once again we are MISUNDERSTOOD. Seriously look at what the fuck you typed, you want us dead, the same reason you said why you want us dead. Its a fuckin retarded. You want us dead cause he wants yall dead. Does that make any sense to you?
    Much love to everyone who think the juggalo holocaust is stupid
    Much Clown Love
    -Dub formerly known as Blunt Boy

  19. Are you serious? You have to be joking! No fucking way. Look at this shit fam! We so kick ass, we got a group trying their damndest to be our arch enemies! But your trying a little too hard, sorry, we only publicize those who are worth it. Actually come up with something smart to try your claim with, rather than, oh, their ganna try and cleanse us, we gotta stop them!

  20. The Wicked Carnie

    Alright you mother fucking oklahoma chicken ass bigots. You mother fucking cocklicks have some problem with us and your saying to end the juggalo before we end you? NOW WHO IS SOUNDING LIKE HITLER YOU REDNECK PILES OF SHIT! So fuck you man. If you aint down with the clown then we dont give a fuck but when you start dissin on us because we are, makes us want to kick your bigot asses. You wanna end us bitch? You really wanna fucking try? remember for every one of you there is 50 of us bitch. So be a chicken boy and fuck your sheep you oklahoma juggalo hating bitch. Does your mom know you are on this website you little piece of shit. Get clowned you cock sucker because we are all a fucking family and if you dont like us well too fucking bad. Dont forget to pull your cock out of your best friends ass you juggalo hating faggot.


  22. Juggalo Exterminator

    Many of the juggalos in my area are all talk. They listen to the music, carry their hatchets around, but I know they do not have the guts to kill a person, let alone harm someone. My friend was listening to an ICP song, and the chorus went around the lines of “Murdering murdering murdering fun. Swing swing swing, chop chop chop.” As if! I bet ICP themselves don’t have the guts to kill a person. Family? Other juggalos are NOT your family. Your parents, siblings, relatives. That is family. Your ‘fam’ are just a bunch of other ridiculous individuals. If anything, I am all for this Juggalo Holocaust, no matter what toll it brings on the World.

    PS: You (juggalos) look ridiculous in your clown ‘makeup’. You think you look cool with that stuff on? Look in the mirror! I would send myself to exterminate the Juggalo ‘family’, but I am too kind to kill someone. End.

  23. Lil' Miss Freek Show

    okay i really dont see why this JH shit is going on we juggalos keep to our selves and are friends family not meaning real family just friends i was an outcast i had no friends i got picked on a lot then i started listening to psychopathic records all because of my cousin after that yeah i was still an outcast but at least my juggalo family had my back people have a habit of fearing or not liking the unknown unless you get to know us juggalos and lettes we will be unknown im not trying to start up a big disagreement i myself hate fighting im just saying if your going to be comparing anyone to Hitler take a look in the mirror its your holocaust not ours sure there are a few bad apples in the bunch but we are not all like that every Juggalo i know are non violent in fact i dont know of a juggalo that has ever been violent for no reason so as i said dont call us the nazi’s because your the ones that starting the holocaust not us

  24. Lil' Miss Freek Show

    And one more thing don’t be calling me a nazi my fucking grandpa was in ww2 fighting for this fucked up country and he died in ww2 i never got to meet him but i know he was a great man I may have some German Swedish Irish and Native of American in me but im proud to call myself an American im not going to start yelling and all that shit i dont fight but as i said WATCH WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE CALLING A NAZI!

  25. YOU LISTEN TO RAPPING CLOWNS (with no talent) FOR GODSAKE!!!! This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Juggalos are the lowest form of white trash ever.
    A drunken man living in a trailer park, who hasn’t showered in a week, who beats his wife who is also his sister, has more class than a god damn juggalo.
    Don’t even try to say you guys don’t try to be outcasts. Every single one of you look disgusting head to toe, you paint your faces in a ridiculous way, and you walk around trying to act soooooooooo scary. You want to be outcasts just so you can bitch about it.
    Oh and FYI not a damn one of you is scary. My rat terrier scares me more than you.
    This whole article is 100% true.

  26. yo family fuck these haters they dont know shit about us and whatever they got in they heads is up to them…if they wanna step up to us then i guess they want a hatchet in their foreheads and or anywhere else…shit they can say we’re all talk but they dont have the balls to come up to us and say it to our faces..they all claim theyve seen us runnin the streets and that they hate us but they wont back up the things they say…hell look at our numbers just on this one fuckin page compared to them…i dont think they have much of a chance and the best part about this is our numbers are growing every fuckin day…

    FUCK YOU JH DO SOMETHIN shit we’ll eat your fuckin brains if we ever meet one of you…and you wont even expect it cuz we’re all so damn friendly…think of it as a ninja tactic WOOP WOOP…

    juggalo family till the day i die even if its by your fuckin Nazi hands you fuckin hypocrits…go choke on the dicks that are still in your asses and keep them you your mouth so yall can shut the fuck up

  27. and one more thing…you fuckin JH fags dont know the meaning of family till they chose to pick you off the streets at 15 years old cuz you have no where to go becuz your biological family outcasted you…so when you say outcast and you try to throw it in our faces like its a bad thing well fuck you becuz we all fuckin embrace every waking moment of it becuz it makes us that much stronger

  28. hey just to let all those juggs know im from magna, utha and im a proud JK “juggalo killa” so fuck you dirty juggs, you stink your mom stinks your whole family stinks so fuck you jk 4 life fuck juggalos

  29. U fuckin juggafucks ain’t shit nigga. I’m in the bloods and we make fun of u niggas all the fuckin time man. U just a bunch of fuckin no lives. U dovote ur entire life to this dumbass bullshit with emails like “down with the clown” get a fuckin life and stop suckin on icp dick nigga. Crip killa from detroit come hit me up niggas

  30. What amazes me is that people are so intolerant of others who are different. That is what this site is truly about. Its not about juggalos being violent- if that were truly the case then ya wouldn’t have lashed out in the exact same manner. Do you really think that raping are womenfolk proves that your better than them?
    All you’ve proven is that you must prey on the weakest of our flock
    One yall pussies try painting your ‘JH’ shit in my side of town, and you’ll quickly learn what a real man is. We don’t start shit – but we’ll put a stop to it quick.

  31. I’ma say this flat out, I’m a juggalo and have been for over fifteen years. All of you pieces of shit that think we are nothing but trash let me tell you some shit about this juggalo. I am in college, I got myself into it and no one but me is paying to go, I am getting a bachelors degree in music business management and I currently hold a B average. I did drop out of school early to do the street thing and YES I AM A GANG MEMBER BUT NOT BECAUSE I AM A JUGGALO I JUST HAPPEN TO BE FROM ANOTHER GANG. JUGGALOS ARE NOTHING BUT A FAMILY FOR THOSE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT DON’T FIT IN WHETHER WE CHOOSE TO OR NOT, SO FUCKING WHAT THAT’S OUR AMERICAN RIGHT TO CHOOSE TO DO WHAT WE WHAT WHEN WE WANT. LOOK THAT SHIT UP YOU INBRED PIECES OF SHIT. IT’S CALLED THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND MOST OF THE AMENDMENTS STATE THAT YOU ALL CAN FUCK OFF. AND ON ANOTHER NOTE, ALL OF YOU JUGGALO HOLOCAUST PUNKS SPIT ON THE PEOPLE THAT DIED FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY EVERY TIME YOU SAY WE CAN’T BE WHO WE EWANT TO BE…………..JUGGALO FAMILY FOR LIFE, I’D LOVE TO SEE ANY OF YOU PIECES OF SHIT COME SAY WHAT’S UP TO ME AND ME BROTHER STRIC NINE……..

  32. you people love the fact of hate so much u make hitler smile

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