juggalos are a gang a cult or both?

whats the real answer?

juggalos follow crazy new age cult religion which forces them to paint there faces whilst spending millions on rubbish music.

whilst on the other hand they vandalize houses , hurt the public and paint racist images on walls?

juggalos are both a cult and a gang.

juggalo holocaust will stop you


30 responses to “juggalos are a gang a cult or both?

  1. im a juggalo and i am not a racist at all so. WRONG AGAIN

  2. no juggalos who do shit like that are call bad seeds but we love thim all the same most juggalos and juggalettes are about somkeing weed getin fuckin drunk and havein a good fuckin time and if you hayt us so much y do talk about us all the time it makes feel like your a juggalo but no 1 will show you that clown love you need so from me and all the los and lettes were sorry dont hayt us becuz we have frends and you dont and if you relly hayt us that much that you cant stand the sight of us close your fucking eyes if tou dont like the word juggalo stop saying it and typing it and im sorry if some words are fucked up but just how i fill

    2 all my juggalo and juggalette fam mcl ill see you at the next show whoop!!! whoop!!!

  3. fuck the holocaust wont stop shit fuck them pussy azz niggas they wont fuck with the family!!!

  4. “and paint racist images on walls?”

    I’m not one but I know the ICP have made their anti-racism pretty clear so if that part is true then who ever did it is one Hell of a idiot.

  5. your a fucking idiot!
    im a juggalette im not racist
    we arnt a cult or a gang
    were a family fuck nutz
    get a life and stop hating on the psychopathic family!

  6. im a juggalette and i kno we r not a cult, we r not a gang, we r family. we r always there for each other no matter what. if it was not for my fam i would b dead right now, so get of ur fucking high horse, bcuz ur just like everyone else on this world, and the juggalo holcaust will never stop us, bcuz “Juggalos Never Die”- Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope

  7. this “juggalo holocaust is bullshit we arint racist you motha fuckin biggets are racist you dumb fuckin retards u dnt kno shit on what we are about and what we do so dnt say shit tht aint true so suck my nuts peace bitch

  8. ok i am a juggalo and were not a cult or a gang were a family, and we don’t go around judging your music so leave ours alone. juggalos arn’t about vandalism or ”hurting the public” we just listen to the same music and we call each other family bitch.

  9. I’m a juggalette and ppl seriously need to stop stereotyping us. Its not a cult. Its not a gang. Its a fuckin family. Its a way of life. We don’t go around killing ppl and being rascist. I am not a rascist and I don’t paint my face so seriosly stop with the ignorance. Its childish.

  10. Mothafaco i dont think you know what your talking about. have you ever even picked up a peice of there art and really listen to it cuz if you have i think you would think differently. any and all of there music helps ppl through daily life and iz totaly against biggit fucks, and as far az tha whole cult thing goes you apparently havent listened to Shangri-la cuz if you have youd know were all about God and what he does for us. so az far az im consernd your just pissy cuz you want to be down but your nothing but a JUFFALO………….so pull your head out your azz and stop talking shit about us AZZHOLE…..
    thank you for tuning in

  11. oh, well then im glad you all know all about people you’ve never met. you think you know about us and what we do? wrong. so very very wrong.
    you knwo nothing of the carnival or its word. you have not the faintest idea of what a real juggalo is. not an idea of what we believe or what we think. we are not forced to paint up. we do it out of love for our family. its to show our pride in our family. maybe some of us do vandalize, but what SOME of us do doesnt mean WE ALL do it. i can give you so many examples of this. so you think yo know what we’re about. you are so very wrong. we are all a family. you want to stop us? it’s not going to happen we will never die. we will live on wethere you want it to happen or not. what i want to know is what kind of hate posseses a person to kill? why do you live your life like that? you can talk all the shit you want, but most of us who call ourselves juggalos dont care what you think. because wether you like it or not this music has done something for us. you will probobly say that our music is shit and has no meaning, but that is so very false. the music has saved people all over the world. yes som of its violent. but if any of you are actually more than the shallow asholes you make yourselves out to be you would see that the carnival has a good message, a great message. it has saved a lot of people with its word.
    so to all of you jh people this is me hoping you find the kind of happiness in the world that us juggalos have. that being unconditional love.
    much love and peace to all of you. from this website it looks like you need some type of love in your lives.

  12. giggles tha juggla

    fuck the holocaust pussy fagit fucks to scared to come out and fight like a juggalo would so when you feel like growin some balls you holocaust bitchs come get your wigs split at the dark muther fuckin carnival

  13. For all of the haterz fuck u mutha fucks.

  14. This Holocaust shit has come to us in michigan just recently, or it has just hit my population of juggalos. i have no clue what you people are talking about. Im a down ass juggalo and i’ve never painted racist images. I do believe that the skinheads who are hosting this “holocaust” gather weekly to hate as you say “niggers and kikes” ect. for no reason at all, isnt that a bit cult like??? we gather once a year <_< ur just mad cuz we pull more rep than ur stupid ass hate groups. like everyone here is saying you are just mad that the juggaloz have created a family and no one wants your sorry ass around. NO ONE WANTS TO BE WITH A RACIST FUCK WHO SHAVES HIS HEAD AND WALKS AROUND ALL DAY GOING “88!!! and DER BIST JEWDEN SCHWEINE!!!” NO one gives a FUCKKK about your opinions. You think that us commenting this shit is heating us up but really were trying to help you out, because somone dearly mis informed you my friend.

    “Juggalo Holocaust will stop you!” wtf is that? what are you stopping? lol. you cant stop my beleifs.

    I THINK you should bring ur skinhead ass’s up to michigan and show us just how tough u guys are. Stand in detroit and raise your flags/ call hitlers name, and say nigger a few times. Lemme see how far you get with that flag before it gets shuved up ur skin head ass.

    In NAZI germany half of you skinheads would be dead. Hitler would care nothing for you petty thugs, he would just as well execute your ass’s. HALF of you are not even blonde/blue eyed arians. YES hitler had brown hair and brown eyes, but he clearly states in Mein Komft(sorry if mispelled)/ My struggles that he believed in a pure arian race of blonde hair blue eyed GERMANS! NOT AMERICAN TRASH, HE WANTED GERMANS! LOLS! ITS SOO TRUE!!

    I’ve been browsing. There is shit all over youtube. <_< the JH is making NO sense. “stop juggalos because there a cult, there a gang , they gave me wedgies as a kid” BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCK UR BULLSHIT, NOT ALL JUGGALOZ are the same. You just happened to get that juggalo with a humor who liked to bullie ur nerdy ass.

    I do beleive one of JH’s main videos on youtube that has a LOT of hits has an esham song playing in the background. ESHAM the FATHER of the wicked shit.. On your shit. Wicked aint he? ^_^ we know he is.

    Bah im done talking. ima wait for a reply. MMFWCL
    Fuck the JH!

  15. Why? Did we do something wrong? Did we affect someone who doesn’t like us? I mean it’s just music that we like and we have that right. If you’re scared then you should just back up.

  16. RowdyJuggalette

    Juggalo will never die!!!!!!!!! Anyone that fucks with lo’s and lettes is in for a big surprise. There’s no cult no gang just true straight real love and belief in something that actually means something you cocksucking mutha facko.

  17. you kno what all you stupid ass haters can all suck it juggalos are nothing like what you say and it even about getting druk or high its about family no matter what you will always have some one by your side either right next to you or across the country so fuck off assholes you will never defeat the juggalos no one will ever kill us cuz bitch “we aint neva eva gonna die mutha faku”
    so what if we convert people to our group with fake religious messages , so what that we damange property and attack the public.
    we b clownz mothafucko


  19. i am a juggalo and im married to a black woman so how the fuck am i racist if im put any racist term out toward all of u jh members i would call all of u niggers because u all are fucking ignorant and thats whats a nigger is just like u

  20. amen jay same goes for me

  21. Hmm… “juggalos are a gang a cult or both?”

    Maybe we shoudl rephrase this…

    “Is the Juggalo Holocaust a gang, a cult, or both?”

    You should ask yourself that question, what are you guys? By the looks if it, You are both also.

    Sitting here leading others to believe that all “Juggalos” are horrid and bad, Hmm, Sounds like leadership, Which would lead to sound just like a Cult itself, people leading others to follow these beliefs.

    Also, you have this whole wanting to get rid of all “Juggalos” Which sounds liek your wanting to kill all people who claim to be “Juggalos” am I correct? Now this sounds more like a gang. I’m not a “juggalo” or whatever, Just my buddy had told me about this, Which, yes, means he’s one of these “Juggalos” and since I took 3 years of Psychology in high School, I figured I’d try to interpret this all as I did on the other topic I posted on, You people are basic Hypocrites, Talking about other groups being a cult and a gang when yet, you yourself are both, You my fine friends, need to rethink of what you say.

  22. the juggalo holocaust aint goona stop us bitch!! we a family no gang no cult, u fucking FAMILY!!!! u dont like shut ur fucking mouth!!! get off our backs bitch, stop runnin ur mouth about me n my homies back off the juggalo family!! go suck a nut! peace!
    for all my homies out there mcl ill see u at the next gathering….whoop whoop!!

  23. did you guys see dat elmor fud hat and faggoty 70s sunglasses he was wearing hahahahahaaha and where suppose to scared of that i say again ahahahahahahaaha. yeah he might kill me from laughter hahahahahaahaha
    if he thinks he can kick my ass mo power to him
    but i have to warn him first i beat bigger men than him anyways all i have to say is WHAT UP DOC. hahahahahahahaah

  24. the infamous S clown

    Im a juggalo and hell yeah I belong to a gang its called the JRB and we out for your ass right now mutha fucka

  25. u know what i hang with some juggalos ill admit it they arnt hte retards who think there fucking shaggy or faggy or watever there just guys they dont go putting the hatchet in everyones face wheneveri see one of those d bags WITH THE HATCHET ALL OVER THEM i take chase and i saw a 14 year old the other day wearing one i chased is ass down and taught him a lesson u were the colors u better run with a family or defend urself

  26. Juggalos are not a gang and we are not a cult we are family and nobody can take that away from us. not even no punk bitches like yourselves!

  27. to juggalette bitch mmfwcl WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

  28. us am nt rtrds jus prty n sht. we don care wut ppl thnk so SHUT UP BITCH FAG IF YU DNT
    bleeve we peece god i hatchet U upside hed muthafkr J.W.GACY RULES-KILLER KLOWN KARNIVAL MCLVIIXLLI! WIKKED SHIT I BEAT YOU DOWN & OFF!!!

  29. I’m A juggalo and we are no cult, no gang, no mafia or whatever else people may make us look out to be. we are just one big family that looks after one and another. people like the ones who hate juggalos dont understand that we are all over and you may not know it. we are the ones who are cooking your food, mowing your lawns, teaching your kids, fixing your plumbing. the last people you’d expect are the Juggalos helping your lazy asses do things

  30. First things first.. Fuuuuck the jh.
    most people dont know what a juggalo is.
    (even people that take the title)
    a ol or lette isnt a faaann or any of that shit.
    icp had this dream to create a real concept of family. A group of people that can let out anger, be loved, and be supported. The six jokers cards are nothing but j’s interpretation of the catholic religion.
    Just listen to the song “halls if illusions” and open the book of Mormon to mosiah chapter 3.


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