Jh comander wishing all juggalo holocaust members and juggalos a merry christmas and a happy new year

the juggalos numbers are dwindling.
we will end the juggalo before obamas out of office.
merry last Christmas juggalos

24 responses to “Jh comander wishing all juggalo holocaust members and juggalos a merry christmas and a happy new year

  1. fuck u bitch im a juggalo and u need to shut the fuck up im the biggest bitch u will meet and im not gunna die so u want to talk shit bring it i love all my JUGGALOS so suck a big fat hairy dick like my guys WOOP WOOP

  2. fuck all you juggalo bitches the numbers are dwindling is the Fuck juggalos mmfJH

  3. The juggalo thats gonna kill you

    the name says it all you will be extinct before us juggalo’s will, you all are just a bunch of cyber pussies that talk shit over the internet, when or if you even do step to use juggalo’s the real mothafuckin gangsta juggalo’s you will be deal with.

  4. ha ha ha are yall stupid imma juggalo bring tha shit you fuck offs i live in beaver city nebraska bring ur guns what ever you wanna bring fight me see how long your little group stay in function meet up juggaloes and letts face to face BRING DAT SHIT!!!!!!! i aint playin send some one here

  5. one more thing u hitler lookin fuck you can never kill all the juggaloes you can kill a part of the fam but the rest will just kick your ass you dumn shit

  6. Damn dude, you still got some nut on your mustache. you ought to get that shit off it, been sucking to much dick? Obviously you got your ass kicked by some juggalo some place and some time. Pop a dick back into your mouth and shut the fuck up, bigot.

  7. FUCK THA JUGGALO HOLOCAUST! i aint scared of ya faggots my boys aint scared of ya. My real name is Justin Hanner living in Augusta, Kansas. you wanna get shot up then bring it on. Aint no joke motha fuckas.

  8. fuck you you aint go the power to kill every juggalo and if you wanna test you muscles send someone my way. real name zack bourgault live in chelan washington look up my myspace when you want my address. or give me the address of the head fuck up that runs this and eventually ill come find ya. shadow-man16@hotmail.com

  9. jh commander do u really think u can do the shit talk about why dnt u instead of running ur month come to ohio namely cardington an d say to me and see how far u get cuz the only place u going is six feet under by the my cousin the undertaker is a juggalo as well as kane do u really think u can take them on if so let me know and tell ur mom that she looks like a werewolf wearing thong u might her beaver some cuz every hair is like a foot long hell i should io fucked ur mom last night bitch how do u like them apples u anal dwelling cock sucking butt monkey.

  10. amen justin im a juggalo from ohio and i hear ya brother

  11. go fucking take a long walk off a short pier panic attack or should i say child molester

  12. what i dont get is if you guys hate us so much why are you following so many of our customs??

  13. what i dont get is if you guys hate us so much why are you following so many of our customs??

    u paint ur faces (to trick juggalos) but none the less u still paint ur face

    u use are slogons

    u must not hate us too much cuz your tryin to be just like us

  14. Ive been down for 13 yrs all ive seen is the shit explode so you say where dwidling ahahahah JH fuck and your elmor fud lookin hat an dont forget those faggoty 70s sunglasses bitch boi

  15. Sykopathic Stoner

    yo u muthafuckin pussies you feeln high and mighty about yourselves come up and prove that u ain a bunch of pussies im in burlington nj 08016 fucking bring it haters


  16. you little fucking pussies come down to backersfield and all of us JUGGALOS will kick your gay fucking assis so go suck off the rest of your jh faggots

  17. Vernon, B.C., Canada. Show up here JizzHunters and we will drop you into one of our bottomless lakes after we’ve all beat you face and, fucked your fat bitch! Chickenshit gomer, nice way to waste time in Viual Arts class homo.
    Enjoy your circle jh jerk.
    Next time try to sound more confident in your mission and, wear darker glasses so we cant see your eyes reading your illiterate speech Cockfaced bastard.

  18. i find this “juggalo holocaust” to be a bunch of garbage! i think you guys are a bunch of losers who got tossed out of a “juggalo gathering” of some sort and now you hate us all, i got news for you! you can kill juggalos in the streets but you couldnt handle the streets inside the juggalo, which is why your scared and revolting! i think your beliefs are a lame way to succeed in life because of your numerous attempts before! i say this! i will not stand for this! i will not let my people fall victim to this propaganda! i live in canada! edmonton alberta! west coast! come to me! and i want you to kill me! i am an open target! im not playing the chicken game, im calling you out! if your man enough, if you got the balls! come down to canada! and make a move! you’ll see what im talking about! if any of you were man enough with so much pride, you’d look for me! you’d come find me, if not, then i guess i will repay the favor! my name is cyinide! and im a juggalo elite! i make grime flow like mucus from your brain! i am here to say….FUCK YOU! AND WHAT YOU STAND FOR! i am an elite for the juggalos world wide, you have your holocaust! and i will start my juggalo revolution! either you man up and prove your grounds or shut the fuck up! i stand by my words

  19. you guys hate juggalos yet you still put the word juggalo in your cult LMAO

  20. dude shut yo fukin nutbaggin stached mouth up
    i kan’t wait 2 get my hands around tht lil throst of urs bitch, ya cunt faced mu fako, so fukoof

  21. oh wow what a fucking moron….thug lord? yeah really? this makes me laugh and were the so called gang? hahaha funny keep runnin ya mouths bitch your just makin us that more famous…why u gotta hide behind a hat n glasses for? what a bitch for real. FUCK JUGGALO HOLOCAUST yous aint shit JUGGALETTE FA LYFE BYTCH

  22. fuck yall. juggalos will never die. keep runnin your mouth all you fucking want we aint goin anywhere.juggalos will carry on forever. fuck juggalo holocaust keep talkin shit. yall just jealous of us and everything we do.



    http://www.hatchetgear.com !!

  24. Fuck JH members . Listen to Twiztid bitch WE DONT DIE cant kill us ya little bitches. Go suck your daddys dick again maybe you get the milk this time

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