juggalo holocaust podcast – 09 GODCAST

GODCAST 2009 the offical podcast of the juggalo holocaust.




For slower ass connections….or people who just want a smaller file size faster. got owned

juggalos not allowed

14 responses to “juggalo holocaust podcast – 09 GODCAST

  1. you lead what? a group of random followers who are all full of hate? what exactly about this plan of yours makes sense? care to explain? im willing to listen but honestly none of it makes any sense.so go on, tell me exactly at what point did you come up with this? does it bother you so much that a group of people can look beyond looks and appearence and look to whats inside and accept them for who they are? that strangers are connected by something so deeply that no matter what tey’d be there for eachother? hmmm……someone needs a hug. or therapy, nah i think the hug would be good for you. i’d like to add that this whole little plan of yours is a lovely way to spend life. have fun.!♥

  2. ;A;…….aww…i hurt the poor jh’s feelings…..so sad. im sorry ya’ll. i just couldn’t help myself…it’ll be ok…here have a clown hug from me to you. there now you’re all better.

  3. clarification on that. i commented earlier…and i hurt their feelings so much they deleted me..;A; i’ll never be complete inside again.

  4. yes because we’re so horrible. we’re the worst people of them all. we’re so terrible we hold wrestling events and every penny of the money made goes to a mother of 4 who has cancer and is widowing. yes were so horrible.

  5. Joshua Russell Thomas

    lol this is some funny shit why should we be worried lol im a proud juggalo proud anuf to tell you my real name joshua russell thomas and where i live calarado springs calarado you cant stop are family from growing its funny you would try you failled at killing off the jews and you will faill at killing us off 2 so if you dont believe me they call me the cryptic jester i happily wear a hatchet man and a six pointed star so have fun tryting to kill us all

  6. Haha, You put “No juggalos Allowed” Likes its going to stop them from listening to your nonsense. What is the point in this “Juggalo Holocaust” Bullshit? Fucking come to Michigan, Dome to Southwest Detroit and try to bring us all down, you’ll be amazed how bad we will outnumber you in so many ways, Fucking pussy ass bitches, Bring you and your bullshit around, all your causing is a war, a war you will not win.

  7. Wow.
    You’re hating on us for no reason.
    Ya’ll punk asses need to go some where.
    We don’t care, we’re not scared!
    Bring it on!
    Raise our hatchets to the sky, mother fuckahs!

    Fam, I got your back, homies.

  8. “no juggalos allowed” is a sign, not a cop…..lol

  9. nice to see so many familar names in here hahahahahaah no juggalos allowed hahaahahahaha
    seems to me only juggalos holocaust come here hahahahaahaha


    Any little fuckin JH bitch wants to meet face to face get a me .. im in the mood to kill little loser fuckin idiots… alexisgod1@yahoo.com get at it … mmfwcl

  11. KB Harpe 2205

    It seems like site is about killing Juggalos or something of that nature… I feel it really doesn’t matter if a person is a Juggalo or not. You should kill if they deserve it. Not because they like ICP. If a juggalo stole your girlfriend big deal!! Take a shot of whiskey and get over it!! That don’t mean you have to hate all Juggalos. I hate ants because they bite. Not beacuse they conlinize.

  12. FOR REAL? JH MEMBERS GET A LIFE. quit hateing and grow up . no one is scared of yur lil so called ‘gang’ . do yinz really have nothing better to do with you time? .
    my name is amanda lea golebie..i live in pittsburgh, pa..come find me.! i dare you. ill also be at the gathering cuz i heard jh members are so lame and have nothing better to do with their time some of em paid 150$ to go to the gathering so start shit…thats like the worst ideal ever..do yu even know how out numbered yur gonna be??

  13. hey this guy is gay we no but you guys are just as stupid leveing comment to this jeff guy shut the fuck up juggalos about this shit thay hate on us o well find the fag an than kill or beat the shit out of him until that shut the fuck up peace juggalos

  14. To all the stupid ass JH members, youre just little pussies who got pissed because we made being poor look fresh. Fuck everyone of you cock sucking fags. You can all eat shit and die.
    -Ben, suffolk VA,

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