juggalo who supports the JH juggalo holocaust

My name is Jokers Smile and these are my thoughts on and issues with Juggalos and the JH Juggalo holocaust. So listen up juggalos, you might just hear somethin you won’t like.
juggalo cults , juggalo gangs and violent j and shaggy beat downs get discussed


today i saw a juggalo and im with my bro another jh member we chased the fucker down he ran like a faggot lols clown pussys

your group is separating as we speak


50 responses to “juggalo who supports the JH juggalo holocaust

  1. well there were no thoughts there first of all. he ran. oh well ya know what, all of this is just sad. why is it that all of you can’t just accept people? i mean yes i will admit openly that yes some of us are idiots and some of us in fact havemade stupid decisions, but that’s not all of us. anyway instead of coming on here and complaining about all of this because obviously you all have made up your minds on where you stand i will just say this. we’ve found love in the juggalo family. we will represent that till the end. and if any of you find it necessary to end all of that by ending a life go ahead. may you burn in hell for your sins. may the wraith rip your soul apart and spit it into hell’s pit. i hope all of you find love in your lives sometime soon.

  2. You know, your right.. I was Weak without the Family, BUT the Family is what made me strong enough to stop being the “Victim”. you made a few good points about whats not being a Juggalo, BUT how are you going to call yourself a Juggalo and then bash on all of the people that THROUGH the family have weeded their weakness?

    Hate on all of the people that hold this shit close to their hearts, I don’t try to act like J or Shaggy, I’m just me home boy, I was Born and Raised In Clover Leaf TX, The Hatchet Is whatever the fuck you make it man, if 300 people want to join a church and say their juggalos, then their christian juggalos, if 60 people want to band together in a bad place and sell drugs and run shit, its a Juggalo gang, If one mother fucker wants to do EVERYTHING on his own, and depend on none but himself, He’s a lone ass Juggalo. but they are ALL juggalos regardless of how they do it, the only people that I’ve never excepted as juggalos were hating ass mother fuckers like yourself, that tear down the people that found themselves in the Carnival.

  3. Nikia Goodspeed

    why cant a juggalo just be a juggalo anymore. a juggalo does not live by “juggalo rules” cause there is none. Jokers Smile your right in some aspects of this discussion but a juggalo could be in a gang, a cult, could be a christian, (Im a christian but its not because im a juggalo).A juggalo could be anyone on the face of this planet. we have no rules or guidelines. Even you Jokers smile dont know what a true juggalo is..does anybody? Im not even sure if i do. Im not even sure Violent J and Shags do. The term juggalo has morphed so much, it means something different everywhere. And as far as im concerened everyone of us is real in our own way. PLEASE JUGGALOS realize that this is our family, Yes some of us our misguided in our views but were all still juggalos. To my juggalos out there why are we fighting this fight, its not ours to fight. who gives a fuck what anybody in this world thinks is real. If your real you’ll know it. Much Clown Love to all of you, even the misguided members of Jh.

  4. Some of the things Joker Smiles say’s are true, yes Juggalo’s are not a Gang or Cult and many are not Fan’s. Many of use work 5-6 days a week with good jobs and are not the White Trash that many are clamed to be. Some of use are artist who have there own music, not all of mine is Juggalo but I do have some songs for the Juggalo Fam. I really don’t get all the Hate toward the Juggalo, I can see hate toward the ones that have taken things wrong just like many people in general do. I really don’t get an Anti Juggalo painting his face up and Telling other’s what a Juggalo is or is Not. I pray that you and the other’s find a better hobby then bringing others pain or fear. Like many other Juggalo I was a Juggalo before I knew what it was and will Alway’s be by Choice I have alwayz found Luv with the Juggalo. MMFWCL

  5. lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”long live jh” HA HA HA thats great my juggalo family is about 5 million strong and still growing so before you try to silence us do yourself a favor and just stop, your pathetic what you are doing is completely pointless

    you can never silence us so dont even try

    MMFWCL to all my juggalo fam

  6. Twiztid_Blunt

    I agree with mr. bones completely. I know for a fact I haven’t done shit to any of you so why would you feel to end my life? I like an insanely weird genre of music (according to most people) I love it more than weed shit lol. I can undestand disagreeing with juggalos and even thinking we’re stupid as shit, but how can you feel that we need to die? It sounds like the founder of the JH got jumped by ninjas or some shit. like mr. bones said, some are down right dumb as shit, but psychopathic has helped us become BETTER people. Disagree all you want, but its insane that you all want to end lives over this stuff. I just don’t get how someone can feel that ANY group of people need to drop dead because of there beliefs, even the KKK shouldn’t drop dead, they need a huge fucking wake up call, not genocide.

  7. Twiztid_Blunt

    and your paint looks like shit, guarantee not one ninja wants all juggalos dead, that doesn’t even make sense, how dumb do you think people are? You’re a dumb ass biggot like the rest, you don’t know the first thing about ICP (dont start provin you do, we all have the internet)

  8. Twiztid_Blunt

    well shit, didnt even watch the video, just saw the title and was pissed, good points though jokers smile.

  9. Twiztid_Blunt

    I finally watched the whole video and I agree with most of the shit you say, they’re excellent points. I think you basically nailed what being a juggalo is all about. But I will never support haters, I’ve heard a lot of people say why we need haters and I totally understand how the JH is doing us a fucking favor, but I still feel that hate is a waste. It causes nothing but problems in the world and the less hate the better. A lot of the people your saying aren’t juggalos, I know people just like that and I agree, but I feel like your practically hating on these people. Sure they piss me off but I try not to hate on them. People are who they are and you can’t change that with hate. Hate is a waste of emotion and time. All you JH supporters who want to get rid of juggalos and all you juggalos that want to get rid of juggahoes, go for it, but doing it with hate is a drain on the f***ing planet. Change people with reason and logic, not hate and threats. I’ve seen a lot of hate and a lot of lame things in my life, but I believe those experiences practically made me a juggalo, but they’ve also made me want to be one less person making this world worse, and I think that’s what everyone (and the juggalos especially) need to get through there head. Everyones seen some terrible times, but use those times to motivate yourself to be one less evil in the world, one less being of hate.

  10. why would u wanna hurt people? all u r proving is that ur a juggalo nazi …ofcourse he’s gonna run if its 2 against 1? doesnt sound fare to me.. y dont u fight one on one without getten people to jump in.. ur the bitch if ur gonna jump people…karma is a bitch and it will get u.. sooner or later…

  11. dude ur probly not even a juggalo
    u make a point on juggalos not being a gang but a family it is
    but if u believe tht why try to beat down Family
    ur a dumbass motha fucka
    u contridict urself u stupid ass wanna be juggalo
    go blow a snow man bitch

  12. BornLikeThisJggLOW

    Thats SO true, I was a juggalo LONG before I heard a ICP song. Now I MAINLY hear songs from The Juggalo Family, and I even have a red, 1m. Hatchetman sticker on my black Toyota. I love being a JGGlo, and I’m proud of it! I say, that if they really want a Holocaust, a Holocaust they get 😛 And I say Fuck “Jokers Smile” (sorry) , if I see a juggalo get beaten up by 3 eminem faggots, just because “he wears the paint”, I most deffenetly jump into the fight… That’s who I am :o}} Your right, Juggalism isnt a cult or a gang, but some see it as a religion cus of the song on the Shangri-la album, titled: Thy unveiling… wich is a great song I might add 😉 + Dark Lotus makes it sound like a underground cult in their lyrics, but hey, thats what makes it good. Eminem sings of drugs and slapping his wife around whilst the “Opaque Brotherhood” album, by DL, tells enlightened people about the troubles in life/society, and death…

  13. BornLikeThisJggLOW

    And byt the way…. I give “Jokers Smile” right in that some Juggahoes schould be cleansed away…. Let the real ones, The Shining ones, in peace… You will know a real Juggalo when you see him/her and talk to him/her…. He/she wont bend or brake to this JH…



    k.Bye 🙂

  15. Hatchet Nightmare

    You little punk ass bitches aint gonna do shit to the family little bitches you guys are wasteing ur time doing this all because we are diff dont mean we you gotta kill us karma is a BITCH and you will get wat u deserve sooner or later


  16. ok I hear what your saying but what if you stand up for your self but what if you feel like juggalo is my fucking religion so get boys and send them up to new hampshire you know who are you who are you to say what a juggalo is

  17. TackleDaClown

    People with hate in there harts will all ways find a reason to hate…Fuck them ..Jokers Smile is right about a good bit of what he was saying. To all the haters..well what tha fuck ever..to everyone else …be true to yourself thats all we can do..

  18. OMFJ!!!!!!!!!! dude im fuckin agreein with hippie!!!! 2 against 1 isnt fuckin fair at all!!!! god damn i would of fuckin ran 2 im a Juggalette 4 LYFE and aint eva gna change!!!! all the fuckin JH members need to get the fuck over there selfs just cuz all us Juggalos and Juggalettes dont agree with u fuckers!!! go suck a dick and get a lyfe!!!! PEACE BITCHES!!! MMFWCL!!!!

  19. Plus I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray Faygo Root Beer
    and call themselves “Clowns” cause they look queer
    Faggot2Dope and Silent Gay
    Claimin Detroit, when y’all live twenty miles away (fuckin punks)
    And I don’t wrestle, I’ll knock you fuckin faggots the fuck out
    Ask ’em about the club they was at when they snuck out
    after they ducked out the back when they saw us and bugged out
    (AHHH!) Ducked down and got paintballs shot at they truck, blaow!
    Look at y’all runnin your mouth again
    when you ain’t seen a fuckin Mile Road, South of 10
    And I don’t need help, from D-12, to beat up two females
    in make-up, who may try to scratch me with Lee Nails
    “Slim Anus,” you damn right, Slim Anus
    I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots!

    Cause I’m, just Marshall Mathers (Marshall Mathers)
    I’m not a wrestler guy,
    I’ll knock you out if you talk about me (you talk about me)
    Come and see me on the streets alone
    if you assholes doubt me (assholes doubt me)
    And if you wanna run your mouth
    then come take your best shot at me (your best shot at me)

  20. Alright i got somethin to tell u, u may know the truth about us, but U WILL NEVER B A JUGGALO, for ur own fuck ups. cause ill tell u right now, when this war starts, i hope u know ill come for u, an u’ll be one of them to me, a bigot a nazi, and a fake ass pussy, who cant even keep his word. Im a Juggalo, an yes i have some beliefs. but that dont mean im like that because im a Juggalo, im a Juggalo because this is who i am, i dont take this shit as a gang, or cult, i take it just how it is. an u being the one thinking u can Judge us, an OUR people. fuck u man go suck ur bros dick, an forget about dis shit, cause Ill b the first ninja to say ITS WAR MUDDA FUCKER, bring it im ready, ill fight alone, my homies love to watch.. they dont jump in. they wait their turn faggot. so be this insensitive Nazi, that doesnt even abide by his own standards, an ill be the one personaly to slice ur ass for the juggalos an juggalettes. because in the end, the light always prevails. so call me a bitch, call me a ho, call me a juggahoe, i dont giva flying fuck, in the end u’ll b the juggahoe dead on the ground with all those Nazi’s an J.H. members. FUCK YOU !!! -Doobie

  21. On a very serious note, your views on HUMANS is correct. It doesn’t matter if you are a juggalo or not. It’s a realization about one’s self and if music (which is what ICP is) helps someone succumb to that realization then more power to that person. I agree with 99% of what you said BUT of course it’s not up to you to play God and take people out. I have seen a few videos now about this JH CRAP and yes it’s CRAP, and you talk about how Juggalos are not a gang. I hate to tell you, JH IS a gang so who is going to go down? Not juggalos! Is it really worth spending time in prison for? Let me ask you this? Do you interview these people before you take them out or do you just assume they don’t get it and write them off? If I am wearing my jersey are you going to take me out or talk to me about it first? Doesn’t seem fair huh? How about JH takes you out because they don’t know who in the hell you are? Your end point is mute in the grand scheme of things. We are all allowed to listen to, like, dislike, what we choose and I have never seen anything like this, taking out those who are ICP followers. If you were to take me out, you would be taking away a Mom of four teenagers (one of which loves ICP), a wife, niece, and good friend to many. You aren’t any better than what you describe to hate. Let people be as you said you would. After all, it’s not your fight now is it? Isn’t that what you said? But in all contradiction that you spew, you support those that do fight. I would LOVE to hear what ICP/Psychopathic records thinks of this crap that’s going on. I don’t think it was their intention for this to happen. I wouldn’t be shocked nor would I blame them if they retired. I know I would surely think about it. It’s music, and for some a way of life, but that’s their own personal choice and we do have freedoms in this country.


  22. well i watch all ur vids. all i can say is, u may b right about the stages an everything u experience when u choose to be a juggalo, but u contradict urself man, because now u dont even make any sense to why u should be able to kill others who havent learned well. look i may have been very blunt, but why r u being the one to decide whether someone is really a Juggalo or not, u may b able to analyze us. but ur actions an decisions will bring much despair in ur future. u may b trying to fool some Juggalos or lettes to become supporters, but i swear u will never Succeed!

  23. To all the haters, you can suck this dick
    Cause the shit that you say, aint worth the spit

    To truly be a juggalo you gotta say FUCK THE WORLD. and not give two shits about all the redneck imbred opinionated pompous douche nozzles that inhabit this poor excuse for a functional planet.

    And to you fucking flacid scat eating faggots, I hope you run up on me. You better like your knee caps blown backwards, and being beat within a hairs width of death.

  24. Oh and I agree fully with Twizted_Blunt. The real Juggalos know who they are, and if anyone tells them any different, we show them what a Juggalo truly is, and how a Juggalo takes care of bigots.

  25. Joker’s Smile…nice try w/ the whole Heath Ledger gig….im likin ur shitty paint job and ur wannabe preacher act….its all good. But if you wanna hate, why dont you wind the clocks back 13 years and go join up w/ Marshal… but now bud…cmon…ur just as bad as any street thug. you think that u can change the world by killin off a few of the fam, ur not. If you wanna change the world, run for Miss America you little bitch, try to solve world hunger, or the energy crisis, dont waste your pitiful life tryin to act like ur top dog.

  26. juggalo4_lyfe

    well first of all fuck you joker smiles and all the other haters …juggalos are ppl lookin for a good time not as a gang or sum bullshit they call it but as a close family.im sry but we take care of each other who the fuck wants to be alone the clowns helped that. a juggalo is a juggalo and juggalette is a juggalette So The Fuck Wat let em be …now u say u can describe wat a juggalo is …well then wat is the JH about …you kno wat find a hobby then go fuck it.


  27. all you lil bitch jh faggots need to come to stockton california. cuz I aint tryin to do this over the computer. I’m gonna make sure all of you are dead. think I’m playin I live on plymouth road now come get me motha facko. lotus pod family til the day I die.

  28. blow me u fake ass bitch

  29. I see a few flaws in your point that i must point out. As you say, “Juggalo’s” should not be together in groups and become close with. Most people especially in there teens will do this weather it be just a group a kids who eat lunch together and play computer games after school, or seeking out, getting high, being a “teenager” as they call it. If they are it is on the latter end where they are sneeking out and all of that crap it would make scene that they would want to have something to stand for. Allot of teens who don’t have the “perfect yuppie life” want something to stand for and be proud of, become independent from there family and start deciding who they want to be. The only reason they say there Juggalo’s is because they enjoy the music. That was my first flaw i saw.

    But, as you said “Juggalo’s are not a cult” and this is very true. But it seems that what you are doing is making a cult. You want people to follow your way of living and you want people to act like you. You probably have a reason for this, something happened that made you hate the Juggalo’s so much im guna guess. Your so caught up in telling people what Juggalo’s shouldn’t be, and your becoming one. Your making your own cult of Juggalo’s and thats what you where trying to tell people not to do.Your contradicing yourself and thats so sad that you cant see that.


  30. Wow…and you people have enough balls to talk shit about us? Whos the one tryin to take who out? Honestly i laugh in the face of JH fake ass bitches…wow over 70 people compaired to millions plus of juggalos and juggalettes world wide hate to burst your bubble but it aint happenin …. you cant and will never take us out so i say BRING IT BITCH…dont you have anything better to do with your time…honestly…your fucking pathetic and clearly a waste of oxygen….your not god so quit acting like you are….your the gang….your the cult…fuckin morons…

  31. first of all this biggot does not know what the fuck he is talking bout he is probally one of those punks that mommy and daddy gave him every thing he wanted and then he wanted a pussy ass pink car and mommy and daddy didnt give him the car and he turned and decided im a juggalo mother fucker you have no clue what a juggalo is ive been a juggalo since i was 11 and im 24 now thats 13 years in the juggalo family and every thing you say is wrong and as far as the jh goes you guys are the biggest pussys i know 5 of you against 1 juggalo yeh thats manily you pussy ass bitches your just mad cuz we wouldnt accept you as far as i am concernd you guys aint shit if you wanna show up at the gathering come on with it and but you guys will loose you fuckin pussys

  32. Just a load of bullshit. Why be against a group like the “Juggalos”? Let them believe and act how they want. If you don’t agree with their actions or beliefs-MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. And, this guy is just an idiot who wants to hear himself talk. He contradicts himself throughout the video. I’m not a Juggalo, but, I don’t hate them and I don’t let them bother me.

  33. Obviously, the juggalos are not a gang. I am in the US Air Force, and have an enormous amount of juggalo tattoos, and for anyone that has been in the military, they will not let you in if you have gang related tats. Anyway, I feel like the new generation of juggalos (junior high and high school kids) are ruining the juggalo name. That’s why, as a 12 year devoted juggalo, I never relate myself to the whole family thing. It’s all bullshit to me. Like this dude said, I wouldn’t expect other people to jump into my fight just because we’re both juggalos. Not their problem. To me, it’s all about the dark side of the juggalo music. It’s all about the wicked shit. But I know that if I was ever confronted with some juggalo holocaust bullshit, they would have picked the wrong dude to fuck with, and for their sake, it had better be 2 on 1. This shit has gotten ridiculous. I remember back in the day, everyone listened to ICP, and no one ever had a problem with juggalos. So what the fuck has the new gen. of juggalos done to make everyone hate us so much? Enlighten me. The family shit is bullshit, it’s just a fuckin’ music label, so drop the whole family for life thing. It sucks. Can’t wait to see what happens with the juggalo holocaust at the gathering. Good luck with your idiotic move to attend!

  34. umm i really dont get this at all… im not a lette or nothing but like who cares if people represent juggalos or sycopathic? like i watched my friend get jumped for being a juggalo.. wtf do u get out of that? pride of a fuckign job well done? like really the juggalos that live near me or that i dont dont bother anyone and because the Jh has become like world known now random people just think its kewl to go after people who belong to this…. its really retarded and i think its childish to go beathing people up or chasing people just cause they wear certain things or listen to a certain type of music its childish
    i understand if a juggalo did something to u liek sharted shit but take it out on them not the hole juggalo concept cause really it was he person who did it there mind not evveryone who’s a juggalo?
    how bout we go jump random people who listen to country or rock that be just as kewl right?
    friggan immature people nowadays

  35. the meaning of a juggalo has decayed over time. long story short-i enjoyed/agree w/ this vid.

  36. bring this JH shit to da 303 bitch! thats right come to colorado and see how many of yall bitch ass mutha fuckas get beat down. fuck this bullshit, yallz is a internet gang! this is hilarious. come out to tha 303 and you’ll see whats commin to yall

  37. ok yeah this guy has made many good points but then again it is true some need to not call themselfs fam they use it as a security blanket as he put it. they will try to start somethin then want you to jump in with them because they can’t handle it. but me i was once one that didn’t wear the gear all the time until i heard of this jh. i started wearing it all the time waiting for one of these guys to approach me i wanted to see what they were like, yet ive never once ran from one. ive gotten in a really intellegent conversations with a few of the members of jh but then there were some determained to start something and i stood and fought i took my lumps but ive delt my own too. and i too support them except for the rape thats just low especially for jh. i myself have knocked around a few that claimed they were fam so they could be protected. My buddies that also happened to be fam just stood there and watched. there are some that must bee weeded out but not all of us.

  38. WOW….. thats all i have to say… A Juggalo/lette is what it is…. and who is a Juggalo… really and truthfully…. (MANY will Disagree escpically JH buttt they can suck my dick) WE ALL ARE… many may not notice or consider there selfs but look at the track homies.. WE ALL HAVE FRIENDS that we can count on we all have our own groups… Yess some are fn stupid as shit but thats part of being HUMAN… Look at this JH bs just because there biggots that hate the new world term of Juggalo’s dosent make them any diffrent than anybody else… All they want is some attention… We as Juggalo’s know what it means to be a Juggalo/lette… and if they dont know wtf it means let them try to start this little pos war of there’s than let them… WE KNOW WE WONT DIE. but i cant say that about them… and Jokers Smile stfu dude really come on now… If you and your friend ran down a family member and beat his ass or what ever tha case may be… dude sorry but you look like 30something and you still act like a punk ass kid in high school grow the fuck up… anyways im gonna get the fuck off of here now and do something better with my time

  39. well i do think that dude knows what he’s talkin about man i dont even have anything from psychopathic records but listin to there music is all i do but that doesent mean im no juggalo or whatever man i dont even like the name…but i am one, because its how i feel its what society made me a cast out knowin more than most of them bitches its about freedom knowin who u are and why u are and the only way to learn this is to go treu hell and back and thats what a juggalo is a soul in his last life not givin a fuck about anything else than he chooses. so fuck all your fights i just jump on the wagon and watch all of u missin the ride..

  40. i 100% dissagree with the whole “if a juggalos in a fight the fam wont stand up for him” thats nonsense we all stand up for each other…..i was recently in jail for a non gang related crime lol but i got into fights daily…..who know who was there for help? the family……ive been in foghts where i dont know anyone and random ppl jumped in and helped me and when the fight was done they looked at me and sed “whoop whoop mad clown love homie” so thats fuckin nonsense

  41. your fucking weird ass fuck you are what 40 something go to work bitch your life must suck well so does every one elses to fucking bad get a fucking helmt FOOL

  42. thats not being a coward thats being smart

  43. alright i’m a juggalo and yea joker smile speaks some truth being a juggalo is about being yourself and yes all juggalo and juggalette arew a family not a gang so just be yourself a not immatate shaggy 2 dope, violent J or anyone from the pshycopathic records lable come on be real be yourself mmfcl support the family not destory it

  44. I think most of you commenters are missing the point. First off, this is not a JH video, they just took it off of youtube, and i believe this guy is not pushing JH. I have to agree with everything he’s saying, even the JH comment. Why? Because I dont think of the JH as an actual holocaust, where people are going to kill juggalos. Sure these dumbasses say those sorts of things but they are just talking shit. I think, although I cant speak for the video poster, that the JH could potentially weed out fake people by giving people who are just “Juggalos” for the fad and the Fam “Protection” could easily convert to this “gang” because it provides the same aspects that they were using the juggalo family for. So in turn, this would make them leave and be fake somewhere else. Additionally, this joker smile guy has in my opinion nailed it.

  45. i agree to an extent on some things been said. but juggalos are juggalos. we dont hurt anyone. some of us do. some of us are idiots. like all other divisions/groups/races of people. some that claim are bullshittin. the others really mean it. yeah maybe i see a juggalo gettin fucked with and yeah i would help them out. like i would almost everyone else i see that needs the help. im 14 lette for 5 years. yeah im young. yeah im not a long lasting member. yeah us high school lettes have some serious issues. but imma not go hatin this bitch bec he spoke what he thinks. yeah a part of him mentality on what a juggalo is might be a bit fucked but hell to that it dosent matter.

    all i really wanna know is why someone is wasting all this money on a stupid hate site instead of something useful.

    whoop whoop


  47. more sheep! that last twat to post a comment here is obviously a sheepalette up her stank ass. the truth hurts!!! as for the video…he made TOO many good points

  48. I agree with this a lot. I do not consider myself a juggallete however, i’ve been researching it for years, just so that when i do decide it can be an educated desicion (no one wants to say they are apart of something they know nothing about). Every point you brought up in this video i have heard before. the gang things and even my friends getting it all wack. I believe being a juggalo/allete is doing what you believe is right. Not a religion. All my life ive been researching religion to find out my true calling but when i stumbled apon the “juggallo religion” I was very intrested. After more research i found that it was in fact not a religion. However, the “live and let life” belief is very ideal to me.

  49. I like your points. Everything you said was very well put together. The only thing I am confused about is why areso many people getting hurt. Why is this constant violence surrounding ICP. I don’t have a problem with the movement. I’m just confused on what the movement is. I heard something about the 6 Jokers, that to me is just religious stuff. I don’t care about that. I just want to know why is there so much violence around ICP. I’m not a hater of the Juggalos I just want to understand why they do things. Please email me abney66@gmail.com

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