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Esham is not a Juggalo – New Juggalo holocaust member has emerged


“I Ain’t Cha Homey”

The very first wicked clown, I gets down
I stand when I piss, while you sits down
Cock sucker, mother fucker, eat a dick up
The wicked shit I’m taking back, this a stick up
I run this, did this, done this 100 times or more
Put your brains on the floor
Everybody want to be me, no need for improvement
I even got niggas in Kansas, with the Tech N9ne spittin’
The whole world turn wicked once that I kick it
Can’t pay the rent on my style, so you gettin’ evicted
And I ain’t cha homey, I ain’t cha homey
Nah, I ain’t cha homey, I ain’t cha homey
Nah I ain’t cha fam, hit you with the BOOM! POW! and the BAM!

I came here just to say hello
Only wrestlin’ I watch is bitches in jello
My favorite Faygo is mellow yellow
Pop, pop ninja, did I chop you like a samauri?
Fuck around with homey the clown you and your boy will die
Wicked shit
Because you love the way I spit it, ever since I first did it all these copy cats bit it.
“Dead Clownz”

Dead clown why you mad, you sad, you should be glad
I got chopped off heads stuffed in my duffle bag
Take your eyes out your head so you can see what I’m saying, body decaying
Paint your face I’m spraying
“Bob Ritchie”

It started way back, in the D
With Kid Rock, ICP and me, Homey.
I’m Violent J and I get respect
Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect
If you fuck with homey the clown, I’ll break ya neck
Laughing all the way to the bank, cashin’ these checks.
“50 Cent”

To play the game of death, it cost you 50 cent
No clowns allowed

You rip your pants, tryin’ to show everybody you can dance
Get cho ass out of here you gay clown
Smacked to the ground, don’t come around

Juggalo Crimes – Crimes Commited By Juggalos Followers of the ICP Cult









Heres just a sample of the crimes commited by the peacful juggalo – this is why the Juggalo holocaust was formed.

I could go on ALL DAY.

Visit here to stop juggalos


Esham Brings juggalo holocaust to the gathering , juggalos buy his album

Esham aka Homie the clown , senior member of the juggalo holocaust went to the gathering and relesed a icp diss album.

Not only did no juggalos say a word to him about the album , many bought 2 to 3 copies.

esham juggalo holocaust
all juggalos kept saying “but but esham is a juggalo ” looks like esham played all you juggalos for the fools that you are.

esham owned all juggalos long live homie the clown – the original and best clown rapper and the juggalo holocaust.