Esham Brings juggalo holocaust to the gathering , juggalos buy his album

Esham aka Homie the clown , senior member of the juggalo holocaust went to the gathering and relesed a icp diss album.

Not only did no juggalos say a word to him about the album , many bought 2 to 3 copies.

esham juggalo holocaust
all juggalos kept saying “but but esham is a juggalo ” looks like esham played all you juggalos for the fools that you are.

esham owned all juggalos long live homie the clown – the original and best clown rapper and the juggalo holocaust.

31 responses to “Esham Brings juggalo holocaust to the gathering , juggalos buy his album

  1. bull shit

  2. you pussy ass bitch cant kill us all

  3. Yo jeff nipples you little BITCH, grow some nuts bitch and put your real name on your shit. Better yet bitch hit me up That goes for all you bitch made ninja nazis that wanna kill a juggalo, hit me up all I need is a time and date. Im callin all you hoes out whats up BITCHES

  4. dude i was there i talked to esham this is a diss album so lie to sum1 else.

  5. Dude, chill the fuck out. It’s just music. Why don’t you focus you’re attention on something better than starting some stupid drama bullshit on the web. So you don’t like Juggalos. Who gives a fuck. I don’t like a lot of shit, but I ain’t going to start some drama bull shit because of it. Dude, get a real life.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! Hoooly shit thank you for making my day! The fact that the people who run this sites lives are SO pathetic that they have nuthin to do but this?? Ok so you don’t like Juggalos. Congratulations. Now what? What have you accomplished? Bottom line honey, love us or hate us, its still an obsession! Thanks hater! *muah*

  7. That is strate up bullshit! I heard the album My self and The song juggalotus was preatty much about him being a juggalo! Fuck the bitch as holocaust shit! GET YOUR INFO RIGHT BITCHES!

  8. dude u cant kill al the juggalos u cant even kill 1 cuz u suck and u aint got no ballz ya bitch ass motha fuka

  9. wow… i still don’t understand why you JH idiots hate us so much.. and ya it is a diss album, but it wasn’t a diss to icp.. it was towards all these wannabe gangster rappers using “juggalo” as a way to get more business.
    and i’ll be the first to admit that when icp first started, they were biting off Eshams style… and i also want to know if any of you jh retards know what E-S-H-A-M stands for… without checking wikipedia!!!
    really, you guys need to stop focusing your lives on us… if you don’t like the music, TURN IT THE FUCK OFF!!!

  10. Juggalo Holocaust Please Fuck you Bitches You Make fake news reports or dig up shit that says 1 thing about Juggalo in it and think it validates your point

    Juggalos are not a Gang We are a Family We are a Group of People that Listen to ICP and Twizted and the whole pyscopathic family. Just like Back in the day When there were DEAD Heads who followed the music of The Grateful Dead and Smoked pot i bet i could dig up some bullshit stories on them killing people and they wernt a “Gang” they wernt a “CuLt”

  11. ok first off if the people who run this website would do thier research instead of listening to crappy ass metal like slipknot they would read or listen to eshams podcast where he said he made the album in order of character to diss icp

  12. fuck yo hatin asses bitch ass pussys wont step FAIRDALE JUGGALO say sumthen bitch boys

  13. Billy the Kid has right and FUCK all of ya bitches out there!!!if ya dont like JUGGALOS then FUCK YOU!!

  14. to JH members. fuck yall. i wish evil and sorrow upon you and yours. as a matter of fact all yall do is talk shit on the internet. bitches. smoke a spliff and chill da fuck out.

  15. Yo if you are not down with the clown then fuck you muthafaco


  17. Mmfcl fuck jh for days. I wish one of you fucking queers would run up on me motherfuckers. If you wanna die peep me out bitches. Woop woop!!!!

  18. It definantly a diss record. I was at the Gathering last year ICP only let him on the premises for 24 hours and they couldnt sell that album at their merch table. So they hustled them from their backpacks. ICP made it big by bitting his style, this isnt the first time Eshams dissed the clowns. Only the Godfather of wicked shit can get away with that shit. And may he fill his pockets forever on disses from juggalos.

  19. Who cares if it was a legit diss album or if it was a fake diss album. To be honest…esham just sucks. iv never liked his music. FUCK JH. y’ll wanna role? come to PA. In the northeast part. Scranton areas. WE WILL FUCK YOU UP! no lies. PA Juggalos r not afraid of shit.

  20. Wow fuck you pussy they were probibly stonned and thought he was some little wanna be psycopatic rapper(which he is) and felt bad for him and bought his shit basicly leave juggalos alone if you aint like us keep it quite and go fuck yourselves or wel do it for you

  21. So if esham really was agenst icp and homey was a diss to them then how come esham says it isnt and that it was just him bringing homey the clown back?

  22. allright im gonna some this up for all the hatin ass bitches outh there. if us JUGGALOS and JUGGALETES WHOOP WHOOP. are so stupid why do we have a family that extends all around the world. that dosent beleve on hating on are brothers and sissters no matter what race or anything to that matter we might fight sometimes put words to eachother. but in the end will have eachothers back till the end and that is what i love about being a JUGGALO thats right motherfuckers i love it. Quote(me and my homies stay tight like a noose and if you step to one of us u better step to the whole crew,
    i never knew that i could depend,
    that i could have some friends tha will be down to the very end,
    well thats my home boys excuse me my family,
    and when we concuer the world,
    we mackin on the galaxy,
    the sky’s the limit and we aint finshed,
    and if my homies gonna ride then u know im with it.)
    jamie madrox makes my point perfect for all you haters that dont know that is jamies part out of homies. but i think i mad my point to all the jealous haters out there dont worry haters yes we hate u to. but to all my lotus family much motherfucking clown love i look forward to responses my name is craig womer u can find me on facebook and i stand up for my juggalo family.


  24. your a fuckin dip shit man talkin about killin juggalos man wen my arm gets better ima kill me some juggalo holocaust, and if eshams dissen or not hes just a lil bitch hes mad that he was first but then ICP fuckin went ahead of him and there the real clowns like im the real Canibal K with my rap group OCK, Orange County Kids prty soon ull be haten me and my homie OC sickness so stop the hate

  25. wen i get the mony ill be putin my music out there

  26. Broke black people have to get there money some how haha Ima juggalo and a very big esham fan if he did do that then that just shows how much he needs us for money right now….. im still a fan of both of them cause there is no one out there doing it like they are.

  27. im was sitten here and u biches made me spit out my fago so i got sumthin,
    4 all of u hollocaust bitches,1: this, “hollocaust” isent a hollocaust,itz a revolution,
    2:you better hope i dont bump into you at jnj or else ill personally take my hachet to your neck!!!!!!!!
    im probably waisting my time talkn to you……
    all you are is a bunch of lolifes who are afraid of change
    and i kno im rite because the more you try to exterminate us, the more we multiply!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your guys’ leader is Jeff Nipples

  29. Violent J’s The Shinning IS COVERED in ESHAM. They are homies making beef tracks for the fun & hype. i just saw ESHAM at the SO CAL GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS on Saturday Night

  30. So i find it funny how you assholes hate Juggalo’s and think we’re bad because we’re a “gang”, so you start an actual gang. Also find it funny that most of the people that are on here are Juggalo’s who just want to beat your asses.

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