Esham is not a Juggalo – New Juggalo holocaust member has emerged


“I Ain’t Cha Homey”

The very first wicked clown, I gets down
I stand when I piss, while you sits down
Cock sucker, mother fucker, eat a dick up
The wicked shit I’m taking back, this a stick up
I run this, did this, done this 100 times or more
Put your brains on the floor
Everybody want to be me, no need for improvement
I even got niggas in Kansas, with the Tech N9ne spittin’
The whole world turn wicked once that I kick it
Can’t pay the rent on my style, so you gettin’ evicted
And I ain’t cha homey, I ain’t cha homey
Nah, I ain’t cha homey, I ain’t cha homey
Nah I ain’t cha fam, hit you with the BOOM! POW! and the BAM!

I came here just to say hello
Only wrestlin’ I watch is bitches in jello
My favorite Faygo is mellow yellow
Pop, pop ninja, did I chop you like a samauri?
Fuck around with homey the clown you and your boy will die
Wicked shit
Because you love the way I spit it, ever since I first did it all these copy cats bit it.
“Dead Clownz”

Dead clown why you mad, you sad, you should be glad
I got chopped off heads stuffed in my duffle bag
Take your eyes out your head so you can see what I’m saying, body decaying
Paint your face I’m spraying
“Bob Ritchie”

It started way back, in the D
With Kid Rock, ICP and me, Homey.
I’m Violent J and I get respect
Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect
If you fuck with homey the clown, I’ll break ya neck
Laughing all the way to the bank, cashin’ these checks.
“50 Cent”

To play the game of death, it cost you 50 cent
No clowns allowed

You rip your pants, tryin’ to show everybody you can dance
Get cho ass out of here you gay clown
Smacked to the ground, don’t come around

24 responses to “Esham is not a Juggalo – New Juggalo holocaust member has emerged

  1. Juggalette~DeGaF

    wtf Esham was a down ass nigga now talkin his shyt hatin

    man fuk all ya

  2. fuck the haulacost juggalo luv mcl chi_town 773 fuck villa park find a real fam hater bitches eat a fat juggalo dick dont hate who you dont know I WILL KILL YOU R.I.P ANNABELLE LOTUZ

  3. what ther are failing to post is in the cds booklet he thanks icp and twiztid. and hes promoting the clownz new cd . boom pow and bang where do you think he got that . bang pow boom maybe? homey the clown j gave him that name.. juggalos pay his bills and he knows it esham created the wicked shit yes but icp brought it too the masses

  4. yall didnt even get the fuckin lyrics right, grow up stop suckin ur mama’s nipple and move on, we do what we do and thats that no1 is ever gonna stop it.

  5. so a clown who hate’s clowns you tell me? man check your story fuckface he was the first wikkid clown and die as a clown he will and a juggalo aint nottin more than a name so fuck u and your Holocaust bitches. if i ever meet one of u fucks i slice your balls and feed them 2 my dog.
    fuck JH,

  6. e is hatein hes just letting you no who came up with that kind of rap he is the originator and homey the clown j didnt give him that name hes had that for years

  7. Juggalo haters can suck a hairy cock….then again they would like that because they are just a bunch of pussies and faggots…Fuck yall…..MWCL until I die…BITCH

  8. twiztidpyrojuggalo

    fuck you haters. your just pissed cuz your all not good enough to be down like us, keep talkin your shit and your head will bust, my name is pyro best believe imma motherfuckin juggalo, i run with the hatchet to make you bitches mad, but when you try my crew your gonna be sad, fuck the holocaust i roll with the family, look at that bigget, ok dig it, cuz every time i murder i get happy, yeah im not a big time rapper but ill fuck a lette in the ass if she says i can tap her,
    dont hate on what you cant beat, cuz fucker your in our kitchen so im raisin the heat. sorry to put your juggalo haters on blast but you can take a rhino dick up the ass, cuz one day you all will see, the juggalo holocaust will end by the juggalo family. JUGGALO FOR LIFE BITCHES HATE ON IT. ICP AND TWIZTID AINT THEY ONLY JUGGALOS THAT CAN RAP AND DISS A BITCH. KEEP TALKIN YOUR SHIT CUZ WHEN THE TIME COMES YOULL BE LIVIN IN A BLOODY DITCH. look to right and tell me what you see, it your dads head cuz he wouldnt let me be, oh god your next youll can hate cuz the juggalos will shine and my life is what i bet.

    mcl juggalos, pyro

  9. wow its another day and another juggalo hater wont come out to play, whats the matter sparky to scared to ride, the clowns are in town so move to the side, i see my comments havent gone up, is it cuz i keep showin up, my flows up, wont accept them cuz i keep my post up, its the wicked clowns of largo but that dont mean were a gang, were family with a bright green hatchetman on our chain, imma juggalo till tthe day that i die you cant beat us but your bitch ass can surely try but when your a bloody mess i dont wanna hear you cry, thats what your mamma’s for wait……i think i know your mom she’s my favorite whore, cuz just like you she gives the best dome even when everyone is home ill i gotta do is pick up the phone, enough about her lets get back to you this clown will hang you till your black and blue, you can hate on me cuz of your on selfshame but when the fights over you had lost your name, you wont be shit cuz imma never quitand best believe imma be bumpin that juggalo “shit”, cuz if it wasnt for the juggalos i dont know probably be robbin everybody in the world for sure so im thankful for the family that adopted me in an since i live for the family it all fits in, i cant explain the power that the carnival brings all the energy from yall when the hatchet swings all i know is its where i belong dark lotus on my wrist till im dead and gone, so let me get your ears imma make myself clear cuz its the L family juggalos right here, you can take away my mic you can take away this life but love that we got it aint ever goin to stop were etirnal past the earthly bullshit (whoop) dogs on another level can you feel this, its pyro chiko and the rest of the family and if your fuckin with my lotus family bitch youll D.I.E., cuz I gots love for my homies, members of the Lotus
    United we stand, squashing all deadly forces
    Been to hell, could of spent eternity there
    All the bad shit I’ve done, I should still be there
    Juggalos can ya feel me, feel me, worldwide, worldwide
    Running with the hatchet straight out the Lotus Pod
    Always got your back till end screaming juggalos
    Dark lotus, psychopathic that’s the way you go,
    We try to explain
    The element of my self inflicted pain
    We’re not positive and uplifting, fuck you!
    Walk a mile in our shoes
    Experience hard times and payin’ helly dues
    Freek shit!!
    What I live, what I breathe
    Cast out Mutant X like he’s diseased
    Still they try to ban our sound
    Cause supposedly it be resurrectin’ the dead from under hollow ground,
    and unlike you haten bitches of course we love to ride and the all black hurse cuz we the ones drivin while were lookin cuz your hidin AND Axe murderers!!
    We don’t die!!
    Serial killas!!
    We don’t die!!
    Freeks of the night!!
    We don’t die!!
    We get high!!
    We don’t die!!
    Axe murderers!!
    We don’t die!!
    Serial killas!!
    We don’t die!!
    Freeks of the night!!
    We don’t die!!
    We get high!!
    We don’t die!!
    Axe murderers!!
    We don’t die!!
    Serial killas!!
    We don’t die!!
    Freeks of the night!!
    We don’t die!!
    We get high!!
    We don’t die!!
    Axe murderers!!
    We don’t die!!
    Serial killas!!
    We don’t die!!
    Freeks of the night!!
    We don’t die!!
    We get high!!
    We don’t die!!

  10. This is esham at his finest, hes letting you fuckers know hes still down, still a juggalo, still breaking fucking necks in this bitch. Its questionable for a reason to get you wannabes, haters, and fakes to buy his shit. Hes tellin you younger wannabies claming juggalo how it is to, hes not the only one pissed about you fucks. But hey JH im in dayton ohio, with stores in 10 other states. Come drop the soap for me, ill put you in some gay porn and sell it to your buddies.


    not even worried about the jh fuck them they aint shit just a bunch of comp nerds who said the wrong thign to a juggalo and got there asses beat the fuck down!
    now they are scared and makin threats over a comp 20 los killed 6 raped my ass
    weres the media? have you seen it in a credable source hell no! wHY? BECUSE IT NEVER HAPPEND IGNORE THESE LOSERS FAM AND KEPP LIVIN LONG AND HARD!



  13. juggalett for life

    fuck the clown haters!!!! for all i care they can get brutaly beaten and then eaten my fire ants!!! FUCK YOU!!!

  14. you know this whole jh is bullshit and yall are going to get your ass beat up and down the street just fuk you little knock offs

  15. I Ain’t Cha Homey is the twelfth studio album by Esham A. Smith. Released on July 28, 2009, the album consists entirely of freestyle raps, and marks the return of Smith’s “Homey the Clown” persona, which had first appeared on his 1991 EP Homey Don’t Play.[1] A music video for “Happy Happy Joy Joy” was released, in which Smith wore face paint applied by Insane Clown Posse member Joseph Bruce.

    Following the release of the album, rumors surfaced that it was a diss towards Insane Clown Posse.


  17. Twiztid juggalo

    yo wat the fuck is up wi all this holocost bullshit just like XhaLe said jh= juggahoes not this bullshit ever bodys been talkin but whoever started this bullshit needs to get his arm ripped off and beaten wit it WHOOP! WHOOP! MMFWCL

  18. you are all just punks, making shit up not one of you bitches have the balls to actually do something, so fuck your little fucking make believe juggalo holocaust because it isnt nothing but a bunch a bull shit you homos are doing to fucking annoy us,

  19. But you failed to mention the over 50 juggalo’s killed by people belonging to the juggalo holocaust. the over 50 rape cases. and many more attacks. so keep up the wall of the internet, because that’s the only cover you guys have. your hate group wouldn’t last without the internet. if you guys voiced any of this bull shit, you’d be beat on the spot, you guys started a war you cant finish. there’s about 500 JH member. a billion plus juggalo’s. good luck.

  20. And im not a violent guy, but when you start targeting MY fuckin family, your ass WILL be beat on the spot. EVERY juggalo is my brother, weather or not we get along. EVERY juggalette is my sister, weather we get along or not. you ass hole fucked with the largest family in the world, so prepare your selves.

  21. Juggalettebitch2010

    you know by doing this shit all you doin is pissin off a bunch of crazy mutha fuckers.. for real whats with the hate shit.. is that what this worlds coming to.. your fuckin yourselves over by fuckin with the juggalos.. so its your death not ours… WICKIT CLOWNZ NEVA DIE SO FUCK U MUTHA FUCKERS!!!

  22. fuck that juggalo holocaust bullshit!
    theres more of us than you! just cuz a few of us are stupid and run around killing people doesnt mean all of us do.
    you cant really point us out, i go to work every day dressed in a white shirt and black pants. and im still a fuckin juggalette! fuck all the haters WE FAMILY!


  23. ESHAM IS A HUSTLER. He does whatever for cash, before he got signed on psy. He was even talking shit. He said he would drop3 albums on psy. Then split and do a new NATAS which he did. J tried to water down Esham making him change his name from The Unholy to The Boogieman because ICP was all “Ya were going to heaven” in 02 when they signed him. ESHAM created the wicked shit and can do whatever he wants and NO ONE WILL SAY ANYTHING. He sold that ICP dis album last year at GOTJ no one else could EVER do that. LET ESHAM THE UNHOLY BLACK HITLER REIGN SUPREME!

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