Major Hasan , suspected shooter in the fort worth tragedy was a juggalo

juggalo holocaust asks if Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a juggalo and if that played part in his actions.

Was Major Nidal Malik Hasan a juggalo?

suspicion is rising that major Hasan , suspected shooter in the fort worth tragedy was a juggalo – a fan of the violent music group insane clown posse, could this have played a part in his actions?
A investigation has found icp merchandise at his home and a large amount of face paint.
Please support the JH in banning this so called music that is hurting children’s lives.

19 responses to “Major Hasan , suspected shooter in the fort worth tragedy was a juggalo

  1. FUCK THE JUGGALO HOLOCAUST… You all are just a group of HIPPOCRIT fagots that think all juggalos are responsible for the actions of one of us… Idk what happened the leader of this group, but it sounds like that fagot Jeff Nipplez needs to replace the tampon in his ass and quit bitchin… So what! We are Juggalos, we listen to underground music, last I checked, the United States was a free contry… And what kind of a fagot ass name is JEFF NIPPLEZ anyway? I mean c’mon man… can you come out of the closet any more obviously… I just cant believe that ya’ll rolled through my town and didnt do shit… I find it funny that none of you juggalo holocaust fags wont fight 1 on 1 or with out a weapon… Come back to Missouri and actually show us a reason to be scared cuz guess wat none of us are scared… The funniest part about this shit is the fact that Jeff Nipplez wont show his pimple pus crusted face to take on any of us… So BRING IT Jeff… I’ll take you on myself… If you were a real man, you would realize that a grown man living in his mom’s basement should get off his fat ass, step away from the twinkies and the potato chips, get a fuckin job, lose his virginity, and not worry about a fan nation that has turned into a diverse family… You fucked with the wrong people! We will stop you… you can fuckin count on it!!! DIE JH DIE!!! DIE JEFF NIPPLEZ DIE!!!

  2. Thats just sick…you have proof of anything you claim they found. People, heros lost their lives and you want to use it to spin a negative on Juggalos. He was also muslim…you want to claim they ate awful too?

  3. Of course i meant do you want to claim muslims are to blame as well? Its sick and rediculous. Shame on you

  4. suspicion is he was a musilm by faith it played a part and so did the lyrics found in icps music which he was a fan of .

  5. fuck all of ya. juggalo’s stand tall. we stick together.
    FUCK ALL YALL!!!!!

  6. Ok…to whoever is ruin this bullshit, need to grow up and get out of your mom hosue and see the world…………for real. this site get what…maybe 10 views a day from people who are not juggalos, the rest is ninja who just happin to come across it, like i did.
    so fuck you, fuck you mom, fuck your dead granny, fuck your boss, fuck you shoes, and fuck your couch.

  7. There are bad people in every group. just because theres some bad juggalos doesnt mean were all bad. and honestly, i dont care if he claimed juggalo.. if he killed all those peeps.. he wasnt a juggalo for real. in every single social group there are people who are going to kill people but that doesnt mean the whole damn group is going to go around murdering everyone. and that doesnt mean random people out of that group should be targeted and killed. the fam thats been killed by the JH were some really good people. the JH just sees us as all the same so they wanna kill everyone of us they see? when us juggalos see homies and it doesnt matter what they look like or where theyre from, theyre family. now tell me. who is the better person. the JH member or the Lo? AND OBVIOUSLY…THERES NOT ONE THING IN ANY PSYCHOPATHIC SONG THAT IS ANY WORSE THAN TAKING RANDOM LIVES JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE LIKE HITLER. ALL THE LYRICS ARE TO LAUGH AT.. NOT TAKE SERIOUS. WE’RE CLOWNS FOR GODS SAKE. and all you mother fuckers raping lettes. lemme tell you something. you obviously have not come across a real down bitch yet. but when you do.. youre going to get your dick bit off.

  8. you motha fucking faggots talking all this shit behind a fuckin screen but not to our fuckin face? cuz you know if you come to our face and say it we will fuck you up bitch and no what we are killers we are twiztid serial killin juggalos and never for get that or you mite be the nxt victum bitch all we got to dom is show this bitchs who they fuckin with fam lets do somethin bout it stand tall and keep climbing that fuckin ladder whoop! whoop! MMFWCLJ!!!!

  9. Haha so juggalos like to call themselves psychopathic serial “killaz” huh, but then when a real life psychopath goes on a killing rampage they want to claim he wasn’t a “real” juggalo. Makes sense to me! MMFCH!

  10. Carnival creature

    Ur mom zed u wont du nada fuk u wc fo life ur a ded man if u want some. COME TO SJ. WHOOP WHOOP JUGGALOZ FAM

  11. Carnival creature

    Itz all bout JUGGALOZ

  12. I’m a juggalo I’ve bin litisening to icp an all psychopathic records artists since I was 11 years old an I don’t go killin peeps an I don’t harm myself bein a juggalo is not a bad thing it’s not a gang it’s nuttin like wat u people say it is it’s about family luv it’s people like u who make shit worse then it really is so get a life an leave my family out of it

  13. fuck yall as a juggalo and a army veteran with 2 deployments to iraq, this is one of the stupidist things you could possible fucking joke about because one of my best friends died that day at fort hood because of him where the fuck did you cock suckers get your proof, or is there any at all because i believe you just made up becasue its something you want to try to blame on juggalos

  14. so i dont understand whats going on…
    we’re getting blamed for someone else’s interpretation of the lyrics of ICP?! Dude ICP is just a base, you get into Twiztid and Boondox and the others its not just ICP. You guys dont even try and understand who we are or what we are. We are a family and I think its stupid that the poser’s are doin it just to kill us… We will NEVER die. we will LIVE FOREVER. its the family and we will fight for who we are!!!!

  15. makes perfect sense.from what i’ve seen, all of those faggots have rotted out their brains with faygo, shit music and syphilis. i wish there really was a juggalo holocaust.

    I’m glad i moved to da region where there are hardly any of these faggots.

  16. It’s fuckin stupid killin people because they listen to a certain band or genre, I’m not going to go any further into this.. Juggalos will never die, we are a family, you can’t fight us all…

  17. Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?

    Seriously? Look, I understand you hate ICP and Juggalos. But really? What evidence do you have to back up this ridiculous accusation?

    Wow…just wow. Believe me, I am NO fan of ICP and I dislike (most) Juggalos, but this is pushing it. It’s ignorant.

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