another juggalo gang attack – JH is a group willing to stop the crimes …

juggalos gang

another day another gang crime commited by face painted idiots . The Jh is a group willing to help convert your child into a law abiding citizan . please visit to help protect your children from becoming criminals

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Two teens arrested for beating homeless people are members of an emerging street gang known for painting their faces like clowns, say police.

Jonathan Appelt and Robert Griffin told officers they were “juggalos” when they were arrested for three violent attacks on the homeless, said Lt. Tim Brewer

Juggalos have their roots in a rap group called the Insane Clown Posse. They paint their faces black and white, like ICP members, and sometimes wear clothing or have tattoos of the Hatchetman, an ICP logo.

Appelt had a hatchet similar to one carried by the Hatchetman when he was arrested, said Brewer.

Brewer said the suspects were known to paint their faces black and white, although they were not painted when they allegedly attacked homeless men in October and twice in January.

Corvalls Police Capt. John Sassman classifed Appelt and Griffin as the gang’s ringleaders. He estimated the Corvallis group had anywhere from two to 10 people in it.

“It is kind of disturbing to have an emerging group that is involved in criminal activity,” said Brewer.

The group popped up on the police department’s radar last summer when a young man snatched a woman’s purse in downtown. She described the suspect as a young man with his face painted black and white.

While the majority of ICP fans, who call themselves juggalos, are in gangs, some criminal sects have formed.

Corvallis police believe Appelt and Griffin are involved in one of those sects.

“I think any time you have a group of individuals that have a common ideology or intent to commit crimes and identify themselves with a certain type of appearance or dress or following,” said Lt. Brewe, “and they’re also committing crimes such as these, I do believe that makes them a criminal gang. Not to say that everyone juggalo is a gang.”

On Monday, Benton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Christian Stringer to dismiss one count of robbery in the second degree and one count of intimidation in the second degree against each suspect.

According to court documents, “the alleged victim in counts 1 & 2 admittedly lied about the circumstances of the assault, robbery and intimidation. While the police were learning of this new information, Defendant Robert Griffin asked to contact police officers from the jail and subsequently told the police that he had given a false confession relating to that incident.”

A grand jury is deciding whether or not to charge Appelt and Griffin with other counts.

The suspects were also arrested in December in connection with the theft of $4,000 worth of equipment belonging to the Oregon State University crew team facility. to help protect your children from becoming criminals

17 responses to “another juggalo gang attack – JH is a group willing to stop the crimes …

  1. honestly… I’d have to say that you old ass idiots’ are just jealous that you never made up a a kick ass fan base for “kiss”…thats cuz they suck balls just like you!! juggalo luv 4 life!!

  2. oh fuck off all u dumb ass haters…

  3. Wait… they’re gettin parents in on this too?!
    Wow how low are you going to go?!

  4. ima a Juggalette. (Female side) Im 15, ive been searched, what u hear, is’nt rele real, i have weed, and crap, big deal, cant hurt u ;]
    everyone will get it, parents, kids, teens, babies, almost everyone will become one, atleast 18% of the usa is part of the JH, i kno i am, soon there’ll be 25% in maryland, to 30-35%, me and a few can get this bigg

  5. all u ppl r fucking stupid, stop the hating, and everything will be okkk
    let us do wht we want, u live ur shitty life, and get the fuk over it

  6. Jugged Juggalo 4 life

    were a fucking famly no damn gang ..all you are rchie fuckin biggits who dwn on us clowns for our love for a family fuck you haters MMFWCL bitches WOOP WOOP

  7. look just cus these two faggots are givin Los a bad name doesnt mean that were all like that, but if you think for one second your gonna come at me with some juggalo holocaust bullshyt, talkin bout you gonna kill me, then ima show you all what real violence is when i fuckin shoot you, yall want a real tip? you think juggalos are a gang? then DONT FUCK WIT US cus most of us dont give a fuck and will murk you real talk, and as for these fags runnin around doin dumb shyt givin us a bad name, theyre faker than a 2 dollar bill and will get their ass beat on sight for false claimin. so if you see a fake ass juggalo doin somethin to give us a bad name then beat their ass, and if you see a real ass juggalo you better show respect cus chances are it could be me and ill fuck you up for disrespect. Much clown love to all my fam. whoop whoop!

  8. im a older juggalo im 24 in the south yes its true younger juggalos can mess up and go to far or just plain geting caught doing what your do

    i dont know bout you but no matter what juggalo or not im going to do what the fuck i want and if im caught dont blame my family

    im starting a anti JH yes i am i need fellow leaders not followers so email me or ps3 twiztidnik these fags that made this site fucked up now we must stop the brain washing crap just because one hater gets the boot from the juggalo world he got to get all butt hurt and make this site and jerk off to my comments

  9. down with the clown

    i know of griffin, and hes actually changed finally i hope he stays that way cause well hes finaly put on the homeless shoes and so i hope he learns . cause i am homeless and he hasnt jumped me, maybe he snapped i dont know all i know is hes doing better.

  10. punk ass insane clown pussies and juggahoes already down in colorado trying to start beef with the crips, lil weak ass posers dont know whats about to go down on em

    • bitch u better watch wat u sayin callin us juggahoes or u gona get ur ass beat dont be talkin shit about all of us when some juggalos be startin beef u fuckin pussey ass bitch

  11. Ummmm…….really, juggalo’s? Wtf is thew big deal about ICP lmfao all they talk about is fucking dead bodies, buncha homo’s, and btw im not a rich biggot im just someone who thinkz ya’ll are morons

    • the big deal is that their music has inspired a generation and given misfits a name and a family to call thier own the only homo i know is the faggits like u who be hatein on us

  12. hey u stupide ass juggalo haters leave us the fuck alone and go to hell just because we have stupid ppl who think they are juggalos and go kill ppl dont make them a juggalo we dont kill ppl we kill ppl with our music not our hand knives guns ex. true juggalos dont have a famliy so we stick to gather if that makes us a gang then yeah were a gang but u want to no who the biggest gang is our goverment fuck with them not us let us do what we do and leave us the fuck alone

  13. FamilyLoveMMFWCL!

    Man fuck all you haters, richy faggots, sluts with ur fuckin perfect little life. got nothin better to do? haha well fuck you. you need to get a life.
    how pathetic are you people gonna get?! you need to get ur wigs split!
    fuck the haters, paint your fucking faces, drink up the faygo, bring your axes, hatchets, and weed(dont forget your lighter..but if you do i gotchya back homie)! be a fuckin wicked clown for life! dont be a pussy ass juggahoe! ima fuckin JU(DOUBLE G)ALE(DOUBLE T)E for fucking life homies!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP! see you all at the next gathering!!!!

  14. first whoop whoop to all the fam out their
    second fuck JH all they are is a bunch of fuckin pusseys and their leader can talk to me and get his ass beat
    man ive been down for 3 years and now im 15 and my juggalo family have always had my back
    peace im out this bitch whoop whoop MMFWCL

  15. jonathan was like my brother people need to piss the fuck off he did nothing wrong you dumb mutha fuckers and he aint no mutha fucking juggalo

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