Juggalos and icp are not a gang —- REALLY????

ENID — Local teachers have long maintained they’ve seen signs of gang activity in Enid Public Schools, and information provided during a Monday professional day by Enid Police Officer Steve Miller confirmed for many that gangs are active in Enid.

Miller, who currently is a K-9 officer but also has worked in narcotics and has special training in gang activity, told a standing-room-only workshop Monday there are several gang associations in Enid.

He spoke as part of a day-long professional day training for EPS teachers. Teachers selected several seminars to attend, and Miller talked to a group of teachers about the primary gang associations he’s seen in Enid, including Crips, Bloods, MS-13 and Insane Clown Posse (ICP).

Miller said the appeal of being in a gang includes respect, reputation and revenge.

While gang members may have a twisted ideology of what those things mean, he said those three things are evident in every gang since the beginning of gang activity.

He said much of the gang activity that is in Enid began with gang organizations started on the West Coast back in the 1970s.

“Enid has a large population of ICP, Bloods, Crips and MS-13,” Miller said. The police officer spoke to teachers about some of the colors and signs worn by members of these gangs.

Members of the these gangs have traditionally adopted certain professional sports team colors and wear the jerseys of those teams. They’ve also adopted certain signs or symbols that can be seen on their clothes and also by “tagging” property, such as spray painting graffiti on property.

Teachers in the room nodded their heads in agreement with some of the information Miller was presenting.

He maintains the Bloods and Crips associations in Enid are often long-time family relations, saying he’s arrested sons, daughters and fathers from the same gangs. They mainly operate in selling drugs in the community, he said.

MS-13 is the largest gang in the United States, Miller said, and is primarily a Hispanic gang.

A relatively new group, and one he says many young people in Enid associate with — and one many of the teachers said they see on a regular basis — is the Insane Clown Posse.

Miller said they are less violent than the Bloods, Crips and MS-13 groups, but they still are dangerous. The ICP originated out of Detroit in the 1990s from a rap duo with KISS-like face paint, and they claim they mainly are “appreciators of music,” Miller said. Followers of ICP say they shouldn’t be classified as a gang just because they dress differently and listen to a certain type of music.

He said these young people like to go to the metro areas to go to concerts, they often wear outrageous outfits and paint their faces, and they have a fascination with knives and swords. Miller said they call themselves Juggalos, and their mascot is a cartoonish silhouette of a man carrying a hatchet.

He said many of the kids drink orange soda, specifically a brand called Faygo. He added they have a fascination with championship wrestling.

The crimes they have committed are primarily burglaries, Miller said.

Teachers said they have seen the hatchet man logo on cars and also as tattoos on students.

Miller said many of the ICP will “grow out of” their association with the gang as they get older.

Miller said the motorcycle gang Mongols also is active in Enid. He said 99 percent of motorcycle riders are not affiliated with any kind of gang, but the Mongols are “one percenters,” who operate in drug dealing and other crimes. Oklahoma members will wear a leather vest or jacket that has Mongols Oklahoma on it.

13 responses to “Juggalos and icp are not a gang —- REALLY????

  1. fuck jh members.. if u wanna kno how down we really are then come to my town san antonio texas i live at 13700 judson rd house number 150.. if u got the balls to kill me jh members then il be wating.. u can also call my personal cell phone at 1-210-725-3106…. il be wating u punk ass jh fuckers.. whoop whoop juggaloz 4 lyfe

  2. white people + gangs = high local news media ratings.

    Juggalos and hardly gang members and are not scary. Many of these newer juggalos aka “thugs” are middle-class former emos who get their image of being a tough guy/girl from watching MTV and then begin being “down with the clown” to enhance their “tough” image.

    20 years from now they’ll be raging alcoholics switching minimum wage jobs at least once a year. And they’ll be trying to fit into a new fad.

    • Nigga for real juggalos for life that shit aint somin you grow out of >…< dumb ass cops for real… And bitch below this comment dont talk shit you cant back up… I'm a juggalette and I bet you anything i'd fuck your world up (;… Whoop Whoop mmfwcl

  3. look this is bullshit all because there are a few juggalos that thee entire juggalo fam can even say we do have some dumb-asses in the juggalos same as other so called clicks. every click emo, jocks, preps, goths, and so on and so on. so next time you decide to call juggalos gang members stop, think of how many people you are going to piss off. and if there are juggalos that are in gangs such as slobs (bloods), or crabs (crips), or any of that bull shit they acted on there own to become a gang member.thats all up to them and mr miller or wat ever your name is dont ever fuckin consider calling us a gang because we are not a gang. we are a family like you are with your blood family and icp is not a gang neither they just showed us wat life is like people will hate on us and say we are a gang, or a cult, or watever. they just hate the fact we are able to be ourselfs and not look the way others do. so think before you call us a gang

  4. We aint no Blood or Crip and we dont have a fucking gang sign. we got eachother and gangs rat on the other we dont. dude so back the fuck off and stop fucking playin shit cuz you will lose.
    “These motherfuckas would die for us!!”
    Damn its fucking true so fucking let it go cuz we aint no fucking gang.

  5. “you with the hachet man, you in a gang” “you rep for JRB,… jrb? JUGGALO RIDAS BITCH” im pretty sure violent j said that shit with abk, in the track “GANG RELATED” am i right? so why not just accept the fact? im a mutha fuckin juggalo, and if they wanna call me a gang fine fuck it! its true right

  6. you can call me freak

    yo tony c first off violent j did say that on a track wit abk back when the icp was a gang known as the Inner City Posse in detroit that was a gang the juggalo family is in fact that a family


  7. i take downright offence to these statements… i’m a hardworking, single father of 3… i dont steal from anyone… i do like good music, i like to wear tshirts from my favorite bands… I’d like to walk without being judged for what i ware… if another pig stops me while i’m mobin to a homies house, i swear i’ll snap! suspicious my ass, you just bored and wanted to fuck with me… well sir watch who you fuck with, watch what you say… you might catch a scitzo on a bad day =) MCL to all my homies keeping it free in the fucked up town!

  8. Pumpkinstubbz420

    Fuck u juggalos houlocost bitch pussy that made up look like a gang so fuck u u dumbass pussy muther fuckers! WHOOP WHOOP TO THE JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES MMFWCL

  9. juggalos are like the epitome of white trash gangster. they should all die. i wish i could personally handle the execution of them one by one. a genocide is in order.

  10. gotta put this out there comin from a VET. JUGGALO ive been down since day fu**ing one … i have NEVER BEEN ARRESTED nor CITED FOR ANYTHING… how are yall gonna say we are ALL bad PEOPLE!! thats just it WE ARE PEOPLE!!! what would happen if i decided to say CHRISTIAN is a gang… oh god i would go to hell and be arrested imidiately … F**K this look at the people that are juggalos that got in trouble … they had it comin … look at the records … theres more priests and government people in jail and getting fined than there is juggalos getting in trouble … we are A FAMILY thats it A FU**ING FAMILY that has eachothers back … yea so what we drink and some of us out there smoke … who the hell cares … just leave us be and people will forget about us but FAMILY WILL NEVER FORGET!!

  11. NOT to mention the hostility of death threats TO us … not FROM us… that is all

  12. A few bad people makes us all bad, right?

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