The victims of Juggalo cult terrorism

Many people have been murdered by Juggalos.

School children, infants, the elderly, and college student, all murdered for no reason by juggalos.



12 responses to “The victims of Juggalo cult terrorism

  1. look.. im a juggalo and i agree that some things we do are wrong but every culture has its rational and irrational people.. so stfu with this juggalo holocaust shit.. juggalos will never be killed off.. and the more u kill the stronger we grow mother fuckers.. juggaloz 4 life.. fuck all haters whoop whoop

    • Tuzi Tuz Mctuzerton

      how do we even know that these people were even murdered? at that murdered by fellow los and lettes???? ive googled every name here, none of these people were murdered according to death records, public obituairies and news! how dare they slander us and these poor people that lost their lives!

  2. yall is some jealous ass haters we didnt kill nobody and yeah the is hella fake ass kid who think their juggalos an their not so theyll drop it after a year or two but if i see any one wearing reppen or any thing in L.A i will automaticly rush them rob them an leave em fuck off fuck all of u may the lotus pod from hence we came grow strong fuck the juggalo holocaust

  3. killing infants and school children?! how much bullshit is gunna fall out of you haters mouth before you finally get ur shit right.

  4. I think you should look up the definition of terrorism…

    Juggalos are not a political-based group. Most of the idiots don’t even know the name of our vice-president.

  5. the only people that deserve to die is the assholes and bitches in the juggalo holocaust cause for real you need to just go in a ditch and rot for the rest of your pathetic life. you kill innocent people and rape juggalettes and we juggalos are the people that kill innocents. i dont fuckin think so. all because of fucking music you pathetic peices of shit make me fuckin sick going around dressin up like us and kill us. i use to think politics were lowwer than shit or even plauge, but no you jhs are you rape women and kill juggalos for wat all because some little asshole decided to blame alot of stupid shit and blaming us for 9/11. we juggalos had fuckin family in there and you blame us. you blame us for over 60 murders and 46 rapes no that was not us that was you assholes dressing up like us and you killed those innocents and raped those women, so i guess it came down to you peices of shit blaming the most hated people in the world for a few murders and rapes. you have no idea of wat 1 just 1 juggalo can do but yet you dont get it juggalos are people of peace we may not rap or sing about it that is because you dont see shit the way we do so next time watch wat you say and to who you’re sayin it about and we are not terrorists. we have juggalos over in iraq and other places diing for the freedom for you assholes to say wat you want and not get arrested. but you just dont want to face facts all because youre on some lil faggot that lives in his moms basements dick you are that persons nutsack. so get off their dick or twat and get real.

  6. ok i ran apon this website while browsing around trying to pass the time… i must say im shocked on how much you descrimdate us… i mean really i want to know the root of your anger twards us… is it because you got your ass kicked in high school by a juggalo or what please enlighten mei would love to know… but really i just laughed at you pathetic little website acting like you know us and what not… personally im going to collage for criminal justice and i already know 3 fighting styles ontop of that i own a buseness i have for the past 4 years all the juggalos i hang out with are really relaxed people yeah we get a little loud in public areas but thats about it… oh and another thing i love this fake ass video about us its cute

  7. dude we didnt fucking kill Kurt Cobain he killed himself and we dont kill the elderly and infants get your shit straight

  8. WTF thats bull crap how there puting this shet on juggalo.A rell juggalo will never put there fucking family true that sheet. I say thouse wanabes should get fucking slice and dead for the fucking bull shet im one that will never but up whit the shit. whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. where did you get this information because none of these people come up in any type of search…

  10. KURT COBAIN!!!!! U have got to be the bigest fuckin retard ever. the only person im gonna kill is whoever made this vid.

  11. for real dude your retarded as hell

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