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juggalos still in paint arrested …. BUT BUT THEY AINT REALLY DOWN – HONEST /sarc

Clovis, CA (The Weekly Vice) – Jeffrey Nicholas, a 45-year-old Clovis man and six other people (aged 18 to 28) claiming to be Juggalos were arrested for dealing drugs out of Nicholas’ home.

One man’s mugshot even appeared to have some remaining clown make-up… a Juggalo trade-mark.

According to Clovis police, neighbors had been complaining about the amount of traffic going in and out Nicholas’ home for months. Police set up a sting using undercover “drug buyers” and gathered enough evidence to make seven arrests.

Investigators say the suspects sold Oxycontin and Opana, a new highly addictive and dangerous narcotic. Detectives also found marijuana, methamphetamine, and other prescription drugs in the residence.

Police say that six of the seven people arrested are validated Juggalos, a group of people who are fans of Insane Clown Posse and other Psychopathic Records artists.

Because of the rise of criminal activity within the Juggalo community, Juggalos have become regarded in some instances to be gang members. Police acknowledge that most who consider themselves “Juggalos” are not gang members. However, defense attorney Rick Horowitz says putting a gang label on the suspects can get them a stiffer sentence if convicted whether the label fits or not.

In addition to the arrests, three children, between the ages of six and nine were removed from the home and placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

The following suspects were arrested and charged:

28-year-old Joshua Waite, for prior sales of OxyContin and Opana, possession of methamphetamine, Xanax and Valium with intent to sell, maintaining a drug house.

22-year-old Jared Campbell (MySpace), for prior sales of marijuana and methamphetamine, frequenting a drug house.

20-year-old Paul Troup (MySpace), for prior sales of OxyContin, possession of Adderall (amphetamine) for sale, illegal cultivation of marijuana and maintaining a drug house.

45-year-old Jeffrey Nicholas (MySpace), for maintaining a drug house and 3 counts of child endangerment. His three children, ages 6 to 9, were turned over to Fresno County Child Protective Services. He is the only one not considered a Juggalo.

20-year-old Chad Pokorny, for frequenting a drug house.

27-year-old Mandy Kelly, for possession of Adderall and frequenting a drug house.

18-year-old Rose Williams, for frequenting a drug house.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice