Prosecutor says suspect in attack part of alleged Juggalos gang

STOCKTON – You’ve heard of the Bloods and Crips, Norteños and Sureños – reviled criminal street gangs known for violent turf wars, graffiti and drugs sales.

But the Juggalos?

While there is no universal agreement, law enforcement officials across the country have begun to tag them as an emerging gang.

Now, the Juggalos, who style themselves after a Detroit-based rap-rock group, are up to no good in Stockton, according to a local prosecutor. He believes one man’s status in the gang played a role in an attempted hatchet murder.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Mark Ott – on top of the attempted murder count – has charged Chad Campbell, 21, with a street terrorism for his ties to the alleged gang.

Ott, who offers few details of the case, said that Monday, he will lay out evidence in court and let a judge decide if Campbell goes on to a jury trial.

Ott believes Campbell would be the first Juggalo to be tried in San Joaquin County.

“We believe we have the facts to prove it,” Ott said.

Juggalos – or Juggalettes for women – are devotees of a rock-rap group based in Detroit called Insane Clown Posse. The music group indulges in raw lyrics replete with irreverent profanity and violence.

The group’s fans – mostly white – wear heavy face paint to resemble sinister clowns. The consider themselves a family. The Juggalos’ uniting symbol is a hatchet man, the insignia of the rap group’s recording label, Psychopathic Records.

Representatives of Psychopathic Records and Insane Clown Posse did not respond to requests for comment.

Police in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah have arrested people on gang charges for committing crimes on behalf of the Juggalos. A Modesto judge last year ordered four people to stand trial following a violent attack linked to the so-called gang at Graceada Park.

Campbell was arrested Nov. 8 in Stockton after police said he attacked a man near El Dorado and California streets with a hatchet. The 21-year-old victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries to his head.

The man survived the attack, but prosecutors also charged Campbell with mayhem for permanently disabling the victim, said Ott. The prosecutor said he believes the law is on his side, especially when it comes to the gang charge.

Ott wouldn’t say if Campbell was dressed in Juggalo clothing, has tattoos or wore a painted face during the alleged attack. He prefers to present his evidence in court.

But Ott explained that a criminal street gang by definition is an ongoing association of three or more people with a common sign who actively engage in criminal behavior.

“We have that pattern,” Ott said. “We’re going to put that on in the preliminary hearing.”

Contacted at the San Joaquin County Jail, Campbell declined a request for an interview. His attorney, San Joaquin County Deputy Public Defender Michael Moore, did not return repeated calls.

4 responses to “Prosecutor says suspect in attack part of alleged Juggalos gang

  1. Okay, Juggalettes and Juggalos are NOT a gang. We are horrorcore (which you called rock-rap) lovers. We become enveloped in amazing music that speaks to us in some way. Some people pick Opera and others Hip-Hop…This is what we enjoy. So yeahh we call ourselves Jugga-lo or lette but that don’t mean anything. Thats how we signal we are part of the family. We call it a family because we have like interests. You think we’re a gang look up the lives of Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP and Viloent Jay of ICP and even other famous los like Jamie Madrox and Monoxide. People that say we are in a gang just misunderstand. Some weird wacked dood may have axed sum1 but thts his problem. so hhe’s insane…I’m not and I ♥ ICP

  2. We are not a gang. End of story. Police are just scared because the Juggalo Family is bigger and more tightly woven than all the gangs mentioned in this article. We may talk about or listen to music that talks about “splittin wiggs with a hatchet” but we are smart enough not do do it! So next time youre out somewhere and hear somebody shout WHOOP WHOOP dontbe scared its just tha good ol’ fam! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Ott!

  3. Whatever the jugaloo’s or jugalette’s claim to be, they are just a bunch of uneducated lowlifes who are to lazy to contribute to society in a positive way. I know Chad very well, at least i used to. he comes from a loving family, lived in a nice house and had nice things. He turned 18 and started hanging out with the jugalowlifes and drinking and doing drugs and following their typical way of life. and look where he is now. In my opinion he deserves it which is hard to say because i used to respect Chad but i have not one bit of respect for him or his new family.

  4. michelle fordin

    He is a child… dont ever give up on someone… i have a child right now in for the same thing, lets help them, thats whats wrong with our country, we give up on our own, as a parent of one of these so called juggalos, im going to save my son, and he will go to collage, and he totally regrets what has happened, so come on parents…DONT GIVE UP ON THEM. I love my son, as you sr, should pray and help this child you know.

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