Big Kurts Warning to all juggalos in Massachusetts

Attention all juggalos and juggaletees in Brockton , Taunton and Boston Massachusetts.
My Name is Big Kurt – AKA Big HURT Im a loyal member of the juggalo holocaust and im coming for you if i see you im hitting you , wherever at the gathering at your concerts its on at anabel lotus funeral i dont care.
men or woman , boy or girl , invalid or baby i will kick your asses if your a juggalo or juggalette .

big kurt juggalo warning warning to juggalos fight juggalos juggalo gang Boston Massachusetts Brockton Taunton

i aint playin

32 responses to “Big Kurts Warning to all juggalos in Massachusetts

  1. look ima motha fuckin juggalette .. what gives dem jerks the riight to put us down ?? we are NOT no gang we a FAMILY ,,, the stuff ppl be hearing about juggalos killin an beatin ppl an babys are soooo not true .. wish u guys would seriously grow the hell up

    • Watch the video again you’ve fucked with it. Big Kurt is against juggalos check his site he even raps AGAINST juggalos .Check his pics he’s got Juggalo holo fam he kicked the ass of his after the 9 year old niece got suspended from school for wearing hatchet gear!!!!!

  2. thank you juggalette. we r a family

  3. wow you are goofy looking… man if you want a real fight come to indiana if you want ill give you my adress then we can settle this man to man

  4. Dude if you want a fight we will fucking take you down and kill you. Go to Indiana in fact go to Michigan City and you will face Juggalos and Juggalettes ready to fight for our cause. and Besides the fam. is in shape and the only thing you could kill is a box of doughnuts so stop runnin your mouth and figure out what we’re all about.


  6. Twitch juggalo fam

    I live in boston so come get my juggalo family I dare u. Bring it fuck face we a family we ride or die but we DO NOT die fagg WHOOP WHOOP

  7. we’re the violent ones.
    juggalos are talking about beating women, and even babies and children. Think about it – Juggalos/Juggalettes are bad influences on our children.
    Even the name juggalo promotes violence, and discrimination. They Rap about the most sadistic, torturous, discriminatory events in history. I am a juggalette, and proud. I am a family member, a gang member. stop hatin’ because our gang is not scared to fuck you up . go choke on a dick, fatass. remember, curse the hatchet, die by the hatchet. watch your back, you fucking pile of ignorant shit.

  8. Nice try Nazi juggalo asses but Big Kurt is related to Juggalo holocaust and dates a Juggalette holocauster. Oh and by the way it’s called slander and libel. You’re attacking his character and slurring his name. Get lives.

  9. hey big kurt shut the fuck up u fat piece of shit u like hittin ppl i will put u in the ground i swaer to god dont ever let me see u cuz i will beat u too the ground then show u a 100$ bill nd u better look cuz thats the last thing u will see before i kick your face in u pussy ass bitch **juggalo4life**

  10. aww look at all these juggacunts get their E-Thug out when they see a “threat” how cute lol



  11. Juggalo in Muskogee

    Look asshole i beat your ass if u even think about touching a juggalo we all a family and me and my homies love to fuck hatin bitches like u up so come get some bitch Whoop Whoop

  12. ur realy goin to hit a lette wow i will kill u come to florida and try the shit i split ur dome b4 u even see me bitch

  13. you hit me imgunu fucking slice your neck with your own fucking fingernail, i see you hit a girl ima fuckin kill you. you show up and caus shit at a concert the intire fuckin fam will put you in the ground.

  14. Does it need to be said
    Kill yourself you simpering moronic piece of trash
    WOop woop

  15. So, my last comment got all fucked up, the website owner or someone changed it. They deleted words and phrases to make it sound like I was downing on the Fam, which I definately wasn’t. Just to clear that up.
    Woop Woop, MMFWCL Homies<3

  16. IIn2ane 2euce folkk2

    you are all ignorant talking 2hit on the internet alot of juggalos are ignorant wannabe gang bangers alot of juggalettes are bustdowns and stupid these people have no idea what being a juggalo or juggalette is supposed to be you are all giving these people what they want by giving idol threats have a nice day

  17. this fat bitch aint gona do anything

  18. yo fuck this cock sucker, if anyone see’s him take his fat ass down.

  19. fuck you faget come to dallas texas and this juggalo will bet you fat ass then tie you to chair and make you watch me fuck your mother juggalo for life son were not no damn gang were a family with no hate no racist just love and fagets like you just need to get a life

  20. Fuck Juggalos huh? Your gonna hit us when u see us huh? Really, how come we aint ever seen u do shit? You like to talk a big game huh? You like to call us a gang, well I’ll tell u this u jh peice of shit, my homies have smashed on u jh pussies out in lowell before n we aint scared to smash on u anywhere. I wish u would come to one of our shows talking that ra-ra shit. Eat another donut fatboy

  21. Look at that fat retard, lmao. I don’t think you’d walk up and hit anything homie. You fat retarded looking POS. Post some videos of you fucking juggalos up. Oh that’s right, there are none. Because your a shit talking loser that talks shit for attention and never actually follows through. I’d clown you homie. No pun intended. Go crawl back under your rock aka the bedroom at your parents house Big Fag.

  22. haha that offer still stand i just movedd to mass boston up the road so if it stands il look ya up

  23. this is another of jh’s f’ed up videos. they take a real vid splice it and make it say what they want. i’m from boston(southie) i’ve seen bk mr critty and a lot of his kontract team and they aren’t jh aren’t anti juggalo at all. mr critty p kudda and most of the kontract killaz are juggalo’s bk made a video attacking jh and nova kain the scorpion who says he will rape and kill all lo’s and lette’s!!!! do some research before you take this as face value check out bk’s my space and facebook and you’ll know the truth. he’s a beast at rappin’ and is singed on to do tracks with Tech n9ne,KMK and more!

  24. Big kurt your just a worthless peace of shit thats just making the juggalo family look like a bunch of complete n total shit. you should just Shut your fucking mouth and Knock your childish fucking shit off OHHHH WAAAAA WAAAA WAAA you sound like a child! Grow UP Trash and learn to understand something fully B4 fucking jugdeing like that and FYI FUCK THE FUCK OFF the carnival aint for everyone. only a select few can handle it. so grow your man balls and get yo daddys dick out your mouth and learn about somthing b4 you fucking try to make a mokery of yourself. and btw i know Quite a few JUGGALO COPS out there and they are some damn good cops. but are you willing to take the life of a cop take the risk of goin to jail for hitting a juggalo Cop! your a fuckin idiot!!!!! and FYI you can get put in prision for threatening and taking the lives of innosent ppl so you really need to quit thinking with your dick and think with your head on ur shoulders and if ur not thinkin with your dick then Pull your fuckin head outta your ass and grow the fuck UP!!!!!!! i am not gonna wast anymore of my time bitching your Dumb fat ass out cuz i could make this letter go on for fuckin days but im not gonna waste my energy on it cuz i have have a life and more important things to do.

  25. oxicottoncandy da lo

    please my nigga juggalo’z all day you wanna pop at the mouth,you an ur so called “juggalo holocaust” peoplez..walk up to a lo an say the shit to his face.then see wat happens to you..any nigga wanna pound fist cum to p.a…..717 lo’z all day….WHOOP WHOOP

  26. baff the ringmaster

    whoop whoop family for life muther fucker we will never die bitch

  27. i seen this nigga in yarmouth mass with a juggalette in a dollar store buying facepaint… wtff>>++????

  28. ExcursiaHatesClowns

    This is so stupid!!! FreakyLette you made no sense… You’re bitching about this dude running his mouth & you’re proud of following losers who talk about beating women & babies!?! Wow!! I’m really confused as to why anyone would be proud to call themselves a friggin Juggalo!? So you can have an excuse not to shower, or read & write? I haven’t seen or heard one legitimate clue stating why you people stand for anything worth a damn!? Can you explain it to me without threats of a gathering?

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