Another Day , Another Juggalo Gang member commiting a crime

Masked men, one with hatchet, charged with robbing Apollo CoGos

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State police say they nabbed the pair of suspects who robbed a CoGo’s convenience store early Monday, including one who wore a clown mask and waved a hatchet.

Arrested were Matthew David Carlson, 21, of the 300 block of South Fourth Street, Apollo, and Thomas Daniel Hilty, 18, of Blacks Hollow Road, Kiski Township.

Carlson was taken to a hospital over concerns that he may try to harm himself, a trooper said. A warrant has been prepared to arrest Carlson when he is released.

Both are charged with robbery and related charges.

According to a police affidavit, Carlson took a clown mask from a neighbor and got the hatchet from a relative’s room.

Police said the mask is the type worn by fans of the Insane Clown Posse, a Detroit band whose members wear black and white “evil clown” body makeup. The group performs what one Web site describes as “horror core shock rock.”

The affidavit said both suspects wore white socks on their hands.

Police said the masked Carlson went into the store ahead of Hilty and started waving a hatchet above his head as he demanded money from a 31-year-old male clerk at the CoGo’s store at 100 North Plaza just after 5 a.m. Monday.

Police say Hilty was wearing a ski mask and carrying a reinforced steel bar.

The clerk was not injured, according to police.

The robbers left with almost $100.

State police said charges are pending against a woman thought to be associated with the case.

Police said the woman picked them up near the Apollo Trust Bank after the robbery. Carlson allegedly told her they had robbed CoGo’s and he asked her to hide the mask, hatchet and other items.

She later turned the articles over to police.

Hilty was arraigned at about 5 a.m. Tuesday, some 24 hours after the armed robbery, by District Judge Samuel Goldstrohm.

He ordered Hilty held in the Armstrong County Jail in lieu of $25,000 cash bond pending a preliminary hearing.

The men are charged with robbery, theft, simple assault, terroristic threats and receiving stolen property.

A CoGo’s official said the store has been robbed twice in about the past seven years.

once again juggalos prove how its not a few bad apples that spoil the bunch but the non juggalo gang members are few and far between. what a excellent group to let your kids listen to or belong to …

6 responses to “Another Day , Another Juggalo Gang member commiting a crime

  1. Just cuz they carry a hachet doesnt mean their Juggalo or Lette

  2. thats fucking bull sheet people like them or like u that thing just couse he a hatchet and a clown mask thing his a fucking juggalo thats bull shete what if i wore a jessu mask ha and the out fet whent and shot a fucking person what thoes that make me jessu fuck no next time get your fucking sheet strade mather fuckers befor u hir or see a real juggalo mather fuckers

  3. Toxic were you drunk when you wrote that comment or are you just that uneducated and/or stupid?

    • da nemesis what the fuck u stubid bitch r u jh menmber to matha fucker if u r then come on done to phx and ill fuck ur ass up bitch whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. no they really were jugs im from that town and trust me they were really one of you monstertards. i only hope that the same can happen to the rest of you the only better thing that could happen is if you guys all went and drank some bleach. at least it gave me a good laugh when i talked to the clerk and he told the story lmao

  5. act like a clown get treated like one,took me a minute to remember who the funk icp was,then remembered they were some sorry azz no talent beaches,back in the 1990’s! I think it’s funny that people took those peices of doo-doo so serious that they made there self a gang out of ,all these funkers are pussies and if confronted by a real gang they would get there undies pulled up the backside.

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