New Juggalo holocaust Site and Forums

The New Juggalo holocaust and tulsa anti juggalo league head quarters can be found at
and the new juggalo holocaust forums where we discuss plans , new vids and recruit new members to help fight the war can be found at


7 responses to “New Juggalo holocaust Site and Forums

  1. yo fuck yall u ant shit wicked clowns will never die so suck my dick and if u got a problem come and seee me motha fucka

  2. *intellegent Lette*

    Come on, this is seriously ridiculous, you can not base juggalos and juggalettes from a few DUMB juggalos and juggalette. That’s like saying I hate ALL black people and want to kill them because some of them rob stores and are in gangs. Is this really all of your mindsets? Do you hate juggalos so much that you want to kill them? I am a lette because I listen to the music and fell what ICP is saying AND IM BLACK so they are NOT racist. If you listen to any of their songs you would know ICP HATES biggotry =( Stuff like this sickens me. This makes you just as ignorant as the dumb juggalos that you talk about. AND NOW in addition to dealing with the racism I ALREADY deal with, I have to worry about my life being taken away from me just because of the MUSIC I LISTEN TO? That to me sounds like some serious fucking discrimination. It saddens me that after all the people have gone through there are still people who intentionally set out to KILL other people just because of a name and what they listen to. Im in college studying dentistry, happily engaged with a job and a car and I have to worry about NOT ONLY KKK members ever coming after me, but JH memebers too? You are all horrible people who need to understand this is so messed up. You are threatening LIVES! 17 dead? I didn’t think you spineless idiots would do that….may god have mercy on your soul.

  3. wow you say we are a gang but your recruiting members to do illegal things that sounds like a gang to me and your page thing matches that of gang affiliation and activity

  4. You all say shit like we are a gang and here u are comiting crimes that are gang related. And just so you jh pussies all know if you start a war you will lose. You may scare the fake juggalos and juggalettes but im going to show all my juggalo pride as i help my juggalo fam beat every last one of you bitch ass biggots.

  5. Juggalo holocaust will meet ashes
    We will never die alone Juggalos will carry on swing our hatchets if we must each and every one of us
    Bring it bitches

  6. CrazeeKillaKlownCarljoe

    Bring it on bitches. I dare you to cross paths of a Juggalo. And for the whole retard thing, you dont know what a mentally retarded person really is. Try living with one. We’re not retarded, we’re not bums, some of us are actually cops, in the armed forces, doctors, nurses, etc. I graduated almost with honors. Just because one Juggalo is bad don’t mean we all are. I’ve been down since double oh 7 and will be down til I’m dead in the ground


  7. Prompt contact admin?

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