Juggalo holocaust – The album H8 Club


h8 club kill everyone back on top
h8 club kill everyone back on top back

shout outs to the crime family

Killa mo 187 , Rob D , King Rage , Critty , 2.F.A.C.E , Big Kurt , Rancid Child , EkX, Legend Kontract Killas and MiStA_mEnAcE

One of the biggest supergroups to hit rap since the Wu Tang Clan and La Coka Nostra.
The H8 Club mixes all styles of Hip Hop music and have banded together to bring Hip Hop back to it’s Roots

On a short video clip posted on YouTube, Killa mo took time out
from a studio session to speak on the upcoming
collaboration, entitled Hyrule Hyphy. “It’s
official, I got the album coming this summer,” he said.
“H8 Club Juggalo Holocaust,Kill Everyone Back on top. gonna be
crazy, y’all gonna love it like my step dads blazer.

Its out

zippy share

Rapid Share


Track Listing

01 01:04 H8 Club – Warning to Juggalos
02 01.16 H8 Club – Rob D and Rancid Discuss Album
03 01:35 H8 Club – Kill the Server
04 00:08 H8 Club – Dont Mess With JH Ft. King Rage
05 01.08 H8 Club – Cowardz Juggalo Holocaust Remix
06 00:43 H8 Club – Juggalos on youtube ft. King Rage
07 02:47 H8 Club – Race war Ft Killa mo 188 and 186
08 04:02 H8 Club – Volume 1 Sampler


8 responses to “Juggalo holocaust – The album H8 Club

  1. Wheres all ICP’s Sheep now? most of these ignorant faggots would have already said “fuck this cd” or “my hatchet is my life fuck this album”

  2. fuck u guys u guys would not say that to my face bitch u guys are probly just nerdy kids so fuck off

  3. Haha. Fuck you biggot bitches.
    Your shit will never be as fresh as ours.
    Fuck the fuckin’ fuck off.
    And whoop whoop!

  4. Unlike you we have better things to do with our time today is just a slow day so i decided to spread some animosity Come to SD mofackoo
    And get ya wig split

  5. you guys would have nothing better to do then sit around and complain about us. what did we do to you? o ya we didnt conform to your statures. you silly faggots should get your heads on straight and quit pluggin eachothers asses stupid faggots get lifes and move outta your moms basement cause god knows she wants ur fat nerdy ass outta there too so…. keep hatin on us cuz all ur doin is makin us famous. dont hate us cuz u aint us peace out wanna bes dont hurt urselves tryin to reply and thinking of what to say later faggots.

  6. Patrick, nobody wants to read about your homo fantasies so just shut the fuck up.

    Also, every single one of you Juggafags posting on here is illiterate as fuck. Go back to school you worthless, social lepers.

  7. the funniest part is that the author said “supergroup”. I haven’t heard of ANY of these losers lol. Whats sad is, even though ICP got fame from controversy, you’re trying to get fame off of HATING ICP.

  8. look yall juggalo haters motha fuckas listen to the real shit learn the true meaning of a juggalo b4 yall wanna fuckin run yalls lil mouths idgaf who yall are or what yall are the first time yall try to fuck with us yall will not remain the threat bc one we are united we all stand as one we live our lives how we live yall wanna come around nd make it hell we are citizens to just cause we look different act different that dont mean shit get ya facts straight nd figure ur life out b4 ur out to ruin others who have done u no harm we are not a gang we are not a cult we are what u call A FAMILY !!!! WHOOP WHOOP TO ALL THE REAL JUGGALOS!!!! FUCK THESE JUGGALO HOLOCAUST MOTHA FUCKAS !!!!

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