Should juggalos be allowed to have children?

Just a quick video showing youtube how juggalos are bad parents
look at how these poor kids are getting treated by parents with violent lyrics , face paint on innocent helpless children and unhealthy faygo poured down their throats , all because some band told them too.
clearly juggalos keep your musical crap from your children and give them a shot at life instead of taking them down to the gutter with you – just look at Anabelle Lotus.
JH will be running a orphanage for all juggalo children.

38 responses to “Should juggalos be allowed to have children?

  1. ya you better fuckin ban hatchet sales from us cause now if i see one of u bitches with jh on you, im not just gonna whop your ass like ive been doin, im gonna fuckin kill you. slow.

  2. fuck you asshole. you dont know shit. faygo is the shit better than promoting fuckin beer to little kids, why you tripin on faygo i bet you give your give your kids pop like pepsi and shit. you know what. I bet you give your kids beer you redneck motherfucker. and fuck you for puttin that last pic there thats fucked up and sad that kid died 15 min aftor she was born in the hospitle by a doctors mistake i bet you didint even know. you just used the copy and paste button didint look into it. you make me sick.

  3. much love gose out to the fam. Whoop! Whoop!

  4. im 15 and pregnet and im a juggalette and im not guna b a bad parents im guna rase my kid 2 b down with the clowns and eny of u bitches toch my kid or my fam at that matter ill killl all you mother fuckers

  5. yo 4real i hang with juggalos/lettes but im not one so if you FUXK with them you are FUXKIN with me cause all you are some PUSSY ASSS BITCHES dat talk to much FUXKIN much SO FUXK ALL OF YOU JH PPL cause they are not a gang they are a family.

  6. you know what fuck u bitches saying if we r allowed to have children all juggalo aint bad some r but the others aint you stubit dead fuck i love my kid and my girl and i dont do that stupid shet matha fuckers just stop hateing on us u bitch get a fucking life dick wode

  7. Listen here you ingorant fuck,its not up to you fucktards on whether we can have children or not. Yer the pieces of shit who put yer kids thru hell not us. And you wanna know something else you fucking idiot,Being a JUGGALO or a JUGGALETTE is our way of life and yer not gonna stop us. We’re about FAMILY. Yer out numbered by many and you better not let us catch you in the streets. And as far as our hatchets go-its whats gonna be used to chop yer head off and ima mount that bitch on my wall as a rememberance to all of you god damn retards that when you fuck with us-you lose your life. WHOOP-WHOOP! Ima JUGGALETTE FOR LIFE AND THERES NOT SHIT YOU MOTHER FUCKERS CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!

  8. Yea obviously these guys don’t know what they are talking about, and spend too much time worrying about other peoples children.

    Get a life. If you have children, worry about them. If you don’t, go have some and you’ll understand that being a parent goes a lot farther than what music your child listens too.

    Did I mention get a life?

    and I also love my daughter, bitch.

  9. Haha. You know what’s funny, is that you claim that we are low lives, retards, etc. etc., yet here you sit dedicating an entire site to the persecution of me and my family. Fuck the fuck off.
    My juggalo family is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I am going to have these people in my life for as long as I live, where as you and your friends are only going to hang out until your assholes get too loose to get pleasure from each other anymore.
    I’d love to have one of you bitches walk up to me.

  10. For starters i wanna second every family members comments. Second, stereotyping everyone as anything is essentially ignorance at its fullest. It sounds to me like whomever runs this site couldn’t kick it with the family so they want to hate on us. You release the pain of your father raping you by hating on the juggalos probably, or maybe mom was like a bus route and didn’t pay enough attention to you. By using the word holocaust you’re implying a genocide of juggalos, which is like inciting a riot, which is constituently wrong and is not covered by freedom of speech. You’re trying to start a hate site dedicated to the destruction of a group or culture, much like al-Qaida. I plan to notify the FCC and write to my representative to not only have your site removed but also have you thrown in prison for hate crimes. Once you’re on the inside looking out you will truly rue messing with the juggalos and my family. Eat Sh!t and die, bigot. MMFWCL to the family.

  11. I am a dad of two and would dare any muthafucker tell me I am a bad parent.My daughter is a straight A student{12}and my son{1}is a trip and luvs ICP and Twiztid and specially Boondox.
    they are fed and they have clothes and I do what ever da hell I have to to take care of them,so come to my face and tell me I am a bad parent.MMFWCL

  12. Rob, you are a horrible parent. Fucking pussy.

    Also, every single one of you proved in your posts that Juggafags are a bunch of illiterate cocktasters.

    Look at the way you clown fags are melting down on the internet. And then you claim that in real life that you’re tough and would fuck up anyone from JH? Get real.

  13. Hey Hilarious who died and made you a ….ing judge on who can parent and who can’t.

    How does it feel that the only people who respond to your post on these formus Juggalos.

    Get out of your moms basement and get a fucking life.

  14. say that to my face and i will kill you bitch.. rip on any one like that again and me and you are going to brawl.

  15. Fuck you Hilarious! You’re a mother fucking ignorant cock suckin’ fudge packer who doesn’t know what the fuck their talking about! Me and my family are the greatest parents because we protect and love each other more than you and your pea sized brain will ever even come close to realizing!
    Not to mention we ain’t retards. Just because we are scrubs doesn’t mean we are stupid. and not all Juggalettes are obese! Most of our home girls have fine ass bodies so you need to shut your fucking lips.
    Oh and by the way.. calling us bad parents because of Anabelle Lotus, thats fucked up. The doctor screwed up, so let her soul rest in peace with all of our dead homies!
    I swear on my hatchet and my dead Homie Jason’s grave that if I ever catch one of you JH mother fuckers walking around, I’ll kill you.

    WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL!! Respect to the Fam!

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  18. First off, let me begin by saying that I have done extensive research on Juggalos and have found that for the most part I agree with Hilarious, however I feel like completely eradicating the Juggalos would deprive the rest of humanity a veritable goldmine of lulz of which there is no equal. I realize also while typing this, that many of you Juggalos do not have the cognitive ability required to read what I am writing (as it contains proper grammar and not one use of either of the words “fuck” nor “faygo” (more like fag-o amirite?), so here is a simplified version: Y’ALLLZ BE FUCKIN’ DUMBAZZ WIGGERS AND ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD (shit, that was still too coherent…. oh well). 😀

  19. Actually, after reading more on this website, I have reasoned that the Juggalo Holocaust people are not quite as stupid, actually, not even close to being as stupid as Juggalos, however they are too stupid in their own right. I think it’s hilarious that Juggalos even exist and jump at the opportunity to make fun of them, but actually going out of your way to hurt them when they have not (for all you know) done anything wrong besides being ridiculous is a bit stupid in it’s own special way (and so is making shitty anti-Juggalo bands). That is all, porcupine out :).

  20. ok all you juggalos and juggalettes cool it down will ya? they have the right to there own opinion and you all threatening and cursing them out is making you look more gang like and a cult then anything else. Now first thing, Faygo is as healthy as pepsi (which isnt). secondly not all juggalos and juggalettes are bad parents. i know a juggalette who is a mother and she is a very responsible women. she takes care of her child and makes sure she has diapers and everything else she needs.

  21. oh and has anyone noticed how the JH and all them will never come near michigan? can you guess why? CAUSE ITS FULL OF JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES!

  22. JuggaloHunter

    I spend countless hours attempting to understand how people like this can exist. I mean, if Juggalos can exist in today’s world, it clearly demonstrates that Natural Selection has been completely destroyed. I also think it’s hilarious how these sub-humans are threatening our higher-evolved species with promises of hatchet attacks and faygo drownings. You can certainly try, although I doubt you’d have much luck seeing I carry around a Taurus .45 in my belt and an AR-15 in my trunk at all times, specifically for Juggalo encounters.

  23. Yes, I’m sure they make great parents. I mean, what child doesn’t enjoy growing up with lyrics such as, “First, I smack your head with a bat
    The bloody splat, crack with impact
    Wind it back, whack your cheekbone
    Stomp your nose in until it’s gone
    Pick you back up and punch your gut
    Double you over and fold you shut
    Let you drop then invite the crew
    To kick your face in too”, in their life? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? The fact that anyone could genuinely believe that, that would have no effect on their children testifies to the fact that they are unfit to be parents. Now, I’m not saying that /all/ ICP fans are unfit…but, honestly, if you’re painting your child’s face and having them listen to ICP what kind of parent are you really? You’re no different than the Catholic Mom who forces Jesus down their child’s throat, only instead of giving them a positive message you’re making them think that killing and violence is okay. And to the parents on here who said that they love their kid, and then threatened to kill somebody in the same paragraph….thank you for proving the point! Tata.

  24. ok i am a proud parent of 2 clowny kids daughters goen to kindergarden , actve military member (military police), and volenteer every other weekend wit that bein said whoop whoop ninjas. i cant even begin to understand y people would bother wit us if we r the bottem of the barrel then leave us alone u dont go botheren a skunks or bees but u gotta come after us well just so u know im gunna listen to icp on post today mcl ninjas have fun at the gathering

  25. ! I have been reading all this and want to say we all grow up in diffrent enviroments I mean some grow up in a rich house some are more poor. Whats so bad about a juggalos life style. To us they live awful lives but to them there just fine, it’s all prospective. I dont care abput how they live, worry about your own fucking life style before you start flippin on someone elses.

  26. Fuck all of you faggots who say juggalettes and juggalos are bad parents. i have a bestfriend that is a juggalo and he is an awesome dad. just cuz we live that life doenst mean we are gonna force it on our own kids. im a juggalette and will be till the day i die. im gonna have kids some day and ill be the best damn mom my kids could ever have. if you wanna try and stop every mutha fukkin juggalette to stop having kids.. good luck. but its not gonna happen./ juggalos and juggalettes have some of the most intense true love anyone could ever find. just cuz we are wikkid clowns doesnt mean we cant treat our kids good or have homies are there for me thru everything.. i bet you JH faggots couldnt rely on your “true friends” for shit.. homies are homies till the end of fukkin time. fuck you bitches. and get a life. quite worrying about other people kids. fuck you all..


  27. @blaze, Stop being such a flaming retard and learn how to spell. It seem’s like every “juggalo” didn’t reach the 3rd grade cause there parents stopped caring when they started dressing up like clown at the age of 15 instead of worrying about getting through school. haha juggalo’s are the worst… maybe shower too? fuck

  28. This video made me realize how lucky I am as to not have a juggalo parent. You guys all suck.

    Oh, and learning proper grammar would help us take you seriously.

  29. A whole website dedicated to….not liking juggalos? You’re so weird… Really you are. Back to what I was going to say, my son’s father is a juggalo and never once have we gave our boy faygo or put facepaint on him. That’s not the juggalo way, that’s just bad parenting and hello, there’s people who will molest their children, hit them, give them drugs, alcohol; all things influencial, but you’re gonna piss and moan about some soda and facepaint. Again, you’re so weird with how you spend your time. Please do us all a favor and better our community by going to school and not sitting on the computer, lowering your good cholesterol just to make websites about hating an awesome music group.

  30. Juggalos? Thats another word for white trailer trash crack smokin bitches, u guys is dumb get a life there isnt shit thats hard about a clown. Fukkin dumbasses, get outta tha stixx and come to tha ghetto, we will show u a real family u bring a faggy hatchet and ill get tha mac 11 and we will see who comes out on top. U guys are nothin but rejects that nobody else wanted to fukk wit. Fukkin faggots u all make me sikk. U wuldnt last a second in my city. None of u lil punk ass bitches wuld. We dont want redeck clown fags or ur ugly ass hoes. U fukkin rejects. And no juggalos shuldnt have kids kuz the only way u fukkin fairy fags culd make one is by rapin a bitch. Tha music is trash ur drugs are trash and ur faggot ass face paint… Well lets just say u guys need help. Get a life queers. 423 piru baby all day keepin it poppin. Besides i think u guys are all butt hurt kuz shaggy and short dick swing from eminems nuts ha! And i wuld lovveeeee to see one of u drag queens wit face paint stand up to me i wuld powder my right hand and bitch slap u and ur shitty ass music into next year. Anyways get a life clowny freaks. Or join a real family that gets money and does somethin besides jackin off to a hatchet. Btw. Thats not a hatchet on ur precious lil hatchet man its a goddamn meat cleaver. Big difference between the two u dumbfucks. So suck it im out and gonna go beat tha blokk wit some real niggas not some fake white trash crackheaded faygo fukkers. Take it easy lil gurls and dont fukk that faygo bottle to hard, wuldnt want u to get that lil dick any smaller, then we wuld b callin it a clit. U clits

  31. This is so not right! Nothin wrong with a good lo or lette. My hubby is a lo and sure enough I’m a lette and we have 5 kids. My kids are loved and spoiled rotten. We let them be who they are and that’s all…and guess what?? They’re all great kids!!! When my 2yr old said thank you to a complete stranger for holding a door for my husband that man told me that I was an AWESOME parent bcuz so many children in this day and age are rude and inconsiderate. We don’t judge. We are who we are. Gotta a problem with us just shut it. Funny thing is…you call us bad parents when you’re the ones lashing out at people who aren’t doing a damn thing to you…now how does that look??

  32. grow up — all of you

  33. Not all juggalo family’s are like that I’m down with the clown in don’t paint my face up. I don’t drink faygo. And I don’t listen to them around my child. Shit neither dose my husband

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