What is a Juggalette ?

How to be a juggalette …

what is a juggalette ? Land of the banned discusses what a juggalette is .

watch this highly informative video with pictures of 99% of the juggalette population .

Juggalette (the latter being feminine) is a name given to fans of Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group , shunned from society due to their looks. Juggalettes have developed their own idioms, slang and characteristics however their looks are not accepted in the mainstream of society.

other definitions include

A juggalette is a morbidly obese and/or borderline-retarded teenage girl who has zero friends other than fellow Clown Syndrome patients and listens to the Insane Clown Posse religiously. They come from a usually poor background (reason why they pretend to be tough) most of which becoming pregnant by the time they are 17 after drinking faygo and pretending to be drunk. They typically have worst-case-scenario acne and have an outer layer of lard around the brain that slows even the most basic cognitive ability, usually their love life does not exist beyond internet cybersex with juggalos.

An American white trash female who suffers from loose virtues, dellusions of: grandure, toughness, self worth and intelligence. Common practices include: the dawning of rediculous clown makeup, having sex with any and all males who go by the title Juggalo, making online videos in which they threaten bodily harm against men they do not know with no intention of acting upon these idol fantasies. Silly and embarrasing though they may be, they are perhaps more than anything else, symbols of middle class white America’s loss of identity and principle.

Juggalette’s are usually white racists, lower middle class, trashy girls who associate with the band ICP. They are pretty much all skanky as hell so they’re pretty easy to score with, but none the less they are obnoxious as f*ck and just simply unpleasant to be around. In fact I really recommend not doing a juggalette, not because of all the venereal diseases, but because when you wake up the next morning your going to be like “sh*t”

a “juggalette” is a IMMATURE female who is obsessed with ICP (Insane Clown Posse). They dress like retards and therefore they are retards. If you see a “juggalette”, then get the fuck away before you too before corrupt.

so what is a juggalette tell us now

41 responses to “What is a Juggalette ?

  1. Okay so if juggalos and juggalettes are so retarded and morbidly obese how come your fat and have nothing better to do than start up a little hate club because youre too lame to score with our girls or too pussy to fuck with the homies
    And juggalettes arent hoes those are storybook lettes lettes are down ninjettes so fuck off and stop dissing my family fore I diss your motherfuckin neck in half bitch made motherfucker
    And yes i intenionally googled you
    as soon as i heard about this bullshit
    Wherever I see you JH
    Best believe i wont hit you ill slit your pansy ass from ear to ear

  2. I am a 34 year old Juggalette, and let me tell you, I am not obese, nor am I an idiot. I honestly have a high school diploma and I can think for myself. I am married and have four kids, I am a productive member of society. I have always had a problem with organized religion and ICP showed me that I don’t have to belong to any one particular doctrine of belief. I can still make it to Shangri-La, our version of Heaven, even if I mess up and make mistakes. I never got that feeling growing up in organized religion, and to find people that believe the way I do is amazing. The sense of Family I get from other Juggalos and Juggalettes is simply too much to put into words. Your article is biased and uninformed. Just because someone listens to ICP doesn’t mean that they’re gutter trash or can’t think for themselves. I am a proud Juggalette and I gladly teach my kids to holler “Whoop whoop!” in the Family spirit.

  3. Stop posting smut. You cannot use material of minors without they’re parents consent, I am giving you an official warning. Remove the offensive material by this time tomorrow.

  4. It is really sad the way people jump on a hate wagon. Mary Kelly had it right in Frankenstein about people fearing the unknown and different. Fear in turn manifests into hate. This just looks like a cyber mob with posts as pitchforks and slideshows as torches. I myself am a Juggalo loud and proud. I fit no pigeon hole definition any juggalo hater throws out. In high school I was one of the best students in class, multiple medal winner in track and started on both the varsity football and basket ball teams. I was accepted by all circles. Now I am an ordained minister and I work for the state in a mental institution “baby sitting” sexual predators. The tricky thing with them is before they got caught 95% of them were considered “normal and productive members of society”, emphasis on normal. On top of that the majority of them are the type of people that would hate on me and mine if given the opportunity. Now there will be the occasional Juggalo/Juggalette that will come forth with their own hate, normally in response to discrimination, but it is the “freaks” if you will, that advocate the most peace. Tell me how many Juggalo pages you find disrespecting jocks, honor students, Doctors or even people that post on a subculture when they truly know nothing about it? You probably will not find any and if you do I will show you 100 to 1 other pages putting down the family. As far as obesity in the Juggalettes, ICP started The Family in 1992. That is 18 years ago and we all know that obesity in America alone has been a problem for much longer. So what of the overweight before then? Would you openly admit to being a bigot towards “fat people”, or lump them into another category to make it easier to hide your aggression? The fact is if you would just listen and I mean truly listen to any one album you will see that yeah there are things said that is horror core but the main message is about acceptance, taking care of your family, suppressing racism, supporting monogamy in relationships and so on and so forth. I am not saying that you should run out and write a dissertation on our culture but please instead, 1. Get a handle on that brain to mouth filter, or in this case finger. And 2. Before you go spouting things like that’s just the way things are you should at least know what you are talking about. Otherwise you end up looking like an uneducated villager with a pitchfork hating what you do not understand.

  5. Dont talk shit bout juggalettes you ass . we are better then the you so stop being jealous and get a fucking life

  6. wow… people are stupid. Man, I hate juggahoes.

  7. I am a 13 year old lette for life, I am really smart, I am not obsessed with ICP, I am not racist BITCH. You think twice upon ragging on us! We are not a gang FYI!

  8. Those who hate are jealous, Haters have no life, have no partners, have no family, and have nothing but sadness. YOU MOTHER FUCKING DOUCHE BAG!

  9. First off you do realize that you just took random pictures of women some that might not juggalettes at all? I use to be a juggalette when I was with a juggalo. I’m still down with the clown I just am not a violent person. I don’t even get mad usually. Hell I’m a hippie. But I am not stupid. I graduated from high school. I’m in college to become a teacher and I’m pretty sure if you guys were really as bad as you think you are you would have “killed” more people. Your just a pissed off little man because most likely your parents didnt hug you enough. get over yourself. You seriously aren’t important because if you were more people would know about this stupid fad your trying to start. poor little boy. Let your balls drop, be a man and get over yourself.

  10. ummm most of the girls in theses pics are like twelve…I hate the juggz but i hate people who bully minors more…this is mean…

  11. Why do you have to say horrible things, i’m not poor, i am tough, i’m not fat, i’m fit, i don’t have bad acne, i don’t sleep with whoever, only the love of my life who is not a juggalo, and icp are not haters. listen and really listen beyond the music and than maybe you will hear. you maybe you are one of those torn up people that your family beat you and left. you had to struggle and you decided your going to start putting down other people because you and your life are pointless. i’m not a retard, i graduated with a 4.0 gpa, i don’t do crimes, but ilove icp, ill rock the hatchet, drink faygo. you need to get over yourself and look at yourself. stop the talk, when you dont know the truth, it’s called slander and it’s breaking the law. WHOOP WHOOP.

  12. Hilarious please kindly go …. your moms needen one last time before doing god a favor and blow our brains out. Then your mom can rent out your room to someone who actualy pays rent.

    And to the other members of the JH(all 4 of you)You can either go slit your wrists and jump off a bridge, or go do something productive with your lives. Running a lame looking website full of Shit talking ain’t productive.

    Have a nice day fagots.

  13. My bad before, I meant Your brains Hilarious. Ours actualy give back to the world.


    !! I GOT YO BACK!!! FUCK WHAT U HATERS SAY **********YOUR MAKING US FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*******************



  16. okay first of fucking all, you don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about. how are you going to say that all juggalettes are fat and retarded when i bet that you don’t even fucking know any! basically you are the one who’s a fucking white piece of racist trash downing everybody because you have no fucking life! seriously. Juggalos and Juggalettes are fucking family for lyfe you fuck with one of them then you fuck with all of us foreal. meet us face to fuckin face and best believe your body is gunna be six feet underground!! and as for being fat and retarded um youre the fucking one who is the fat ass biggot startin shit for no apparent reason! i ain’t fat thank you very much and yeahh i do have a high school diploma thank you very much! i’ve been a Jugalette for almost three years and whenever i see a hater, i scream, “whoop whoop! wikid clowns never die muthfakoo!!” and Juggalettes ain’t hoes mothafakoo! you just jealous that we can actually have someone that fuckin loves us because oviously the only thing that fucking loves you is your fat ass bitch of a mother who’s prolly in the grave! so basically, fuck-off before we slit ur fuckin neck beeyotch!!!!

  17. juggalos and lettes aren’t even racist either so what the fuck are you talking about? i’m a fucking latino and i’m down with the clown for fucking life!!

  18. I hope all of you ICP followers know your just making yourselves look even worse with your comments. I laugh at you. ha ha.

    • juggalette for life

      i hope you know by posting your shit you are just making us more famous. and for the record dont be a hater. cuz we dont hate you unless you fuck with us then we get mad. we respect you so do the same and show some respect. im not fat, i am very smart, i am great at math, and i dont sleep with everyone cuz i have respect for myself. i love the music, im down with the clown, but im not a slut. THIS JUGGALETTE IS OUT

  19. The mentaly challenged often do laugh for no reason.

  20. Friend of a Juggalette

    My friend is a Juggalette, she goes to college full time (bio major) works part time, she goes to church, she volunteers, she is a member of Jobs Daughters, she spreads herself thin doing for others and barely has time for herself. So stfu about what you think a Juggalette is, who ever made this video and the definitions never actually met an ICP fan.

  21. Jasmine, the Juggalette :D

    Wow, I’m a juggalette and this is REALLY stupid. I’m not a retard, nor white trash. Maybe you hould understand before you hate because it’s stupid, do you even know any? Are you like a scrub? Some Juggalettes are sophisticated, and also, are NOT sluts. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you hate.
    MCL ❤

  22. OKay. Juggalos and lettes are not retarded and most make it through school. im 16years old im proud to be a juggalette!! I Love School. Im Still a Virgin So im NOT A WHore Or slut My Bf Isn’t A Juggalo But He Don’t Dis them… I’m Not Poor, I Live In A House with my mom. I Also Listen To Other Music Other then Icp. =).Ive never did drugs. not all juggalo/ lettes DON’T DO DRUGs .. just cuz some do drugs don’t mean all do them.. im not racist.. i got mexican and black family.. who the hell am i to judge!!… TO ALL THE HATERS GET A FUCKING LYFE YOU DIRTY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS!!! IM A JUGGALETTE 4LYFE AND PROUD.. DIS ME ALL YOU WANT I DON’T GIVE AHH FUCK BUT YOU AINT GUNA DIS MY FAMILY!!! MMFWCL~~ WHOOP WHOOP!!

  23. ItzTheOneJuggaletteTaraBayBay

    Damn, Let Me Tell YAl You HAters are Fuckinggg Retarded.. Going After Juggalettes like that.. trust me not a good ideal! ’cause ah group juggalos will hunt yu down it won’t be pretty!! we don’t fuck with people tht fuck with family.. oh yea… me whyte trash?? hahaa well thtz only if yu want to call us tht?? Well not all juggalo/lettes are whyte trash and we aint all poor.. we dont all do drugz. i live in a big house, i my mom makes mass money.. billing and coding at doctors office. im about to be 16 in may… i go to school.. my report card is all (A’s and B’s) I Love being at school. I’m a Virgin so i’m not a whore or slut.My Bf isn’t a juggalo But he Don’t Dis On Them.. I Don’t Do Any drugs, just becuz some juggalo/lettes do them doesn’t mean we all do them. They are their own person and do what they please! BUT Dis Me All Yuhhh Want!! But You Are Not Going TO Dis MY FAmilyy…

  24. First off, I’m a 17 year old Lette. I’m not obese, nor stupid. My IQ is above average bitch. I’m not obsessed with ICP, I’m just down for life and I get what it all means. I’m not a slut for your information either. All you fuck nuts can kiss my Juggalette ass. You seriously need help. I’m not insane, crazy or anything. I’m a real person, without a doubt. So, all of you faggot ass creeps should fuck off and get a damn life, rather than be hating on Juggalos/Juggalettes. I stand up for my family and all that. I did not grow up poor either, but I’m not rich. I’m happy with my lifestyle and my life. So, shut the fuck up before your ass gets handled. Point blank.

  25. I think someone got they’re heart broken by a juggalette and is just JEALOUS!! Hahaha poor poor punk faggot. Go jump off a bridge and die you piece of shit. You don’t phase Juggalettes!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

  26. I’m not a juggalo I’m a metalhead but I’m not here to hate given I don’t know that many juggalos they don’t seem that bad they seem down to earth and nice people to be around even thought some people say metalheads and juggalos are common enemys

  27. man, that slacker bitch whoever you are… there was a lot of good points thrown out at you and you didnt say shit bout them but other minor points your just like “shut up faggot”. all you JH members are making yourself look real fuckin stupid all the time ive come to find out. fuck man cut the nazi biggot hatin shit out and just leave it alone. we arent going anywhere. like i said your making yourselves look real stupid, you have no logical points on why anyone should belive all juggalos are bad news. while thousands of los can give you reasons why were happy with the life we have together in unity and theres nothing anyone could say to change it. MCL

  28. Born Juggalette

    Okay dipshit get your facts straight! Yea some of us may be bigger than some others but its not like just our kind are big. and as far as the drugs go… PEOPLE OF ALL KINDS DO THEM ITS NOT JUST US. Our family isnt about being racist or hating against others or even making people into what they’re not. Its all about being yourself and having actual people in your life who you can turn to. I can honestly say most of my Juggalo and Juggalette family has gone through pretty rough shit and some of our family is here just because they love us unconditionally. We are not a gang society or any of the other bullshit your saying. I’m a 16 yr old juggalette and i was RAISED on ICP by both my parents and my cousins. I’m proud to be down with the clown and will raise my hatchet to any of my family. if you honestly have a problem with ICP and our family then GET THE FUCK OVER IT. What have we ever done to you?? Did a juggalo steal your milk in school?? is thats what it is?? idk what it is honestly but ya’ll need to get the fuck over it and just back the fuck off. Got it? WHOOP WHOOP!

  29. hahaha i love shit like this. i type in hater shit on my comp just to see what ridiculous shit pops up and this is the best so far. thanks for the laughs!

  30. Juggalette4Life

    really, i’m a juggalette, i’m honestly not obese, or dumb. so, get you’re facts straight and stop hating… kay. bye/ WHOOP WHOOP!

  31. You people are stupid I’m a juggalette and my husband is a juggalo and we both have our high school diploma I’m in college for psychology we know how to speak proper English I’m 120 lbs which is healthy for my age and size and my husband is a healthy weight as well we both work full time jobs we are not violent people but we are quick to represent our family and set people straight about us we have four beautiful children whom we love with all our hearts and we are more than able to provide for but we don’t judge others and we expect the same courtesy I am not a tramp or a slut I am faithful to only one man and that is my juggalo husband there are those of us that have jobs families and a life but we stand by our juggalo family also and are down with the clown so before you run your mouths and judge us SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PANSY ASS BITCHES AND HAVE THE DECENTCY TO LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING ASSES FIRST YOU STUCK UP JUDGEMENTAL HIPOCRITICAL FUCKS

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