Law and order Accuratly depicts juggalos

Juggalos Portrayed As Killers In ‘Law And Order’

Last night’s Law & Order episode outraged the juggalo scene in its exploitation of the subculture. The episode is about the murder of a family,and it’s based on real allegations that Richard “Syko Sam” McCroskey, a horrorcore artist, beat four family members to death last September in Virginia.

One of character calls the Insane Clown Posse fan scene a gang of “horrorcore rap psychos” whose music is “all about how they hate everybody — and what they’re going to do about it.”

Rapper KidCrusher didn’t know before agreeing to have his music included. He blogged on MySpace today:

I am pretty pissed off to hear they based the episode on Juggalos and try to make us all look like criminals and real serial killers (and think we would kill kids?!). They never told me the full details on the episode before I signed the contract for the release of my music video … I had a feeling they were gonna bag on me, i didn’t really care
but juggalos…. man thats like talkin about my mamma

Writes a commenter on the New York Times article about the episode,

The Juggalo response has been intensely hypocritical. They can paint morbid scenes as an extension of their own art, but mainstream fictional dramas aren’t allowed to go there? That’s nonsense. Face it: L&O bested the Juggalos at their own game.

Members of the rap group Twiztid, who objected to a recent episode of “Law & Order.”

We thought we were discouraged because we had missed Monday’s episode of “Law & Order,” which promised to center on the subculture of Juggalos, the fans of the hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse who paint their faces like nightmare versions of children’s entertainers. But the episode, called “Steel-Eyed Death,” was an even greater disappointment to the members of the horrorcore music world, who say the show misrepresented them and their musical scene.

As Maura Johnston writes at, the episode seemed to be inspired by a crime that took place last year, in which a 20-year-old aspiring rapper named Richard McCroskey, who performed under the name “Syko Sam,” was arrested and charged with the murder of four people including two teenagers he met through an online music community, and who rapped about murder in his lyrics.

Among the real-life performers who have objected to the “Law & Order” episode are KidCrusher, an Australian rapper whose music was used on the show and was dismayed by the show’s portrayal of horrorcore.

On his MySpace page, KidCrusher wrote the show tried:

to make us all look like criminals and real serial killers (and think we would kill kids?!). They never told me the full details on the episode before I signed the contract for the release of my music video, all they told me was it was going to be based upon a Horrorcore Festival and they needed my music and a video for it. I do not support the fact that people that don’t know who we really are, can be quick to say  “ITS A FACT”

On Twitter, the members of the Detroit-based Juggalo act Twiztid wrote that they were “super disappointed” with the show as well. “I understand that the show deals with criminal matters,” the band wrote, “but to take our whole musical genre and following and peg us” as the kind of people who would put “steak knives to little kids necks is taking it WAY toooooo far!”

Twiztid added that the episode is “just simply NOT what we (the Family) represent” and that NBC was “way out of line.”

We’ve sought comment from NBC and will update this post with any response from the network or “Law & Order” producers.

Watch a preview for the “Law & Order” episode “Steel-Eyed Death”:

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