Juggalo Gang strikes again

Local man with alleged gang ties arrested on drug charges

By Chloe Morrison


Originally published: March 08. 2010 3:01AM

Last modified: March 07. 2010 9:51PM

Alcoa police officers arrested a local man, who is allegedly a gang member, on drug and weapon charges Saturday.

Edward Michael Durham, 39, was being held in lieu of bonds totalling $9,000 pending a March 11 court date, after being charged with Schedule VI drug possession, possession of a prohibited weapon and violating orders of protection, according to police records.

According to a police report, authorities have previously identified Durham as a member of the ICP/Juggalo gang.

Durham was also arrested in December 2009 on a charge of violation of an order of protection, according to Daily Times archives.

Saturday Alcoa Police Officer Brett Romer saw Durham driving on Rose Road in a black Chevy Caprice Saturday at about 6 p.m., according to a police report.

Another officers informed Romer that Durham had warrants out for his arrest, so authorities began searching for the suspect, according to the police report.

“A short time later (at 6:07 p.m.) I observed him pulling into a parking space at Springbrook park, where he’s been known to frequent,” Romer said in the report.

Durham was in the car with two other males — one juvenile — all of whom got out of the car to talk to Romer. When Romer was arresting Durham he noticed a “strong odor of marijuana emitting from his person,” according to the report.

Romer called a K9 officer to search the area.

“The search uncovered a green, leafy material in a cellophane bag under the passenger seat, a brass fitting homemade smoking device and 29 unknown capsules inside a non-labeled pill bottle and a wooden billy club located inside the glove box in the dash,” Romer said in the report.

Durham’s possession of the billy club was in violation of his order of protection, which clearly stated that he was unable to possess or purchase a firearm of other weapon, Romer said in the report.

“Durham was not charged at this time for unidentified pills and drug paraphernalia,” Romer also said in the report.

10 responses to “Juggalo Gang strikes again

  1. Just found this website. This whole thing is funny to me how much both Juggalos/Juggaletes, and anti Juggalo/Juggalete hate each other and how much energy is used in your hatred. Just guessing here but I bet some of the responses didn’t take to much energy. So this is my question to all of you, why are you using so much time and energy defending something that the creators don’t even defend. According to statements made by ICP anybody who commits acts of violence is a “sicko” and they would rather not have them buy there albums or merch. And for the J.H. side why are you using so much time and energy, do you actually think doing this in such a one sided manner is going to produce results. Or are you just trying to antagonize these people. I am personally not a fan of ICP but do have a friend who considers himself a Juggalo and has the hatchet man tat. FYI he is a good person just listens to ICP. I’m sure there are people who commit acts of violence that listen to Lionel Richey, Should we start an anti Lionel Richey site. In conclusion I just wanted to post this to see what kind of answers I would get to the questions. Here’s one for the Anti Juggalo people, how do you feel about straight edgers? That group commits more crime than Juggalos. To answer the question before it is posted I listen to Metal. Mainly Metalcore and Hardcore, and yes I do go to shows and get in pits.

  2. Yes, there should definitely be an anti lionel richie site. With that said, ICP is retarded and so are there juggafag followers so I give this site two thumbs up!

  3. Also, I guarantee that those juggafags were smoking the schwag. Brown frown family for life!

    Juggafags, LOL.

  4. My problem is how these ICP followers think they have some sort of undignified sense of worth just for following ICP. Sure, as pointed out on this site, they do it to have sense of belonging if they happen to like ICP’s “music”, sharing this interest with the others like them. As for the crime, I could care less, many people cause crime for ridiculous reasons. Its the ignorance of thinking that listening to ICP makes you a “badass” as I have seen many people act, and it just simply sickens me.

  5. juggalos ant gangs and who ever made a juggalo holocaust is a peace of shit

  6. juggalos and juggaletts are fam u scum

  7. juggalos and juggaletts are fam u scum not fucking gangs dumass

  8. Ok so juggalo/lettes aren’t “icp followers” were great milenko followers.and its not a gang its family.well not family,like family.so if ur gonna call us icp followers or gang bangers please back up ur opinions on juggalos/juggalettes with facts.

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