Burning Juggalo Tshirts

A great move , we would have recommended they give a shirt to charity … however due to the nature and message of this article of clothing and the damage it could do to youth .. this was the best result. well done sir.

Hot Topic threw this shirt out after it didn’t get picked up on clearance…wonder why.
I never thought I’d ever have the chance to burn ICP shit before, since I never plan on ever supporting this trash, but the stars aligned and it happened.

6 responses to “Burning Juggalo Tshirts

  1. Burning a icp shirt is like burning the flag or steppin on the terible towel theres a curse remember that

  2. this is some hoe shit really how come its ok to be a preppy bitch but if you truly have good family your dissed on fuck that
    whoop whoop,

  3. u are going to fucking die u god damn loser

  4. Now that’s fucking childish

  5. ive been a JUGGALO for a while and if they burn anything that has juggalo on it they should pay.

  6. also even if a juggalo were in a gang oh well look at the crips and bloods ms13 they dont have people hateing on them why juggalos hmmmm well proboable because they would get hurt but not with juggalos dont pass judgement on us and none will be passed onto you so go to hell you embarasments to society

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