Mall Takes Stand Against Juggalo Gangs

This is a great move and more stores should follow to keep trouble makers out , let all patrons feel safe and is fully legal and allowed … if your a juggalo and want to be allowed into this store .. i suggest you keep a set of clothes which are not gang merchandise in your car – if you can afford one.

here is a letter from an upset juggalo ….

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to open the eyes of those who read it. I am a single mom of 3, a full time student, I work full time, and I am a juggalo. I work hard and pay my taxes, but I was kicked out of the Colorado Mills Mall today for wearing an ICP hoodie and T-shirt. I wasn’t doing anything wrong nor was I inciting a riot, but because my hoodie and my t-shirt donned the hatchet man I was not welcome in the mall. According to the mall security I was gang affiliated. The crazy thing was that the shirt was actually purchased at a store inside THAT mall. My fiancé and I purchase many items at Hot topic and at Spencer’s that are Psychopathic merchandise. Now what I don’t understand is how they can consider anything related to psychopathic to be offensive, but all the younger females that wonder through out the mall wearing extremely revealing clothing is appropriate and not offensive at all. They are the ones that are attracting more inappropriate attention then anyone else. I find it offensive when someone is wearing such a strong perfume or cologne that I get sick to my stomach. Why is it that anyone can support music that they like of any genre, but I am not allowed to support the music that I choose to listen to. Wouldn’t that be considered discrimination? How is it that I can purchase those items inside that very mall, but I can’t wear that exact merchandise at the mall? Now I do realize that there are people out there that will use this merchandise to express feelings that are not related to the music in a very inappropriate way, but that is not the feelings of the bands or the feelings of a true juggalo. Now if the mall feels that anyone wearing these things are affiliated with a “gang“, would that not be considered profiling or discrimination? Is that not considered against the law? I was told by the Lakewood police that since that is private property then they can do what they want. Well it is open to the public, then should public laws apply? Now that we are also mentioning law, what about the fact that there are stands inside the mall that are selling bootleg merchandise that warrants a huge fine for each article that is being sold. Every stand that is in the hallways selling dog tags and body jewelry, has bootleg merchandise. Anything that is related to psychopathic is licensed merchandise, and for the mall to allow unlicensed merchandise to be sold would be against the law for them as well. The mall will try to justify themselves by saying that their “code of conduct” is posted at every entrance in the mall. I had to actually search for the “posting”. They are located behind the doors, such small print that it is hard to read, and no one would ever even notice them unless they are actually looking for them.  If they would focus their attention on the people that are causing the problems instead of starting problems with people that are just minding their own business, they might actually have more people frequenting their mall. In my opinion, the mall should worry about the people causing problems and not focus on what people are wearing. Now I do agree that there are some things that should not be worn in a public mall, but to single out one is wrong. Colorado Rockies merchandise has been linked to certain gangs, but you can walk into the mall at any given time and find many patrons wearing their teams merchandise. Plus many vendors selling it as well. If that is the case then all music related merchandise should be banned as well. For many years people complained about discrimination of any type, and now certain powers feel that it is ok. This needs to be stopped! More will be listed on my myspace page in regards to what should be done.

The mall done the right thing , if you notice the writer of the letter did not say she purchased the jacket which she was banned for at the store but the t shirt underneath , she also thinks its her right to wear what ever she wants but attack others then throw a straw man argument about some stores selling fake merchandise and how this allows her to wear gang merchandise into stores.

15 responses to “Mall Takes Stand Against Juggalo Gangs

  1. How can Juggalos be a gang? I remeber no formal or informal initiation. If you don’t agree with gang related clothing then I support you 100% when you head charge a movement to remove ALL clothing featuring a red, black, or blue color schemes, because as we all know that those are the colors of the 3 most dangourous gangs in America. To think that a Dallas Cowboys jacket or a Kansas City Chiefs hat has never or never will be purchased just for the colors being “gang related” is just ludacris.

  2. shut up, your just like hitler.

  3. Heather Simmons

    Okay, for one thing, we’re not a gang. Two, if we are “gang related” why don’t you kick all the “crips” and “bloods” out of the mall for being gang related too? Discrimination is being shown at that mall, yet they allow other gangs to walk around that same mall, and them not get BITCHED out for it.

  4. People should be able to express themselve however they want as long as they do not hurt anybody doing so. And people stop talking shit over the internet its really pethetic. Whoop Whoop

  5. We are not a cult, we are not a gang, we are fans of Psycopathic Records. Sure there are people included who act out but that’s just people being people, there are good ones, there are bad ones. I am a juggalo and I do well in school, I plan on joining the RCMP, I work with people with mental disabilities and I could get targeted for being affiliated with ICP? People only pick out the ones who break laws and things like that and then label EVERYONE in that group like that. Is that fair? I highly doubt it.

  6. So is there anything that can be done about it? My son was kicked out of a mall here in Washington State for just wearing a little makeup they said was “ICP”makeup. The security guard when I called there just laughed at me and said “This is private property and I was told by another security guard that he was ICP” and so they kicked him out. He was just minding his own business doing some shopping. Can they REALLY do this and get away with it? Is there NOTHING that can be done?

  7. This is bullshit. I’m a lette, do great in school, and don’t go around breaking laws like a dumb ass. We’re just people. Why doesn’t this whole holocaust shit go to real gangs like crips.

  8. first of all if need be i say kick every one in red blue or yellow out and any one riding a motorcycle out because they might be affiliated with a motorcycle gang this is bull iv been down since 95 and allways rep the hatchet and they poetic part is that the local mall is always filled with los and lettes all week long repin gear all day long including some of the security members i wear face paint on the weekends when not working and no one says shit to me when i walk around sportin paint whjy because they all know me and respect me as a hard working man beneith the paint and i am no gang member so i say whoop whoop and step off the los and lettes because any one that runs their mouths about us will never have the guts to say something in person

  9. whoever wrote this article is so stupid they should just hang themselves by their dick (or tits) off a 5 story balcony and die a violent death.. the world is so fucking closed minded.. it really makes me ill

  10. u dumb ass fuks its in the goddamned constitution that we as americans can wear whatever we want juggalos will carry on no matter what and its in the point the girl bought the shirt in that mall does it make a fuk that she didnt get the hoodie their fuk u corporate american fuks suk my saggy nutzzz and fuk urselves into a coma

  11. fuk u and this juggalo haulicaust bullshit the juggalo FAMILY outnumber ur asses big time come get some u fuks we are not crips or bloods we do not fight for or over territory or colors we fight for the weak the ones that are piked on by people like u dumbasses im a x marine and a juggalo alot of military members are juggalos say something now cause i will blow ur house up u disrespect the true heros of this country fuk u go to hell and die bitches MMFWTKCL FAM KEEP STRONG WHOOP MUTHAFUKIN WHOOP

  12. are you shitting me???!!!! being a juggalo isnt about how much merchandice you have or knowing every detail about ICP. its about being your self about seeing the world in a different from a normal society. true juggalo/juggalettes know what its like to be an outsider. its about accepting you for you! its about knowing you always have a family to lean on!!! whoop whoop MMFWKL!!


  14. Andrew Chaparro

    Ok, First of all all this bullshit with the Juggalo Holocuast and getting jumped and police beating the shit out of you for wearing hatchet gear is pretty fucked. I know alot of juggalos and am one my self and its only a few who arent real juggalos that kill, rape,etc. I have a clean record so far i do decent in school yet all you haters think its ok to be mean when were people too. Were intitled to our own interests. Yes not all of us fit in but we do cuz we got a wicked as family to back us up or thats there for us. If it wasnt for icp, twiztid, or the juggalos id be six feet under becuase nobody gave two fucks about me. WHOOP WHOOP!!! Fuck the juggalo holocuast.

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