Do you wear a hatchetman? You in a gang – Juggalo Gang exposed

Juggalo Musician and member of the Insane Clown Posse – Anybody Killa – ABK  Talks about Gangs in his song gang related.

Do you wear a hatchetman?

You in a gang and yo ass better be ready to do that thang

You rep tha JRB and you will never switch

(JRB?) Juggalo Rydas Bitch!

Did you beat your girlfriends who dissed your boys

Did your crew's name originate in Illinois?

Do you cross your enemies out with a "K"

Then you gang related to muthafucka like Violent J

6 responses to “Do you wear a hatchetman? You in a gang – Juggalo Gang exposed

  1. ya i wear a hatchet man chain so?its not a gang but a family

  2. Juggalo_Soulja

    ya i swing my hatchet with pride… Down with the family for life!!

  3. There’s an ICP concert coming up in Anaheim in like a week or two… I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard of it, as the venue shares a parking lot with the train station, and so parking for the train station is free. I am definately gonna bring a joint and some popcorn and sit and watch all the fat geeks in facepaint emerge from their Geo Metros. 50,000 fat mimes decend upon The Grove.. Major Jugga-Lulz.

  4. This Page is a fuckin joke….Most of the mindless shit posted on this website is bullshit fantasy ignorant little minds make up to hate another kind….I think people like whoever made this website need to really dig in and learn before listening to hear say and bullshit corrupted lying news articles….Most of news is media/government lies and entertainment for the meek minded….Read a book or listen to a real ass motherfucker with knowledge and heart

  5. We are not a gang. We who spray faygo on each other and dont carry a gun are not a gang. We are a family of misfits that people that just don’t really understand. We are also the black sheep of our blood family that don’t really care about us. So people should stop labeling us as a gang.. Just because there are millions of us in the world don’t mean that we are a gang. We don’t go out and kill people like real gangs do.

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