Virginia Gang Investigators – Juggalo gang and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs seminar

Just got emailed a copy of this flyer, any concerned law enforcement agenices in virgina  needs to go this seminar endorsed by jh about juggalo gangs and outlaw motor cycyle gangs.

Virginia Gang Investigators Assoc.
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Juggalo ’ s
April 23, 2010
Chesterfield, Virginia

Virginia Gang Investigators Association
PO Box 15888
Chesapeake, VA 23328

Registration Information
Kelly Miles
Fax 757– 410-4187

OutlawMotorcycle Gangs

With the increase of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang activity
throughout Virginia, the Virginia Gang Investigators Association
will present training on current gang laws, the
history of outlaw motorcycle gangs, outlaw motorcycle
gang identifiers, overview of the Hells Angles, Mongols,
Outlaws and outlaw motorcycle gangs in Virginia.

With the increase violence of the Juggalo’s the Virginia
Gang Investigators Association will present training on
the Juggalo’s and the violence that has been connected
with this group and their music.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
 Overview Gang Laws
 Social Factors
 Culture
 Hells Angles
 Mongols
 Outlaws
 MC Gangs in Virginia
 Officer Safety
 Resources
 Insane Clown Posses
 Juggalo’s History & Culture
 Crimes affiliated with Juggalo’s
Curriculum subject to change without notice
(DCJS Credits Pending)

Who Should Attend?
Training is open to all members of Law-Enforcement. (Police, Deputies
Corrections, Probation Parole,Military Police, and prosecution

Your Agency Identification will be required, and Confirmed. Audio
and or Video recording will be prohibited.
***Limited 120 attendees
$15 per person for VGIA members (will be verified and must be a
member as of 1/1/10 )
$35 per person non VGIA members (includes 1yr membership)
Registrations received without payment does not guarantee a slot.
No refunds may exchange name of person attending
Training Location:
Chesterfield County Police Academy
6610 Public SafetyWay
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832

3 responses to “Virginia Gang Investigators – Juggalo gang and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs seminar

  1. the6represent

    Somebody said we’re brainwashed by Satan…”The Great Deciever.” Let me let you in on a little something.
    We believe in this “Great Deciever.” We call him The Great Milenko. We know he exists. and we know he is pretty much in control of the world. Honestly, I doubt many of us could give a fuck less.
    We all await the day that God comes and destroys this pile of shit and all of it’s filth, hate, and dumb fucks that judge people. You say we’re brainwashed, we say your brainwashed. At least we don’t give all our money to a child molester standing behind a pulpit. You honestly think that because I’m not sitting in a pew letting some other DUMB human tell me right from wrong and how to live my life, that I’M brainwashed? HAHAHA
    Not one of you fucks was there to take the headphones out of my ears when I needed somebody and found ICP. So what if I want to subject my brain to subliminal messaging and violence? None of you care until it effects YOUR precious existence.
    This world is now ending. Juggalos are just a byproduct of this revelation. Get used to it, we aren’t the only thing that the Dark Carnival has to unleash upon the world.

  2. Juggalos aren’t a gang I’m a juggalo and an ordained minister. Soooo..

  3. you clowns will freeze in the pit of hell

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