Illiterate juggalos butthurt about law and order steel eyed death

Crazy juggalo comment about law and order , some paragraphs and spacing could make it readable , however they missed the point of the law and order episode steel eyed death .

ok i dont even know where to start with everything you just said 1st off why are you posting articals on the internet without really digging into the topic are you just doing this cause your board because it seems like you have somthing against juggalos’ to just look for the bad in it.2ndwhat other kind of music were these kid listening to surly it wasn’t all icp and if it was they were probably crazy to begin with i mean do you think that if you listened to it you’d start killing people i didnt think so.3rd there is no devil stabbing an angle story with icp and its “we are sorry if we tricked you” off the last song of the sixth jokers card album, saying sorry for making you think we were evil when we were just trying to pull you in to tell you what were all about.4th how can you say were not popular they have at least one platinum record and a bunch more that have sold millions and myself i am not a computer nerd i am a maintnence technician so that idea is out the window 5th you got half the lyrics wrong in your icp quotes 6th hear is a list of unfair fighting word in case you didn’t know. always, all, never, every time, none. have you heard about the juggalette who was raising money for hurricane katrina probably not because your looking at all the bad what about the fact that icp has turned many juggalo and lettes to god yeah thats right god it takes a long time to figure out what there really saying they hook these kids with crazy lyrics because they hate the world and thats there way of getting them to listen after a while of listening to them they start to ask and research what there listening to then they come to find out “the truth is they follow god they’ve always been behind them the carnival is god and may all juggalos find him” that’s lyrics to the last song on the sixth jokers card of icp if you didnt know. i could argue this all day and would love to but this fight is all about perception because nobody ever breaks down the facts before runnin there mouth and please if you want to continue this conversation you have my e-mail a reply would be great

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