Hybrid Gangs – Juggalos


Gangs or groups that do not follow Chicago or LA styles
•Locally-basedgangs that adopt names of national gangs, without affiliation
•Adopt mixed signs and symbols (mix LA and Chicago)
•Look like traditional street gangs, function differently
•Loosely structured
Violence tends to be toward random victims
•Most dominant type of new gangs in previously non-gang areas
•Cliques, posses,crews

Juggalo Gang

•Don’t see themselves as a gang
•Little group structure,members see themselvesas individuals
•Can be a gang by definition
•Found across the country
•Concentrated in cities
•violent –known to carry hatchets / axes
•Salt Lake City has experienced recent Juggalo violence

Group Presence
•Seattle & King County
•Pierce County
•Whatcom County
•Individual followers most other areas
•Individuals with painted faces, ICP decals and stickers have been observed in Yakima

Parents And victims please inform us here


2 responses to “Hybrid Gangs – Juggalos

  1. Fuck off u guys don’t be hatin cuz we like ICP thats fuckin bullshit what if i killed everyone who wasnt juggalo, huh? ya so FUCK OFF. and we aint no gang either

  2. Seriously, we as Juggalos should just give it up on this site. This guy is just looking to get people pissed off. If you notice he will not comment back to anyone who comments on his post. It would not be surprising at all if this guy himself is actualy a Juggalo and picked this subject to start shit over because he knows the subject. And I say”himself” and not “them” because most of this crap that is written by JH all has the same feel. By posting angry messages on here just makes you look bad and gives him what he wants. And to you JH grow up and get a life. Peace.

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