pumpknkng136@aol.com – Father Time – Syko Sam is a juggalo

going by the screen name Father Time has made the claim

“Alrighty. Let’s get this straight.
Do you have any factual evidence that Syko is a Juggalo?
Prove to us that he says the words J-U-G-G-A-L-O and claims it. ”

Here is your Proof … Syko Sam is defiantly a juggalo and for you to try and deny he is makes you look like a idiot


He includes on the page “Fun Facts of the Sam: I am.. the Sam, a Web designer, a graphic designer, a musician, a photographer, a gamer, a promoter, a juggalo. I am not.. a creeper, a stalker, a rapist, a serial killer, a zombie . . .

So Whoop Whoop to you , you are not only a idiot by the fact you lie to defend the evils of syko same makes you just as bad .. harboring murders when all you care about is your music

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