Ban the Juggalo gathering – Ban Gotj 2010 Gotj 2011

Sign the petition here This happened only 4 years ago 2010 is set to repeat , Its time to ban the gathering of the juggalos – GOTJ
Rappers wont return to Nelson Insane Clown Posse uninvited
David O’Brien
February 4, 2006
By Dave OBrien
Record-Courier staff writer
NELSON Some other Ohio town will be feeling clown love as the Gathering of the Juggalos, held in Portage Co
past three years, will not return to Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in 2006.
The Gathering made Nelson its home for three years, starting in 2003. However, Quarry Park owner Evan Kelley
Friday that Psychopathic Records, Insane Clown Posse and their fans, the Juggalos, have not been invited back
Rumors about the change began to fly shortly after the 2005 Gathering, when ICPs Violent J said on a
Juggalo Web site that the group was looking to take the 2006 Gathering elsewhere.
More recently, Violent J wrote on that the 2006 Gathering will be held in a secret,
location near Columbus, Ohio, a move confirmed Friday by attorney Marc Beginin of Detroit, who represented
Psychopathic during the past two gatherings. Beginin had no other official comment.
Kelley said that for three years, the majority of the Juggalos were respectful and friendly, but the mood and actions changed quickly and violently
over time.
The first year was not bad. The second year was questionable, but I thought Well, lets try a third year and see how
And the third year was terrible, just awful, Kelley said, referring to the five-day festival held July 21-25, 2005
Kelley said Psychopathic Records broke some of the rules set down for the 2005 event, including blasting music long into the night.
Neighbors were calling, livid at four in the morning regarding loud music, he said. I was really upset with that, it was
flagrant disrespect to the community and myself. I voiced my opinion that I really didnt want it back, so they looked
Drugs, alcohol, nudity, profanity and trash also became serious problems, he said.
But the bad side of this group really hurt the few good kids.
The 2005 Gathering of the Juggalos was the sixth such event, and the fourth in Ohio. Previous gatherings were h
Peoria, Ill., where Juggalos clashed with police, and Toledo, where a similar situation unfolded. For three years,
County spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours corralling the Juggalos inside Quarry Park. In 2005 the promoters sued Psychopathic to recoup police overtime costs.

Kelley, who said the park now will focus more on swimming and camping, said he expects a mixed reaction to the Juggalos departure.
The neighbors will be happy, he said.
It was good and bad, but after the third year it turned a little sour.
We used it (the Gathering) as an opportunity to really better this place, Kelley said. Now its time to cut those guys.

Sign the petition here – Ban the Gathering of the juggalos

40 responses to “Ban the Juggalo gathering – Ban Gotj 2010 Gotj 2011

  1. You have gotta be crazy and 100% ignorant if your gonna sit here and judge.. HELL NO! The gathering is a family, gathering together to listen to good music dance, party and together… It keeps kids out of trouble and on a path to understanding life and who you are as a person. Not to mention a % of the money icp and psycopathic records makes from all their shows go back to the community to keep the streets safe… How could you hate on that! Richies and bitches like you wonna hate what you dont understand thats why the fan base is growing.. All the haters doggin on everything you dont think is perfect is what drove everyone to feel alone, but icp brought them outta jail, off the streets and doing good with their lives! No one wanted woodstock at first and now we look back and remember how great it was to see people one and all “gathering” for the equality and love of one another and the music they love! Whats wrong wit dat! Stop hating and let your kids be happy.. If ya’ll got off everone cases and worked just on yourselves the world would be a better place and your kids wouldn’t be all messed up in the head… Thats why we walk wit the dead…! Mmfcl! Woop-woop!

  2. Oh. My. God. So let me get this straight – the young people are having a music festival, and in this festival,1) loud music is played late into the night, 2) there are reports of substance abuse, and 3) even NUDITY? Why, I’ve never heard of such a thing! It’s outrageous! They’re acting like college students at spring break, or for that matter any given weekend, especially if there’s a football game. It breaks the bond of human decency.

    We must immediately:
    Ban the Gathering
    Ban football
    Ban rock n roll
    Ban college

    • wow. yeah. nudity has to go right? Are you high? You are probably using some of those doctor prescribed “substances”. Loud music and boobs! Please make it stop! I think your mom took you of the tit just a tad bit too soon Sean. My lil bro was damn near killed and driven practically mental by prescription drugs… I have known too many people die of alcohol related incidents and you are worried about drugs, music and boobs. What the hell man. Juggalo life is one of the things that keeps myself and what kept my brother going. We live in a messed up world dude. Take some of that time that your genius mind tookd to write up this gibberish and go search some real shit. Like the real Holocaust or maybe the million killed in Iraq in the past ten years. Look at what happens in homes to some of these people and why they end up a little messed up. People are beaten, abused, raped and neglected by their own biological families and you are going off about some BOOBS, MUSIC AND DRUGS!?!?!?

      Come and join us at the gathering sometime… but you may want to keep your umm little feelings to yourself unless the ones you decide to sport are Love and Understanding.



    • wait… football. rock and roll. college!?

      what is your deal dude?

    • ur fuckin nuts die in a corner

  3. lol look at this fagit talk about human decency when were born nude what u afraid of seeing some ass?

  4. savannah glover


  5. who ever in the fuk posted this does not kno wat the fuk they are talking about instead of taking a sentence out of a song listen to the whole fucking track…yu kno whos fucking stupid yu and songs that talk about booties and shit thats on bet and shit. and talkin abot dont leave yur kid with a juggalette or a juggalo i sure as hell me or my fam would never leave my kid with dumb fucks like yu FUCK YUR WEBSITE

  6. You guys dont even understand the meaning of family if youre thinking of shutting down the Gathering you ignorant assholes! Why dont you try fixing YOUR OWN PROBLEMS instead of making more for us! WHOOP WHOOP MMFCL

  7. If you don’t want to go shut the hell up and don’t go, but don’t fuck up shit for us ass hole. Not only kids listen to ICP either I am 22 and I can listen to what I want and go where I want. This is America. If parents let there kids lessen and or go to the gathering right as a parent and they don’t need dicks like you to tell them how to raze there kids. It is there responsibility as a parent to know what there kids do and know one else. Not Yours!!!! If you only want to ban It for them reasons you better ban Summer and spring brack and lets not forget Woodstock while where at it jack ass. We have the rights as Americans to assemble!!! In fact its part of the first Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. profanity Is a form of speech and it is my right to us it ass hole, nudity is a form of expression and is also my right. I do how ever believe the trash is an issue that needs to be add rest because I and a green leaving person my self. As for the violent s the most violent s that truly happened was in 2002 was when One riot occurred shortly after police tried to stop juggalettes from showing their breasts. The police released tear gas and pepper balls at the surrounding crowd, causing mass confusion. Psychopathic Record employees Rob Bruce and Alex Abbiss negotiated with police, and the festival continued after airing out for 30 minutes. That was the cops hurting the Juggalos not Juggalos hurting other people. As for drinking get over is as longs there 21 its legal and even if there not they don’t need the Gathering to be drinking. The same goes for Drugs they would just be doing drugs in a different places if they was not doing it there. At least there they are not driving around doing it. So get a life and quit trying to complane about shit that we do and mind your own damn bisness.

  8. fuck outta here if you aint down with the clown

  9. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! Wicked clowns will never die!!!!! You fuckers that want to ban icp are the same fuckers who were pissed that your mom took your kiss records!!!!!! Let the lo’s& lette’s be , we arn’t a gang we just a bunch of family members who don’t follow you mindless sheep to the slaughter instead we are the exacutioners cuttin the throats of those who try to subdue us!!!!!!!!! This is not a threat just a metaphore for you to not fuck with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that im out MMFWCL to the fam

  10. By the way im 37 and been a lo since 1992

  11. OffWithThePaint

    I waz at the gathering this year, and had to leave early because some idiot stabbed me with a fuckin’ fork in my tent… Is that what family is alll about? Fuck all the bullshiiit and fuck all you “down ninja’s”… I still like some of the music, but anyone that thinkks that a juggalo is anything more than a fan can gtfo of my face…

    • HA HA…….so ur the dumb ass who pissed off the wrong person (Juggalo) N couldn’t handle your own situation so now blame everyone?
      well I’ll lett you in on a lil somethin…… my streets in Detroit have been over running with violence for years and the gathering’s have been a paradise compared!!!

      The World is a Wicked place and with a large mass of people you should alwayz have ur shit covered n never fuck with someone you DON’T KNOW!!!


      MCL JD…

    • I don’t go to a Motley Crue Concert and diss everyone involved because some drunk punk decides to stab me with a spork.

      That’s your own deal. You are putting yourself into the same category as every other prejudging, stereotyping bigot that hates on entire groups for individuals actions. What are you? White? Black? Hispanic? Male, Female or mixed gender? Well everyone like you is cool with me for now but FUCK YOU for being a prejudice dick!

      I have friends that I watched die at the hands of Iraqi Fucks and STILL I have enough sense to know that its not the entire population or race that is to blame. I have been to a war zone twice and believe me I have unfortunately even seen American Soldiers who are bigger dicks than most Juggalos I have ever come across and believe me, without body armor or a tactical armored vehicle I have felt safer at both Gatherings I have been to.

      Stabbed with a fork!?! LMAO! Have a bandage, a tissue and a cold drink and by the way:

      Wicked Shit for Life!!


    • Chris Tarver wicked all the way

      Come to Oklahoma and I’ll show how the dark carnival really works it’s not the Los and letted fault u were a fake ass poser. Just think I’ve been stabbed nine times just trying to prove myself to juggalos and u no what they were corruptalos but untell u no each and everyone of us mutha fuckin wicked clowns keep diggin ur grave

    • BluntzTheWickedClown

      somebody stabbed u because ur a hating dick sucker fuckoff hater a juggalo is way more than a fan there a member of the worlds largest (and still growing) family the world has ever known we run this bitch go suck ur mommys nipple u faggot oh and btw whoop whoop mmfwcl homies
      \m/(-_-)\m/ were ma lettes at hit up the fb gene bluntzthewickedclown fryoux piece im out whoop whoop

  12. Wykd Klown~Knightmare

    Alright man look. You aren’t ever going to get rid of The Gathering. If we where a bunch of richies having a family gathering listening to a durnk redneck on a fiddle or Kenny G, you wouldn’t complain. But because our stuff is different and “out of the ordinary” you want to go off the deep end like this? A holocaust? Did you ever pay attention in class. That is not something to joke about or to use in a title. Don’t say Juggalos and Juggalettes are dumb either. I’m a proud Juggalo and I have an IQ of 156 and can speak very properly and I am hard working and have three jobs. Yeah there are a few bad apples out there. But isn’t there a few bad ones in every family? We are human we make mistakes. But treading on a family like the Juggalos is not very smart. We are everywhere whether you know that or not. I just found out my 87 year old grandma is a Juggalett. But if you want to go on quoting lines from the songs (which if you look at them from a different angle you will realise the songs have a deeper meaning to them and have a very strong moral basis) I will do the same. This is from Twiztid and ICP’s “We don’t Die” :

    “As long as y’all rock this we won’t quit
    We do it all for y’all…I mean that shit
    Every one of y’all means everything to me
    We breathe for y’all, that’s why we call it family”

    That’s what the Gathering is. It’s a family gathering. A place for people who had nowhere to go, no love in their lives, emptiness, abuse, addictions, it’s a haven for the outcasts and the broken. We may not be related by blood. But a family is something that happens when you have a strong bond that can’t be broken. Family is everything and the Juggalos are a family, we look out for eachother and we love eachother. There is nothing better in this world then falling in love. At the Gathering, this happens a lot. I seen it. But if you feel giving hope to those who have none, and speading love and friendship is a horrible thing, and you still want to try to ban the Gathering. Here’s another line from the afore mentioned song:

    “We try to explain
    The element of my self inflicted pain
    We’re not positive and uplifting, fuck you!
    Walk a mile in our shoes
    Experience hard times and payin’ helly dues
    Freek shit!!
    What I live, what I breathe
    Cast out Mutant X like he’s diseased
    Still they try to ban our sound
    Cause supposedly it be resurrectin’ the dead from under hollow ground”

    You will never succeed in banning the Gathering, so don’t even try and stop trying to spread hate in the world. Whether we have a place to host it or not doesn’t matter. We can do it anywhere, in the middle of a desert, a deserted warehous…hell, even in my backyard if we need to.

    I’m a Juggalo, and I’m proud. I used to be lonely and unloved and hurt constantly. Doctors said I was insane and put me on pills but after stop taking meds and living my life to how I wanted. I found peace and understanding with the Juggalos. They are the nicest people in the world and we look out for our own like a true family.
    I’m not bitter for your post, you are just ignorant (It’s not an insult, ignorant just means that you don’t know better), so I personally invite you to The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2011, I will be there and I will show you what it’s truly like. You can’t trust media, they always paint us black. Come to the gathering and see what family is really like. my email is I look forward to seeing you.

    Wicked Clowns For Life~MMFCL

    ~Wykd Klown, Knightmare, The Lizard King~

  13. Na, bruh.. for real i been lookin forward to going to the gathering once i turn 18 for a long time an i aint gonna let yall sit here an run ur mouths bout it jus cuz u prolly got some beef wit one of us.. its no worse than a kid rock or lil wayne concert.. trust me, i should kno..

    SO SHUT UP!!


  14. WOW why dont you dum fucks stop worring about the juggalos and start focusing on how your own govenment is plotting to kill to all of you. chemtrails in the sky the poisin vaccines forced on people and the rising of a new word order you dumass are blind to whats going on shut the fuck up get your head out of your ass the juggalos are the only ones i see standing up except alex jones LOOK THE SHIT UP BITCH BOY

  15. first off,fam,calm down,Sean is bein sarcastic,he’s on our side.
    second off,the JH is stupid,its a group of people spending their time being angry,while all tha juggalos are having fun,(as cheesy as it sounds..makin friends),doing what we love and enjoying life.have you ever stopped to realize that you’re wasting your life away being worried about how other people live their lives?Also,by calling it a “Holocaust” you are referring to one of the most devastating occurrences in history,its not scary,its just disrespectful to the unfortunate meaning and actions behind the ACTUAL holocaust(im sure you remember,thousands of women and children dying for no reason.)just aas many have stated,juggalo haters are people that are scared,ignorant,and spiteful of what they DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
    ***if you want to know what ICP is about listen to the song “walk into the light***that song is ICP revealing the overall meaning of their music…yeah they make songs that are funny,and violent,but music is about expressing your feelings,if it was’nt there would have not have been ANY music,be it Frank Sinatra,Garth Brooks,Eminem,Brittney spears,Atreyu,new or old,good or bad so deal with it.we’re not forcing you to like it.
    just like Disney movies sneak life lessons into their cutesy animated movies,hidden in ICP’s music is a message about god,justice,karma,and morals.
    (sorry about the rambling) =P

  16. fuck whoever wants to ban the gathering
    sit on deez nutz and suck um motha fucka, we wicked clowns, juggalos and juggalettes an’t goin no where

    to all my bothers and sisters, WHOOP WHOOP!

  17. Fuck you dude juggalos are awsome and if you acturally ban it you will have millions of juggalos on your ass!!!!!!!! go to hell!!! MMFWCL!

  18. yo fam wuts up with all this bullshit bout “bANING THE GOTJ??
    i for 1 think its fuckin retarded ,for 1,were not a cult,or a gang,we a family
    second…GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  19. I went to the gathering 2010- My first one and you know why? To run away and get a break- its a FAMILY REUNION with live music! The first thing they told me when I got there was “Welcome Home”, thats all i NEEDED at the time – which might I add I hitch hiked 60 miles after taking a grey hound all the way across the country so I could be with My FAMILY During my hard time. I found support, love, fun, and so many cool people with cool stories from everywhere. The grey hound bus took all my luggage before I could even get there- I had nothin when I got there. The amount of love at the gathering was enough to take care of me make me re-think my suicide I had initially planned out for my return home! I just want stupid people to realize WE ARE NOT A CULT, we are a family who just take care of eack other. I have a two year old son that says whoop whoop in pride, husband who is Juggalo straight up who (Oh MY GOD, Imagine that) Just enlisted into the military to fight for you biggets. Juggalo holocaust my ass- when i was a kid and those stupid little kids would beat my ass in the locker room, guess who stood up for me? It sure as hell wasnt no fuckin honor roll student(that was the bitches against me) and I never did anything for that, I never gave them a reason to fuck with me- you cant help being the ugly fat girl nobody wanted around. Juggalos stood up for me! When I went to school with broken ribs an black eyes from my dad- Juggalos saved my ass, babied me an put a stop to the abuse. And When I took a bad turn, Juggalos helped me see the light an clean up. So for all you dumb ass judgemental people- Fuck off- You’ll never know love till you know what a real juggalo is! Its too over you close minded stuck up heads. Just trying to think down to your level of judgementation gives me a migrane headache! LEAVE US ALONE! And to the Fam-See you next year! WHOOP WHOOP! MCL! An straight up thank you!
    MiaLette–an proud of it!
    PS Its not like none ya’ll havent ever heard of Vanilla Ice, Coolio or Ice T- guess what they are on our side bitches! We are everywhere!


  20. Are you southern baptists or something?

  21. Hey yo fuck you. I’m a juggalette for life and I’m proud as fuck. Just cuz your stupid ass doesn’t like psychopathic doesn’t mean you gotta be a fucking dick and ban it for everyone that does. I don’t like country music and you don’t see me trying to fucking ban it from everywhere. Instead of just looking at all the fucking facts why don’t you try actually listening to all the words of the songs and the meanings. Fuck you trying to ruin all this juggalo family love. You don’t know shit about any of it. Icp has worked sooo hard to get where they are and you just keep on hating. For no reason. I bet if you actually hung out with violent j and shaggy they’d be your best mother fucking friends. Ohh well never mind because your against the whole concept. Your the definition of the kind of people I hate the people who try to ruin everybody elses fun because there not having any. And your a snitch for doing this. Snitches get stitches baby and this asshole shit will catch up to you. But I have love for all of the juggalos and juggalettes who wrote on this!!!! much much much much much much much much much much wicked clown love!!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Down with the clown for life yo.

  22. fuck all the people tryin to shut this shit down. family is family. if someone got stabbed then thats their own damn problem. anybody i’ve ever come across thats got love for the lo’s and lette’s of the world has been WAY nicer to me than any of the conservative, religious, judgemental, hypocritical ass wipes that are on here tryin to shut it down. fuck the juggalo holocaust. you’re all a bunch of hypocrits and your rude as hell. just throwin a little back at you. WHOOP WHOOP! mmmmmmmmmmmmwcl.

  23. Fuck all you haters, The Gathering is the shit. This is something Us Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s look forward to every year. You ban this and I will personally make sure that you get the biggest beat down that ever took place, I raise my hatchet high and walk proud to be a Juggalo.


  24. youll never ban it so give up you hatin ass bitches. tila tequila deserved to get fucked up and the gatheringin peoria shoulda fucked more shit up cus this town sucks ass anyways

  25. Look people, the end of the world is comin anyways, and you’re worried about banning the only family some people have? Sure, we do crazy shit, but why not? We’re all dying anyways. And to the people saying ‘This is satan’s finest work, these Juggalo’s(google it)’… Fuck the fuck off, man! Do you even know what Juggalo’s represent? Go ahead and look it up on, look up The dark carnival. You’ll be suprised.

  26. Fuck them bitches, tryin to ban out shit. Whoop Whoop! Try n stop that shit, you’ll have one large mutha fuckin pissed off crowd. A crowd that can destroy, think there wont be hell to pay if they try to take our family reunion from us.

  27. alexx juggalette

    this is complete bull shit you stupid people dont get it.Are you seriously goin to try to take away the only family that some of us got.? its not about the drugs,liqour,and many other fights. its about allof a group gettin together and have a bigg ass party, these parties are places where you people need to stop bein biggots,shut the fuck up and get over it. wether you like it or not its gunna happen kus you cant stop people like us.we are ruthless people.but yet loving so leave us and our fam alone. bitches!
    a true juggalette

  28. people are so fucking stupid!!! y in the hell would u want 2 get rid of a FAMILY? we would never do anything like that 2 u!this iz bullshit! everybody always thinks psychopathic recards iz soooo horrible and shit but its not, stupid people like the h8ers always want 2 ruin our fun!! we juggalos/lettes NEVER did anything 2 u guys!! the gathering iz the ONE AND ONLY time we can be ourselvs but now u want 2 get rid of it? i just h8 how fucking h8ers always judge us b4 they get 2 no us. and the stupid bull shit on how icp and juggalos are a gang! WE ARE NOT!!!! I REPEAT NOT!!! A GANG!!! we are a family that will stick with eachother no matter what! no matter what u bitch boys try 2 do we will always ocme back and u just watch juggalos/lettes will take over 1 day and u are gunna be the ones that are sorry not us! and how u h8ers always say we are a gang, its not psychopathic recards fault stupid idiot people kill someone everyday and it just so happins that sum of them are juggalos and them we get blamed! its those kind of crazy fun juggalos that give the good ones bad names and im not hating they just dont make the best choices and them boom pow we are labled as a gang but theres alot of people who do that and arent juggalos……take footbal 4 example. you see all those ohio state and michigan fans fighting and sumtimes end up killing one another cuz things get out of hand sumtimes but nooooo there not labled, and people still watch football and there the fucking best thing ever. now if ya ask me thats messed up. now people have no god damn reason 2 get rid of it! people just need 2 realize that we juggalos/lettes are all FAMILY and we wont ever change, so they cant do anything about and since we have our own power we will find sumway 2 get what we want. so if u h8ers dont like it DONT LISTEN TO IT!!! and just leave us ALONE!!! we dont fucking care it just pisses us off even more and then we get fucking sick ass crazy and do shit stupid, but every1 does that. i think u h8ers are just jelious thats what it is XD u h8ers no we are better and u cant handle it wel maybe….just maybe u cn be just like us one day buuuuuut u cant cuz all yall are bitch boy matha facko’s XD mmfwcl+tsckl 2 all mim homies WHOOP WHOOP!!! juggalo nation 4 EVER!!!

  29. Fuck all yall juggalo hatin asses. Juggalos/Lettes are here to stay!!
    -Whoop Whoop!

  30. The Gathering is never going to end untill psychopathic says so. You can make all the threats in the world but there is no way in hell you are going to stop it. What are you going to do? Are you all going to storm in and kill us all? I dont think so. We arent a gang but if you push anyone into a corner they are gong to retaliate. So make all the threats you want. Fuck the JH “Jack off Haters”.

  31. Ban this!!!!! Ban this!!!! BAN THIS!!!!!!!!

    The gathering has WAY too much drug selling, drug consuming, theft, abuse and even killings to continue. This cannot continue in a civilized society, at least not without efficient policing of illegal activities (I am not even talking about the general disrespect shown towards the communities that the gathering takes place in.)

    So if this gathering is going to continue, real policing NEEDS to be a priority to limit or eliminate illegal drug selling, drug using, general thefts and assaults that are regularly part of this.

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