Icp – Miracles – Magnets, how do they work?

Fucking magnets, how do they work?

Water, fire, air and dirt
Fucking magnets, how do they work?

on the song miracles icp ask how magnets work here is how magnets work

A magnet (from Greek μαγνήτις λίθος magnḗtis líthos, Magnesian stone) is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials like iron and attracts or repels other magnets.

36 responses to “Icp – Miracles – Magnets, how do they work?

  1. JugaloCockSucker666

    Yeah mayne, that’s beautiful an shit but you didn’t say how THAT shit works!!


  2. Yeah, well, you may have given an operational definition of magnetism, but you have NOT explained how they work. Like the forces of nature (strong and weak nuclear, gravity) we don’t have any easy way of describing what actually goes on or what the “true” nature of the force is, or how or why a magnet attracts ferromagnetic materials. They just do. There may be explanations at the quantum mechanical level, but I don’t think those will help ordinary people. I say this as a rational, liberal-humanist atheist who decidedly does not believe in miracles. I’m no Juggalo, either, but I don’t believe there is anything but an incidental connection between ICP and gangs or other criminal behavior.

    Johnny Rojo

  3. Your missing the entire point of the song, the song is about how miracles are all around us. The point of the line “Fuckin magnets how do they work” is that the fact that magnets work is a miracle, leave out all the scientific mumbo jumbo and thats what it is. Its not to sound stupid its to make you realize that miracles are around us every day.

    • Magnets work because of physics not miracles. The reason ICP or you or I can’t understand exactly how they exert force is that we don’t know enough about physics to understand. People DO understand exactly how and why they work. They went on to employ this knowledge in magnetic rail, or a thousand other industrial applications.

      You don’t make advanced technology out of shit you don’t understand.

    • So in short, the way it works is that stuff you don’t understand happens every day.

      There is absolutely no reason to believe they are acts of god.

  4. no ur a fag
    wut makes the fucking magnetic field, huh
    find that out u little scientest piece of shit

  5. My god, Juggalos are fucking morons. Someone please do the world a favor and kill them all off. They’re more ignorant than Christians.

    • yeah lets kill the jews and asians too while were at it! no wait don’t stop their, metal-heads should die too! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

      • No, we can stop there. The Jews and Asians don’t implicitly make the world a more stupid place. Juggalos through the years have shown to be so stupid they are too dangerous to let live.

  6. Magnetism is a way that electrons behave around certain objects. They have a pull on each other because that is how electrons behave. Just google magnetic field :/ it explains it pretty damn well. NOT a miracle, it’s just one of the LAWS of nature.

  7. Lol, whut?? They really havent explain that shit !

    Ur the finest Gay-Lord, really! Mayby try to explain what gay is. U know it really well, i think!

    Much Clown Love to all the Juggalo&Juggaletts!
    Juggalo_HB, Germany.

  8. Jacob Thiel is right. Magnetic fields cannot be explained. I tried reading wikipedia’s article on them and I didn’t understand it at all. Evidently, the inept clown posse was, once again, one step ahead of the rest of us, when they wrote this particular piece of rap.

  9. So im a Juggalo and you know what, I bet I’m living a much better life style than most of you haters. I like my job and the people I am around and how I conduct my life. I deal with cars that would will never touch, so before you go bashing Juggalos and calling us all low life and dumb, ask yourself how would someone like me (a Juggalo) could get into the position I’m in. If we were the names that some people like to use but I’m not that low. Did I threaten them to give me the job??? did I Jugallo sneak my way in??? No, because I’m a good person who works hard and is not a jerk to people around me like some haters above do. But just remember, Juggalos do not back down.

  10. Not understanding how it works does not constitute as a miracle, merely that you cannot understand the concept of magnetic fields.
    Their is no God, there are no miracles, but you can freely believe what you want.
    By the way, I checked out the wiki article, it was a simplistic concept and easy to understand.
    But then again ICP aren’t known for their intelligence, they are after all a Christian group.

  11. Hahaha! “u little scientist piece of shit!” whether or not magnetic fields can be easily explained is irrelevent when you’re talking about juggalos, the bottom rung of society. It’s not even that ICP sucks THAT bad, it’s that all of you think you’re in some ridiculous cult or something, it’s the makeup, it’s the clothes, and oh god THE SMELL!! Have any of you heard of showers??

  12. You’re all inept, simplistic morons. Just because you don’t understand how a magnetic field works DOES NOT MEAN IT’S A MIRACLE. Read a fucking textbook instead of taking joke “musicians” seriously.

  13. Ok so you can go to google and look up how magnets work…congrats your a fucking idiot. Shit, I’m listening to some insane clown posse and smoking my kush right now and I can tell you that you don’t know how mangetic fields even work. You know it pulls metals like iron but why is the field invisible? Is it microscopic…alright then, why does it pull iron? why are you going to look this up on the computer right now? The answer is attracts ions that Turn the same way but what gives it that property…you have to look inside and see it’s bigger than it looks on the outside. What you know about gravity could change tomorrow because we try to simplify the most complex things and we fuck up the future because we lead lives of fake perception. Try to serve away from the magnet and see why he talks about the scientist lying….he’s telling you that we shouldn’t perceive reality with this bullshit lie that we know everything about everything and weshould accept the fact that life in itself is nothing short of a miracle like my mothers cancer disappearing out thin air after was diagnosed with it from several doctors…miracles are ignored in life because science makes you believe there is nothing supernatural in the world. Beinga radiologist I see everything with logic but I know when something is beyond that of logic. Only fake ass juggalos kill people I’ve been down for ten years and never had a single thought about killing someone that I hated…gotten into a scrap or two but life isn’t to be experienced with no abrasions and concussions from exacerbated situations. So believe what you would and grow the fuck up…you hate on those that have fun that you are lead to believe hate and kill all day long…look in the fucking mirror and hate yourself. You are a waste of God given elements.

  14. ^^^Agreed, there is a thing called dark energy that could change Einstein’s theory of gravity, but little is known about it so only time will tell. People need to lighten up and stop hatin what is different….I thought we were is the 20th centry and living in a time that accepts others for who they are, I guess that would be the real miracle…

  15. I couldn’t care less about ICP, I think their style of music is absolute garbage, and most of their fans are complete morons.

    That being said, there is no scientific explanation for how magnets work beyond the observable effects. Much like gravity, magnetism is still only a theory because we can not explain why these things are happening, we can only explain that they do happen.

    If you’re going to make fun of someone else for not understanding what they’re talking about, maybe you should understand what you’re talking about first.

  16. Holy shit. An site dedicated to hating a band and their fans. What kind of fucking morons have time for such a stupid project? Really? I’d luv to see a picture of the half-wit retards that put this page together. I bet ur a bunch of fat, stupid, lazy nobodies, with absolutely NOTHING better to do. Just a bunch of sissy virgins wasting time hating on something, for the sake of being distracted from your own SELF loathing. U kids 12? 13? I can’t believe I took the time to even comment here. I just wish u could see yourselves through my eyes for just ONE second. Because if u could, you’d put bullets in your faces and make this world a little better for all of us. But it’s depressing to know, that you’re surely too stupid to even recognize how pathetic u are. Please die as soon as possible. And please die HORRIBLY.

  17. did you learn nothing in high school Physical Science?

    magnetic effects are caused at the atomic level, it’s actually not invisible.. (though the magnetic field is because it’s energy and you cannot see this form of energy).. it’s caused by the spinning of the electrons. NOTE:the atoms are not magnetic (to keep from confusing them)… the electrons that spin in the same directions create the magnetic domain. (again, most materials don’t have these because the spinning of electrons cancel each other out.) the magnetic domains in a lot of iron(nails for instance) is random, cancelling it out, which is why nails are not magnets. if the electrons are spinning in the same direction and the magnetic domains are lined up, you have a magnet with North and South poles. if you are wondering why the electrons spin, it’s simply energy… energy is the only constant, always. it’s never lost, just transfered. in this case, it’s stored in the material… spinning electrons.

    that aside,

    mir·a·cle [mírrək’l]
    (plural mir·a·cles)
    n 3. marvelous example: something admired as a marvelous creation or example of a particular type of science or skill

    magnets could be considered a miracle… according to Webster’s English dictionary.

    all things considered, the song is funny in a sad, these guys are fools… kind of way.

  18. ^^”the song is funny in a sad, there…..”, so please expand on this funny in a sad…

  19. Oh my god, these people actually exist? Lmaooooo holy shit

  20. Okay…so…I don’t keep up with ICP stuff. At all. And I’ll be the first to admit that I have NO clue what goes on in their…er…religion? cult? eh, whatever it is. Anyways…back to my point. I’m not a scientist, chemistry major, anything science-y at all. I’m actually into psychology…which may be why these twits interest me so much.

    But calling magnets a miracle? REALLY? “OOOOHH!!! WOOOWW!! Look!! They stick together!!!” Yeah. It’s ridiculous. Magnets work through science. That’s pretty much it. And if you consider magnets a “miracle,” what about electricity? or cell phones? I mean, the best us non-scientists can describe it is magic beams floating through the air that let us talk to people without a cord attached. That’s not a miracle. It’s just fucking sweet. How cool is it to be able to talk to you friends anywhere in the world?!

    Just to clarify, I really don’t give a rat’s ass what you “believe” in and such. Really, I don’t. I’m commenting because it’s 6:30am here and I’m waiting for one of my final exams in a couple of hours and need to stay awake. If you want to waste your time following grown men that paint their faces like clowns and sing…er….rap? scream?…about magnets being fucking miracles, more power to ya. As for me, I know that I’m putting my knowledge and effort toward making a difference, as opposed to worshipping something that’s nothing more than immature “men” that put make up on every day. Have fun with all that.

  21. The brilliance of stupidity: create an argument, neglect those that strive to search and teach the explanation, then coin it as a “miracle.” You can win any argument through sheer ignorance.

    There are always levels of detailed explanations how an object works. For instance, a layman telling a person how a car works will probably sound something like “turn on the ignition to start up the car, press on the gas and you go, press on the break and you stop.” A mechanic will tell you more details about how the engine and its components work. An electrician will tell you how its electrical components work. A scientist can tell you even more details on an atomic level. However, you can continue to ask how and why until no one knows the answer. Does this make it a miracle? magic? I like to call this the “Elmyra Duff argument.”

    This kind of ignorance hinders growth. “It happens just because,” can easily hinder an individual from searching into the inner workings of even common objects and causes them to just accept that “stuff happens.” Christians do the same with their Creationism theory. If we lived in a world without these people that go beyond what they see in front of their eyes and delve into how something works, these scientists, then we’d still be in caves. “Miracles” isn’t a song about enjoying the “marvelous creation,” as webster dictionary defines the word as, but just to encourage ignorance. Anyone that wants to argue this first explain to me why we shouldn’t believe scientists, apart from them apparently pissing off mister Joseph Utsler.


    • You are the idiot here but hey you can have your opinion and we can have ours but you have some problems if you are hating all of a kind. You probably have some friends that are juggalos and YES the song describes miracles. Sure a magnet may not necessarily be a miracle but it shows that they enjoy things, and are not depressed freaks that are idiots

  23. I laughed so hard when I first saw the video… but then again, they kind of sing about a feeling I have, a constant wonder of seeing this world. =D

    I’m a physicist, and I’m proud to say thay we DO KNOW how these f*king magnets works. It’s a little more complicated than it has been explained here, especially because electrons don’t spin in the proper sense… they exist around the nuclei in a probabilistic distribution of states (that is quantum physics).

    And more! There isn’t a separate magnetic field – electrons have electric charge, and relativity says that you perceive an electric charge as possessing a electric field IF you are stationary, relative to it. IF you move, you perceive the electron field as magnetic. That is why we call it the electromagnetic field – they are always coupled.

    The electromagnetic field exchanges energy through photons, which are it’s quantum units. Photons travel trough space in the speed of light, which is exactly what they are! LIGHT is electromagnetic energy.

    Visible Light, Microwaves, Radio, X Rays – it’s all electromagnetic radiation.

    It’s a wonder to think that the same thing that holds those f*king magnets together, makes the sky blue, and allows you to see and hear the wonders of this Earth.

    ICP may think I’m lying – but boy, do I live in a wonderful world! Being a physicist, and a scientist, has opened my eyes to so much that exist and people take for granted…

  24. Lets forget about these lyrics for a second, has anyone ever listened to ICP and then listened to a somewhat decent artist? ICP fucking blows, they have no flow and rhyme no better than I do. The only reason they have listeners is because of the white trash face paint look. I guess the average hick got sick of horseshoes or fucking their cousin.

  25. FUCK ALL YOU HATERS!!!! whoop whoop

  26. I read a few of the comments and it made me lose a little bit more faith in the human race. Fuck magnets, Idiocracy here we come…

  27. ok thanks ya JH nerds for telling people how fucking magnets work

  28. MMFWCL to the juggalos and juggalettes out there from Malaysia! you guys rock!

  29. OK. Not that I matter, but I want to throw my two cents in here. For one: I am a juggalo. I listen to ICP, and I enjoy their music. Being a Juggalo basically means you honor your word, you do what the hell you want to do and don’t give a shit what other people think, and you don’t back down. Not many people can truly, honestly say they do all three of those consistently. But you don’t do any of those to the extreme. True juggalos don’t go around shooting at people because they looked at them wrong. Those are simply idiotic trash that has chosen to associate itself with our name. We’re not crazy, we’re not stupid, we don’t believe that we’re a cult, we don’t believe that we are a religion. Juggalos are basically a following. And although the facepaint and hatchet man clothes and stuff is more for fun and show, the underlying philosophies associated with being a juggalo are quite serious.

    People misunderstand us because certain individuals give us a bad name. They are an embarassment.

    The song was meant as a joke. The majority of there songs are them pretty much them screwing around. It’s all in fun that’s all it ever was. I know that, we know that. And you’re talking about US taking the stuff seriously? Most of their songs are an analogy for something else, you have to find the hidden meaning to it. Rammstein is the same way if you understand German like I do.

    To the poster that talked about rhyme: forget rhyme. ICP is loud, it’s different, they seem to be having fun doing it.

    To those who say juggalos are all stupid, ignorant little fuckups: no, those examples just stand out the most, just like in the rest of society. The idiots always stand out and make the rest of their group look bad.

    I’m in the Army and deployed to Iraq, and after I’m out, I have a basically guaranteed job making 70000+ dollars as a heavy diesel mechanic. This is all for me, I’m not married and I have no kids. I’m also working on a design for a flying car, and my own line of sports cars. I’m about 40 percent through the actual mechanical design for the flying car, and I’m throwing out a completely new concept for car design. Drawings are done, haven’t started mechanical layout yet. Success is attainable and very much within reach. I am a successful 19 year old, and plan to be successful for a long time.

  30. Your stupid.
    1. Juggalos and Lettes don’t give a damn about whether you think we’re stupid or not.
    2. Just cause they asked how does a magnet work, doesn’t mean he was serious.
    3. There are actually a lot of people who don’t know how they work.

    So instead of using that as a way to attack the Family and ATTEMPT at making us look like a bunch of morons. You should really find something better to do with your life because you, by doing this, are only making us even more famous.

    MMFWCL !

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