Attention Juggalo holocaust – TheBoyBlue91982 revealed

One of the JH commanders hits youtube to reveal a few juggalo spys

he has been watching your videos and comments and wants to reveal the truth of the juggalo holocaust

TheBoyBlue91982 is a JH insider

18 responses to “Attention Juggalo holocaust – TheBoyBlue91982 revealed

  1. HAHAHAHAHAH that’s funny you think you will kill us blue boy. you really think we’re gonna believe that shit you fake jugalo. i see where you’re goin with this though, smart move. blue boy was the biggest juggalo on youtube and now he wants to kill us that’s hilarious. now try to kill me blue me, or elliot, that would be a riot.

  2. so the boy blue want to kill Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s? come get me bitch! Virginia Beach, VA! Oceana Gardens! i go to Lynnhaven Middle School! so come and get me bitch! i bet your pussy ass wouldn’t even dare come to kill me TheBoyBlue91982!


  4. ~Lunitick5150~

    Lil boy blu aint nuthin but a lil bitch boy JuggaNo! Juggalos cant be stopped! Just face the facts you fukin hating side walk sissy maggit fuks! Juggalo 4 Life! We dont die!! Whoop!Whoop! Come down to Georgia & talk that hating bullshyt…Put yo ass in one of these swamps down here ttalking that bullshyt!! MMFWCL!!!~Lunitick5150~

  5. you know i find this to be very funny, JH members like theboyblue are out to “destroy” all juggalo’s an such, and they try to do so with violence, rape, etc. an then they will boldly post video’s up on youtube talking about how juggalo’s are a bunch of criminals an murder’s etc., i admit, some self proclaimed juggalo’s do stupid shit and are fucking ignorant, but out of the MILLIONS of juggalo’s it’s expected that a few are a a little fuckin wack in the head, but back to JH members labeling juggalos as criminals how can you sit their an label us gang members, murders, rapists, etc when JH’s tatics are the same, i mean you guys seriously have nothing better to do then rag on juggalo’s sitting there saying “oh well we have spy’s on the inside, we will be at GOTJ” thats fucking pathetic, and makes you know better than anyone, i mean seriously why dont you people try and do somthing productive with your lives and leave juggalo’s alone, we could give two shits about you guys or what you do, i mean damn you guys where a bunch of nobodys until you decided to start hating on juggalos…but yeah you guys are hypocrits to your own cause, all i have to say is no matter what you try to do, you will never get rid of us…there are to many of us… we are everywhere, we are doctors, lawyers, the people serving your food, fixing your car, mowing your lawn, we are world wide, we are a family, so just quit with your ignorant ways and leave us the fuck alone

  6. obviously he blew hes part of this group of fags called JH lmao. fuck off you pussys. your gonna die when you show your face at GOTJ.

  7. Wickd Clown Mystic Valentine

    I never thought id never hear of sum mother fucken punk ass tryin tu get up in tha wickd familyz face nd say we all deserve tu die!
    U need tu bac tha fuck up nd get a life cuz we DONT die biitch! How many ppl got tu tell u dat till u get it!!!!!! Iv ben a Lette since i waz 12 yearz old nd u think im scared of sum boy blue threatin tu kill uz! HAHA! Ur in our land now biitch boy! I aint scared of shiit boy blue!…..come get me fucker. MMFWCLFL!! NINJA PRIDE EVEN AFTER IM DOWN IN THA GROUND!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

  8. the blue boy is a Jh fag. wait till i see him on the street whoop whoop

  9. To anyone that believes that theboyblue91982 is not a part of the juggalo holocaust is a freaking idiot. He is the proudest juggalo holocaust spy I have ever met and I have known him (in real life and not that internet) since before he became “down” with the clown. All you have to do is what his parody videos. Check out his youtube channel and you will see what I mean. He is a part of some secret anti-juggalo movement. This is coming from someone who knows that man behind the youtube persona.

    Fucking juggalos….

  10. Really a middle school… well I guess if I had to make a point I would say alot of Juggalos run their mouth alot and act like their gangbangers even though when some real gangbangers show up they run like little bitches I personaly know alot of “juggalos” that are like that and “lettes” too all of you should stop running your fucking mouths fuckin faggots

  11. what a bitch! Hes too scared to actually show his face! lol god these people are hillarious come get me mother fuckers ill be waiten in denver for you! MMFCLMF

    Where’s Waldo Motha Fakoo?

  12. Theboyblue91982 is NOT a spy that’s just fucking retarded the juggalo holocaust is just a bunch of haters that’s it they won’t do shit Theboyblue91982 is down and don’t believe in that bullshit and neither should the rest of the fam and if there’s is a juggalo holocaust commander hitler type motherfucker he really should shut the fuck he’s trying to turn fam against one another…MMFWCL

  13. you r all nuts,blues not a JH member,n anyone who thinks he is a fuckin nutz,n got them selfs some issues,and wikidrain is it??..anyways HELLO his vids on youtube go there in type in this name and watch the vids.. yay,now u have seen his some juggalo fam r sad,Im proud 2 call myself a lette n i love the juggalo family,n if it wasnt for blue i would have never,had as much lov as i do for the fam his youtube vids have inspirer me as a lette,his a good man, a good father,and a great homie to know off the net,Blue is a True Juggalo n has More love for the family then most people i have ever seen n IS NOT A JH Member..this shit DUMB AS FUCK N FAKE!! MMFWCL

  14. BoyBlue i slept with your wife , you mad?>?

  15. Well, I’ve Officially decided to go SOS [Smash On Sight] On you JH faggots, First of all,I Hate Rapist, I plan to kill them all, Plus, Adding to my hate for you idiots is that you all hate us Because we do violent things, You also do violent things, And all of you existing makes us to more violent things, And once you Family Dies, Youll have nothing to live for, so save your self the Despair and go kill youself, Pussies

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