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juggalo gang in denver malls

from some hypercritical juggalo

Last night, I went around holding a sign that said: “Free Hugs!” But that is not what moved me.

There is a group of kids who come to Sox Place called the Juggalos. They don’t consider themselves a gang. Rather, they consider themselves a family. While they aren’t the most conventional of people, when it comes down to it, they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

One of them even offered to find and “take care” of the person who slashed my tires. I refused, but was told: “You’re family. You don’t mess with family.”

As I passed their usual hangout, I heard “woop WOOP!” and knew I was being greeted. After hugs and smiles, I noted my roommate was hanging out with them, too. He wasn’t dressed in Juggalo black, but he sports a Mohawk that may get him labeled as a “deviant.”

Other than being loud, the Juggalos did not seem to be bothering anyone. Now, I realize that not everyone has the same tolerance level for unexpected behavior as I do. But what happened next didn’t surprise me, yet disturbed me all the same.

Some police officers that patrol the mall pulled up right next to the group of kids. Uniformed officers got out and told them all to sit on the ground. The officers said they were receiving complaints about noise and “deviant behavior.” All the kids were ordered to provide their IDs.

I was told that I couldn’t stay unless I wanted to join them. Part of me wanted to say, “These are my brothers and sisters. If you frisk or arrest them then you’re going to arrest me.” But I didn’t. I obeyed.

Four of the kids ended up in handcuffs. The rest were told to get off of the mall for the night.

Now, I’m not mad at the police for doing their job. While I know that cops are people, too, and make mistakes, I don’t blame them for doing what they’re supposed to do.

Likewise, while I don’t condone some of the behavior of the kids, I can understand why they do it. If I experienced abuse and got told I was worthless, I might do the same things, too.

What I am disturbed about is that cops had to be there in the first place to deal with the kids who were on the streets. I read somewhere that every day, 12 street kids die. Where are these kids’ parents? I know that some circumstances can’t be helped, and I know there are places for kids to go and programs to use.

But when are we going to start doing something about it? What about suffering with them? What about putting ourselves second?

I’m not saying we should all go out and become missionaries to the homeless. But if we see a need and neglect it, who is being the jerk?

Edmund Burke said, “The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” When are we going to start caring for each other? How many people have to suffer before we take it seriously?

Chase Glantz is an intern at Sox Place, a Denver drop-in center for youth located at 20th and Larimer Street in downtown Denver.

Juggalo on COPS

Juggalo on COPS

a juggalo appears on this eppisode of cops @ 14:00,cOthers,1,0

so for those who cant see it, some retarded juggalo gets pulled over, license is revoked, and cop smells weed in the car. the cop wasnt gonna take him to jail, then the juggalo beats his own head on his windows. cop puts the kid in the cop car, the kid calls for his dad, who then wants to argue with the cop, and the dad gets arrested also. they found pot, and the kid rat outs his brother. dumb fucking juggalo WHOOP WHOOP

lol lol lol lol lol @ him crying like a bitch when they said they were towing his car

Juggalo on COPS

juggalos count to potato – nedenmaster16

watch nedenmaster / nedenmaster 16 who can be reached at count to potato , however he cannot count to potato in spanish .

Illiterate juggalo NEDENMASTER16

NEDENMASTER16 aka aka mr piggy the illiterate juggalo does not understand the internet and has a rant about the juggalo holocaust , juggalo gangs and being the biggest idiot in alabama.

does not understand the internet

Band Holy F#ck Diss juggalos

If you ever want to gather Toronto’s Holy Fuck into a cozy label office before noon to chat, and they’re just coming down from post-tour jet lag, be prepared for much more than idle chatter about their music. When we met to talk about their bangingly optimistic new album, Latin, hilarity ensued, likening them, in my mind, to a warm, Kids in the Hall-styled, experimental music-creating beast.  (And without a doubt, I mean “beast” in the most flattering way). If you’ve seen Holy Fuck perform, you know the kind of off-the-charts, raw energy they cook up, capturing everyone in the room.  Listen, and be warned.

It makes for more of a visual, all-out show.
Graham: Exactly!

At this moment, Brian walks into the room and joins in. Graham jokes, ‘just give him one question.  He has to work for his label paycheck.’  He laughs, saying that I should ask him about the band name. ‘I would never!,’ I insist, sneeringly calling it lazy journalism.  He continues on that thread, despite the fact that I wouldn’t have asked him That Question.

Brian: You don’t know how many times people have asked about that!  It’s easy to see it coming now, sometimes we start to answer that question even before someone asks.  They usually do in foreign countries… [laughs]  I wonder what happens with other bands? What about Insane Clown Posse?  So you’re clowns, and you’re a duo, but you call yourselves a posse.  How many guys does it take to constitute a posse? Wouldn’t that be more than two, like, several? And how insane are you? Or do you just like wearing the makeup? [laughs]

Member of the juggalo family Tess Damm

Tess Damm, the Lafayette teen convicted of helping to kill her mother more than three years ago, will remain an inmate at a juvenile corrections facility rather than being transferred to an adult prison, a judge ruled this afternoon.

Boulder County District Judge James Klein concluded that state officials did not sufficently demonstrate that Damm was no longer benefiting from the programs offered at the youth corrections facility in which she is housed.

The ruling, which happened behind locked doors at a hearing that was not open to the public, was confirmed by Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office recently requested to transfer Damm to an adult facility in part because she allegedly hatched a plan to strangle a guard as part of an attempt to escape.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office objected to a transfer because it believed that doing so would shorten the amount of time Damm will have to serve on her sentence.

Damm was sentenced in 2008 to 23 years in prison – with the first five to be served in a juvenile facility – for her role in helping her boyfriend, Bryan Grove, murder her mother, Linda Damm, in her Lafayette home in February 2007.

She was 15 at the time of her mother’s murder.

Garnett declined to say anything further about Tuesday’s hearing because of Klein’s order to close it to the public and the media on the grounds that Damm has the right to keep discussion and testimony about her clinical and therapeutic evaluations private.

Klein, in denying the Camera’s request Tuesday to open the proceedings, called the hearing a “juvenile matter” that is governed by the “Children’s Code” under Colorado state law.

It’s not clear why the court considers Damm a juvenile when she turned 18 last summer.

I say send her! Like I said before, if she can do an adult crime, let her do adult time!! She should get a taste of “Big Girl” prison life. And with that “trademark long blonde hair”, I bet she will make all sorts of new “special” friends! I’m guessing it is much different that the slumber party she has been living!

And a little girl trying to strangle a guard with a shoelace? Might as well have been a piece of spaghetti! Come on! Did she really think that would work?? LOL Go back to kindergarten honey!! Opps! Sorry!! You can’t!! LOL

Juggalos ruin lives – Rip David Shern

Loveland murder victim remembered

On Sunday mornings, David Shern liked to take his son and daughter out for breakfast.

He liked to teach them how to fish.

Like most fathers, Shern enjoyed sharing his time and knowledge with his children, 8-year-old Kaitlynn and 10-year-old Caelan.

On April 30, 2009, a man identified as a follower of the Juggalos street gang, who Shern didn’t know, stabbed Shern with a 14-inch sword after an altercation at Loveland’s North Lake Park.

Shern, 34, who was hospitalized after the stabbing, died one day later.

That day, the children Shern raised, who are now admired by adults for their upbringing and good manners, lost their father.

That day, Priscilla Stamp lost her son.

And although she is dealing with her own grief, Stamp said the hardest part of her son’s death is watching her grandchildren move on without him.

“To see how much I miss him is hard enough,” Stamp said recently. “But then to listen to the children, how much they miss him. That just breaks your heart when they start talking. There’s those spurts where they’ll just burst into tears and they want their dad.”

Friends and members of Shern’s family recently gathered in Loveland to mark the one-year anniversary of his death.

Afterward, they talked with Loveland Connection about Shern and their beliefs that he died at the hands of Loveland gang members.

Lives changed
Since losing her son, Stamp said it’s difficult to detail how much her life has changed.

“I don’t even know words to sum it up,” she said. “It’s been devastating. My life stopped at that moment. It all just stopped.”

While coming to terms with their loss, Stamp’s and Shern’s family and friends also have had to deal with their grief while sitting through hearings and watching people involved in the case face justice.

Sarah Sypian, a close friend to Shern, attended many of those court hearings.

“You want to see it through, you want to see an end. You want to see justice,” she said. “It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. … Nothing will ever bring him back.”

During many of the court proceedings, Stamp said it was frustrating to hear people talk badly about her son.

She was especially hurt by accusations made about her son saying he acted aggressively and violently toward people the night of his death because he had been laid off from his job.

Stamp said her son knew his work was temporary at the time of his death.

“So, none of it made sense to me,” she said. “In my heart, I just couldn’t put it together.”

Larry Walters, 20, was sentenced in November 2009 to 12 years in prison for reckless manslaughter in the stabbing death of Shern.

Two other people were charged with being accomplices in the case.

Christopher Hatch, whose flame-shaped sword was used to stab Shern and who helped hide the weapon after the assault, will serve one year at the Larimer County Detention Center.

Melissa Deeb, 19, who hid the weapon in her parents’ motor home, received a 45-day sentence for her involvement in the incident.

The gang connection
During an April court hearing, Stamp stood before Larimer County District Court Judge Stephen Schapanski and said Walters and his friends are members of the Juggalos street gang, a group that follows the Insane Clown Posse band and started as a Detroit street gang.

And although Loveland police have classified this case as gang-related, the case was never dealt with as if it was gang-related, she said.

This week, Loveland Police spokesman Sgt. Jan Burreson said Walters never was identified by police as a gang member, but officers were aware that information on his MySpace page mentioned the Juggalos and he liked to listen to Insane Clown Posse.

“According to us, there was no gang relation there,” Burreson said, adding that the assault on Shern was not a planned crime.

In the past, Loveland police officials have said they will not attribute gang activity to gang members because they do not want to glorify their actions.

Still, Stamp said she wants people in the community to be aware of gang activity in town and know exactly who their children are associated with.

“You worry about your kids when they drive to Denver or something, but I never would have dreamt that something like this would have happened in Loveland,” Stamp said of her son’s death.

To help people learn from her son’s death, Stamp hopes to encourage lawmakers to formally recognize the Juggalos street gang as one that operates in Colorado.

Lawmakers in Utah, Arizona and California already have done so, Stamp said.

“How do you prosecute them if they’re not recognized legally as a gang,” Stamp asked.

Earlier this year, Loveland police hosted a community forum focused on increased gang activity in the city.

During the forum, more than 200 residents gathered as Loveland police officer Tammy Fisher talked about the types of gangs in Loveland and graffiti they post around town.

Fisher said the Juggalos is an active gang in Loveland.

The Loveland Police Department has documented 262 gang members, 69 of those gang members are juveniles.

In response to gang activity in the community, officials with the Loveland Police Department have started outreach efforts and encouraged people to spend more time with their children, being engaged in their day-to-day activities.

At the county level, Deputy District Attorney Shaun Reinhart will serve as the Larimer County Detention Center’s office liaison and specialize in gang activity for all law enforcement agencies, said district attorney spokeswoman Linda Jensen.

Now that the people involved with Shern’s death have been sentenced, Stamp said she is focused on bringing routine back to her family member’s lives and remembering her son.

Most of Stamp’s family lives in Iowa and many have visited Loveland in recent months to help her through the difficult times.

Through family support and memories shared about her son, Stamp said she hopes to help her grandchildren come to terms with their lives now.

Earlier this month, about 90 people attended a service at Resthaven Memorial Gardens, where Shern is buried, to mark the one-year anniversary of his death.

People like Sypian and Jeremy Olson, longtime friends of Shern, shared stories of spending time with him.

Olson was friends with Shern for 30 years, he said.

“At a drop of a hat, he would be there,” Olson said. “I just called him out of the blue one day, hoping that he would be around because I knew that he knew how to do drywall and asked him if he wanted to help drywall my garage and on moments notice he’s like, ‘Yea, lets do it.’ ”

In addition to his dedication, Olson said Shern had a sense of humor and was someone people wanted to be around.

“He was so funny,” Olson said. “He could always pull you out of a bad mood.”

Sypian agreed.

“He could lift your spirits,” she said. “He had a knack of doing that.”

Sypian and Shern were schoolmates at Thompson Valley High School, where Sypian said he was her first love.

Throughout the years, she said they remained good friends and he always had a way of lifting her spirits.

Such memories of her son are nice for Stamp to hear, she said.

They help her think back on how he lived his life and are now helping her make decisions with his children for their futures.

“On his Facebook (page) after this happened, everyone (wrote) how much they were going to miss him, and that he had their backs since grade school,” Stamp said.

Mc Chris honorary member of the juggalo holocaust

Mc Chris hates violent j and is made a honorary member of the juggalo holocaust.

MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Earlier today, J posted this tweet:

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To which, mc chris responded on his Facebook page:

violent j called me a bitch for comparing juggalos to the henchmen in arkham asylum. i dont mean to disrespect anyone except juggalos. but i do have fun but the juggalos at my shows dont. ive always appreciated the support from the jh and been honest about that. im sorry if anyone ever feels disrespected by me. im just a comedian, sometimes i wish everyone would relax. im fuckin mc pee pants and u wanna beat me up???? i couldnt matter less and now everyone’s saying my name the day before my tour the week my record comes out.

j, take it with a grain of salt, your fans can. im being serious when i say im with the jh. the juggalo thing was just an act. you’re people know never been polite and respectful and gathering was crap and i stupidly passed on ur number to adult swim. im happy i didnt sign with you when u asked or tour with twiztid.

MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

LOL @ J for picking on a nerd, the same thing he decries in his own lyrics.

Mc Chris the Juggalo holocaust will support you in the fight with violent j .

Juggalo arrested

LoL @ MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Controlled substance

Cole Vincent Meline, 18, of Windsor, was arrested April 27 and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and an illegal weapon.

A Windsor police officer observed Meline sitting in a parking lot in the 1000 block of Main Street for an hour during his patrol, and spoke to him at 8:56 a.m.

During the conversation, the officer noticed Meline wearing a Juggalo necklace. The Juggalos, in the officer’s experience, are known to carry weapons, so the officer asked Meline’s permission to pat him down.

Meline consented, and the officer located a marijuana pipe and a set of brass knuckles, both of which are illegal to carry.

The officer arrested Meline and took him to the Weld County Jail.

LoL @ MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Tess Damm Juggalette – plot to murder guard with shoelace

typical juggalette / ninjette behavior

juggalette criminal

Tess Damm, Insane Clown Posse fan and convicted slayer

Right now, Tess Damm, eighteen, is a resident of a state youth facility, having been convicted of helping boyfriend Bryan Groves murder her mom three years earlier. Linda was stabbed eighteen times.

But officials went to court yesterday to ask that she be transferred to an adult jail. Among their arguments, as reported by the Boulder Daily Camera: She planned an escape attempt last year that involved strangling a guard with a shoelace.

It’s the latest nasty twist for Damm, whose crime has been linked since the beginning to the music of the rap-rock group Insane Clown Posse: Groves was a juggalo, while she was a self-declared juggalette.

After Linda Damm was slain, ICP was effectively made a co-conspirator in the crime by the media. Take the Rocky Mountain News article “Music May Ignite Mayhem,” which quoted ICP lines such as “Me and my axe will leave your head outlined in chalk,” from “My Axe.”

The association of ICP and murder ratcheted up fears so high that in 2008, one area mall, Colorado Mills, effectively banned anyone wearing juggalo gear.

tess damm photos from myspace.JPG
Photos from Tess Damm’s MySpace page.

Today, Damm’s MySpace page remains eerily preserved. It features plenty of ICP photos and lyrics, plus a bio filled with mixed messages. For instance, she calls herself a Christian and writes, “My family means a lot to me.” But at the top of the page, she declares, “A fucking bitch is what I am.”

State officials probably wouldn’t object to this last characterization.