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Mc Chris honorary member of the juggalo holocaust

Mc Chris hates violent j and is made a honorary member of the juggalo holocaust.

MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Earlier today, J posted this tweet:

What BLOWS… is MC Chris at his SHOWS…. Disrespecting JUGGALOS… about to catch one to the NOSE… We see you on You Tube, bitch ass

To which, mc chris responded on his Facebook page:

violent j called me a bitch for comparing juggalos to the henchmen in arkham asylum. i dont mean to disrespect anyone except juggalos. but i do have fun but the juggalos at my shows dont. ive always appreciated the support from the jh and been honest about that. im sorry if anyone ever feels disrespected by me. im just a comedian, sometimes i wish everyone would relax. im fuckin mc pee pants and u wanna beat me up???? i couldnt matter less and now everyone’s saying my name the day before my tour the week my record comes out.

j, take it with a grain of salt, your fans can. im being serious when i say im with the jh. the juggalo thing was just an act. you’re people know never been polite and respectful and gathering was crap and i stupidly passed on ur number to adult swim. im happy i didnt sign with you when u asked or tour with twiztid.

MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

LOL @ J for picking on a nerd, the same thing he decries in his own lyrics.

Mc Chris the Juggalo holocaust will support you in the fight with violent j .

Juggalo arrested

LoL @ MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Controlled substance

Cole Vincent Meline, 18, of Windsor, was arrested April 27 and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and an illegal weapon.

A Windsor police officer observed Meline sitting in a parking lot in the 1000 block of Main Street for an hour during his patrol, and spoke to him at 8:56 a.m.

During the conversation, the officer noticed Meline wearing a Juggalo necklace. The Juggalos, in the officer’s experience, are known to carry weapons, so the officer asked Meline’s permission to pat him down.

Meline consented, and the officer located a marijuana pipe and a set of brass knuckles, both of which are illegal to carry.

The officer arrested Meline and took him to the Weld County Jail.

LoL @ MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Tess Damm Juggalette – plot to murder guard with shoelace

typical juggalette / ninjette behavior

juggalette criminal

Tess Damm, Insane Clown Posse fan and convicted slayer

Right now, Tess Damm, eighteen, is a resident of a state youth facility, having been convicted of helping boyfriend Bryan Groves murder her mom three years earlier. Linda was stabbed eighteen times.

But officials went to court yesterday to ask that she be transferred to an adult jail. Among their arguments, as reported by the Boulder Daily Camera: She planned an escape attempt last year that involved strangling a guard with a shoelace.

It’s the latest nasty twist for Damm, whose crime has been linked since the beginning to the music of the rap-rock group Insane Clown Posse: Groves was a juggalo, while she was a self-declared juggalette.

After Linda Damm was slain, ICP was effectively made a co-conspirator in the crime by the media. Take the Rocky Mountain News article “Music May Ignite Mayhem,” which quoted ICP lines such as “Me and my axe will leave your head outlined in chalk,” from “My Axe.”

The association of ICP and murder ratcheted up fears so high that in 2008, one area mall, Colorado Mills, effectively banned anyone wearing juggalo gear.

tess damm photos from myspace.JPG
Photos from Tess Damm’s MySpace page.

Today, Damm’s MySpace page remains eerily preserved. It features plenty of ICP photos and lyrics, plus a bio filled with mixed messages. For instance, she calls herself a Christian and writes, “My family means a lot to me.” But at the top of the page, she declares, “A fucking bitch is what I am.”

State officials probably wouldn’t object to this last characterization.