Mc Chris honorary member of the juggalo holocaust

Mc Chris hates violent j and is made a honorary member of the juggalo holocaust.

MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

Earlier today, J posted this tweet:

What BLOWS… is MC Chris at his SHOWS…. Disrespecting JUGGALOS… about to catch one to the NOSE… We see you on You Tube, bitch ass

To which, mc chris responded on his Facebook page:

violent j called me a bitch for comparing juggalos to the henchmen in arkham asylum. i dont mean to disrespect anyone except juggalos. but i do have fun but the juggalos at my shows dont. ive always appreciated the support from the jh and been honest about that. im sorry if anyone ever feels disrespected by me. im just a comedian, sometimes i wish everyone would relax. im fuckin mc pee pants and u wanna beat me up???? i couldnt matter less and now everyone’s saying my name the day before my tour the week my record comes out.

j, take it with a grain of salt, your fans can. im being serious when i say im with the jh. the juggalo thing was just an act. you’re people know never been polite and respectful and gathering was crap and i stupidly passed on ur number to adult swim. im happy i didnt sign with you when u asked or tour with twiztid.

MC Chris Violent J “Beef”

LOL @ J for picking on a nerd, the same thing he decries in his own lyrics.

Mc Chris the Juggalo holocaust will support you in the fight with violent j .

9 responses to “Mc Chris honorary member of the juggalo holocaust


  2. thats bullshit. MC Chris is a bitch; just like J said. fuck JH.

  3. man icp sucks there old shit was good but now yall like gangbangers but yall too much of bitches to actualy join a “real” gang bitch ass niggas

  4. you want to fuck with violent j you fuck with number one shaggy 2 dope and number two every single juggalo family member

  5. jh are closet juggalos. Why else would they devote so much time into finding all the latest juggalo news. I can honestly say you jh queers are fucking obsessed…. What are you twelve?

  6. i personally dont care about rap beef and i listen to both partys but the jh is making that shit up about what MC Chris said he actually said… “im a comedian and i did that routine for less than a week and stopped doing it because I didnt feel comfortable doing it…” and goes on to say “that skit was from months ago.. Your all 7 months late to a party that wasnt that fun to begin with”

  7. This shit is stupid. Who ever runs this site is a cunt.

  8. Juggalos are the dumbest looking wannabe white trash gang on the planet. Their parents are all alcoholics so they have to look to terrible music for guidance but it does nothing to help them move out of their parent’s trailer. Ever see a juggalette under 300lbs? If you say you have, you’re lying.

    By the way, Juggalos, it’s called soap. It’s not expensive.

  9. Stop posting lies about mc chris, he never said that he supported JH. He ACTUALLY said that he appreciated all the support he’s gotten from juggalos and didn’t mean any disrespect, because he’s just a comedian. The truth is here:

    Considering JN has no reason to try to lie to gain supporters and you do, it’s not hard to figure out who’s telling the truth. Go choke on a dick.

    U MAD?

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