Band Holy F#ck Diss juggalos

If you ever want to gather Toronto’s Holy Fuck into a cozy label office before noon to chat, and they’re just coming down from post-tour jet lag, be prepared for much more than idle chatter about their music. When we met to talk about their bangingly optimistic new album, Latin, hilarity ensued, likening them, in my mind, to a warm, Kids in the Hall-styled, experimental music-creating beast.  (And without a doubt, I mean “beast” in the most flattering way). If you’ve seen Holy Fuck perform, you know the kind of off-the-charts, raw energy they cook up, capturing everyone in the room.  Listen, and be warned.

It makes for more of a visual, all-out show.
Graham: Exactly!

At this moment, Brian walks into the room and joins in. Graham jokes, ‘just give him one question.  He has to work for his label paycheck.’  He laughs, saying that I should ask him about the band name. ‘I would never!,’ I insist, sneeringly calling it lazy journalism.  He continues on that thread, despite the fact that I wouldn’t have asked him That Question.

Brian: You don’t know how many times people have asked about that!  It’s easy to see it coming now, sometimes we start to answer that question even before someone asks.  They usually do in foreign countries… [laughs]  I wonder what happens with other bands? What about Insane Clown Posse?  So you’re clowns, and you’re a duo, but you call yourselves a posse.  How many guys does it take to constitute a posse? Wouldn’t that be more than two, like, several? And how insane are you? Or do you just like wearing the makeup? [laughs]

One response to “Band Holy F#ck Diss juggalos

  1. We will never die alone juggalo’s will carry on swing our hatchets if we must each and every one of us

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