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Juggalo on COPS

Juggalo on COPS

a juggalo appears on this eppisode of cops @ 14:00


so for those who cant see it, some retarded juggalo gets pulled over, license is revoked, and cop smells weed in the car. the cop wasnt gonna take him to jail, then the juggalo beats his own head on his windows. cop puts the kid in the cop car, the kid calls for his dad, who then wants to argue with the cop, and the dad gets arrested also. they found pot, and the kid rat outs his brother. dumb fucking juggalo WHOOP WHOOP

lol lol lol lol lol @ him crying like a bitch when they said they were towing his car

Juggalo on COPS

juggalos count to potato – nedenmaster16

watch nedenmaster / nedenmaster 16 who can be reached at assmania16@hotmail.com count to potato , however he cannot count to potato in spanish .