nedenmaster16 , the boy blue – JH at GOTJ 2010

many of the Juggalo holocaust members and insiders including nedenmaster16 and the boy blue will be attending the Gathering of the Juggalos .

Run Juggalos

4 responses to “nedenmaster16 , the boy blue – JH at GOTJ 2010

  1. Wow. Youre going to pay money to attened GOTJ 2010 which supports Psychopathic Records and fuels the juggalo nations gatherings and concerts, merch etc just because you hate juggalos? Thats incredibly illogical and moronic if you hate juggalos sooooo god damn bad, ignore them. You dont waste money to crash the largest party thrown by a group of people you cannot stand. That makes extreme amounts of sense guys. Extreme.

    See you in IL.

  2. if you hate us because we call orselves juggalos then kill the fucking maggots too you dumb ass peices of shit

  3. lmfao ya, go crash the gathering goooooood fuckin luck kid. see you there ; ]

  4. i wish one of ufools would run up on me and try to take my shit in birmingham alabama see ya at tha gathering even though u wont let your presence b known

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