Manitowoc Police Department gang unit run in with juggalo gang

Instances of persons wearing symbols related to the Juggalo gang on T- shirts and the appearance of
symbols related to the Juggalo gang on bumpers stickers on vehicles have been noted by Gang Task
Force members in Manitowoc. While the sighting of these symbols on clothing or vehicles does not
necessarily mean the persons sporting these shirts and symbols are Juggalo gang members, it does mean
that more persons locally appear to be identifying with the Insane Clown Posse, which gang members
affiliated with the Juggalos and Juggalettes (the female version of these gang members) follow closely.
The Fox Valley has for several years had numerous problems with the Juggalo/Juggalette gangs. This
will also need to be an issue that Gang Task Force members will need to watch closely so potential
members can be identified quickly should problems begin to arise.

6 responses to “Manitowoc Police Department gang unit run in with juggalo gang

  1. Lo’s and Lette’s aren’t part of a fucking gang. For those of you that think they are you are fucking retarded. Juggalo’s are a family. They live for eachother and for what they believe. Fuck all of you that are tryin to get Gang Task Force on them, fuck all of you that can’t understand that you can have friends that are like your family, and if you have a fucking problem with what member of the juggalo family are doing or saying fuck you. If you don’t like what members of Psychopathic Records are saying THEN DON’T FUCKING LISTEN. Jesus fucking christ grow up. Get the fuck over yourselves. And FUCK OFF!!!!!

  2. ya wat she said bitch (whoop whoop)

  3. yea well manitowoc county gang task force is a joke i just got pulled over earlier tonight because i had a hatchet man across the hood of my car then he sees my chain and my hat he makes me get out of my car calls another cop and then they bolth search me asked me a ton of questions about juggalos n juggalettes which seriously pissd me off n then to top it off they ask to take a picture of me then once i toldem no then they searched my car trunk n all n didnt find shit if these cops wanna actt like we are a gang maybe we shud start acting like a gang n showem what theyve brought upon them selves

    fuck the police whoop whoop mmfwcl fam

  4. hold up people what is this shyt i was told the juggalo holocaust was a bunch of fuckin hillbilly mutha fuckas tryin to take out juggalos but then i read shyt posted by juggalos so wtf is up

  5. and i agree if yall dont like us then fuck u

  6. I work for a living

    They don’t have to ‘hunt’ Juggalos – the gov’t. knows where it sends the welfare checks. Child-molesting, venerial disease-infested, moronic wigger bitches.

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