All Juggalos Must Read

Debunking myths about the Juggalo Holocaust

Myth: The Juggalo Holocaust hates juggalos because of the music they listen to.
Response: False. We hate Juggalos because of your lifestyle, hypocrisy and negative social impact. Juggalos tend to do whatever they want, including breaking laws. They then cry persecution when caught. There are some that dislike the music, but it is NOT the primary reason. The fact that you’re all taken in by an elaborate marketing gimmick is enough fodder for us to laugh at, however.
Myth: There are more Juggalos than there are “haters”.
Response: False. The Juggalo Holocaust is a representation of the decent, law-abiding citizens that make up the rest of the non-Juggalo world. We far outnumber you on such a massive scale that there is NO hope for you to overtake us. You are a very, very small criminal element that stands in the face of a world that tires of your petty crimes and false persecution syndrome.
Myth: There are “millions” of Juggalos.
Response: False. If album sales are a somewhat accurate representation of Juggalo populace, the last ICP album “Bang Pow Boom” sold about 50,000 copies. There were also multiple versions with different songs, so many Juggalos bought more than one copy. Your argument is really, really falling apart at this point.
Myth: People that have never heard of ICP are still Juggalos.
Response: False. That is simply idiotic. They are regular people. Just because people have problems in their lives, are bullied or hated by someone doesn’t make them a Juggalo. Perhaps those people don’t automatically need a “family” crutch to fall back on. Perhaps they are strong enough to stand on their own. To label them simply to bolster your own delusion is a despicable act.
Myth: We’re just jealous of the “Juggalo family”.
Response: False. No one is jealous of you. You are a weak people that cling to each other because you don’t have the strength to go at it alone. You are all emotional cripples that flock to a fabricated philosophy to gather together and face common, every day issues as a group because you don’t have the willpower to face the same problems as everyone else.
Myth: Juggalos are a “family” not a gang..
Response: False. How you label something does not change the fundamental principle. You are a group that throws up hand-signs, dresses alike, commit crimes and have a general disdain for law and order. You are a gang. The fact that ICP started as a gang and the music reflected this lifestyle cements this fact.
Myth: Juggalos / Wicked Clowns never die.
Response: False. Yes you do.
Myth: Juggalos always have “family”.
Response: False. Juggalos always claim they are a giant family and will always have each others’ back. However when one Juggalo does something that goes against another’s “code of Juggalo ethics” (which varies from Juggalo to Juggalo) they are always called “fake” , “jugga-ho” or some other disparaging name. There is no unity or love between you people because you’re NOT a family. You’re simply pathetic and clinging to any sense of belonging.

8 responses to “All Juggalos Must Read

  1. its people like you that are a joke you spend your life im guessing devoted to this very website to try to break people down that you dont like thats sad saying that we never die is just a saying if you take it literally then you must not be to bright it means we will live on through the music when they die theyre music will still be heard all around by the people who love it and understand it please i would love it if u got back to me my myspace is

  2. Pure ignorance. Not every juggalo is a criminal you fuckstick. You want to go by definitions on everything then look this up….intolerance because of difference.

  3. So… im a juggalo age of 28 n have been down since the great melinko. i own my own pad. have kids a wife i make 30 bucks n hour as a machinist. i came from a crack house in a broke home. but i made it. the sounds of spychopathic records is for release of hate to find love. therapy 4 sum. y u gata be so nazi on the ninjas?

  4. MeatballCrazyJuggalo

    Listen up all y’all jh bitches ain’t nothing bitch bring it I’m in the mother fucking military you think you got what it takes to take us bring it bitches I will be at hallowicked so if you want a piece bring it I will even be in uniform you fucks

  5. Honestly that’s a bunch of bullshit what ur saying about us. it’s none of YOUR business what WE do. Have you people sat back and realize that destroying another humans’ life doesn’t make you any better? You’re being just as ignorant as any other fool I know. I’m a 16 year old juggalette and let me tell you one thing, one day you’re going to wake up realizing that all this shit you say about us will NOT stop the juggalo family. You can tell the whole goddamn planet that we’re fucked up in the head but guess what? WE DON”T GIVE A WHOOPY FUCKING DO. Being a juggalo/lette is in the heart and I’ll die a juggalette before I agree on anything you so called decent, law abiding citizens say. You can say we’re a gang who does nothing but cause trouble all you want, because for one thing we shall not back down. So come and find me. I’m not afraid to die for the ones I love.

  6. Ima detroit lette thats been down for 16 fucking years. I live by the music and breath by the hatchet. What the fuck is your problem? Are the juggalos taking away from your attention? Or were you denied and shunned for your idiocracy? if you REALLY wana act like a man- ill be at the filmore at noon on hallowicked. ill be the first lette with her back against that fence as i am EVERY year. You got a problem with the fam? Ima take it on as a PERSONAL vendetta. Come get me ya little BITCH!!! mmfwcl! Detroits Wikid Bitch! WHOOP WHOOP!

  7. Dont hate us los jus cuz u a punk ass bitch if u got a prob wit tha fam say it to us not on tha internet

  8. Skye dwn 4 lyfe lette

    ha how did i knw yr bunch of low life have nothing to do but talk bullshit me i have a life i didnt even read the hole thing to know ur bullshiters

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