Tech N9ne Arrested


Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne is out on bond after being arrested today in Lee’s Summit.

While the speeding-around-in-a-Ferrari part of the incident sounded glamorous, it turns out the alleged crime wasn’t much to rap home about.

Police said Tech, whose real name is Aaron Yates, had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court. The original charge, police said, was “placing illegal banners” in Blue Springs.

Lee’s Summit police said they picked up the rapper after a traffic stop at 12:50 p.m. today.

Word hit the Web by 1:19 p.m., when Tech posted on Twitter, “I’m getting arrested.”

He followed up with another tweet linking to a photo of a police officer helping him into the back of a cruiser.

Tech’s business partner, Travis O’Guin, later explained.

“You’ll probably laugh,” he said before launching into the story.

O’Guin said it all started when he and Tech decided to road-test O’Guin’s brand-new Ferrari F430.

O’Guin took the car from 0 to 70 mph in three seconds, he said, which caught the attention of a Lee’s Summit police officer.

The officer pulled O’Guin over outside of Culver’s, a burger restaurant at 1701 N.E. Douglas St., and ran the pair’s IDs. That’s when he discovered a warrant in Tech’s name and arrested the rapper.

O’Guin said neither he nor Tech knew about the Blue Springs charge or the warrant.

He said that it was probably Tech’s fans — not the rapper himself — who hung the posters, and that Tech wasn’t even in town when the charges were filed. He said he and Tech plan to go to court tomorrow morning to try to clear the charges.

O’Guin said Tech was in jail 22 minutes before posting $300 bond.

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One response to “Tech N9ne Arrested

  1. So he’s not a good person because he was caught speeding? lol, you’re a fucking moron. I guess that make everyone who has been caught speeding a bad person.

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