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Jeff Nipples- Pimples On My Ass

new album by jeff nipples featuring the Juggalo holocaust song WAR and owned to the nippleos
pimples on ass
pimples on butt


This is a collection of unreleased Jeff Nipples from the era in between prince’s charm 2006 till early 2009 when I came back into the game more full time again. During this era I mostly only did a couple tracks per year, more than half the album is shit made in late 2006-early 2007

First Church Of The Juggalos-Southside Carnival – Juggalo holocaust church

The juggalo cult is getting more exposed, now the juggalo church is preaching to kill us.

Ashley I felt that these people are worth talking about for the stuff they do. The Juggalos and Juggalettes in the group will know about the guys all too well, they are known as the “Juggalo Holocaust”. They are a group of anti-Juggalo extremsts who have killed Juggalos and Lettes because of who we are. Yes, the Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics ARE violent and perverse, but if you actually listen to the lyrics they actually make sense. They show the horrors of what society has become. If you ask me, the Holocaust just can’t handle someone calling them out on their bullshit, so they make things worse by killing us. I am teaming up with the First Church of the Juggalos-Southside Carnival to spread word about ths matter. I am a part of the Church, and you can see a link to it on my profile page. Please help us sprad the word about Juggaloism, and what the monsers known as the Juggalo Holocaust. If you all have questions about the Dark Carnival, Shangri-La, Hell’s Pit and the 6 Cards, don’t heasitate to message me!!! I hope you guys will help!