First Church Of The Juggalos-Southside Carnival – Juggalo holocaust church

The juggalo cult is getting more exposed, now the juggalo church is preaching to kill us.

Ashley I felt that these people are worth talking about for the stuff they do. The Juggalos and Juggalettes in the group will know about the guys all too well, they are known as the “Juggalo Holocaust”. They are a group of anti-Juggalo extremsts who have killed Juggalos and Lettes because of who we are. Yes, the Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics ARE violent and perverse, but if you actually listen to the lyrics they actually make sense. They show the horrors of what society has become. If you ask me, the Holocaust just can’t handle someone calling them out on their bullshit, so they make things worse by killing us. I am teaming up with the First Church of the Juggalos-Southside Carnival to spread word about ths matter. I am a part of the Church, and you can see a link to it on my profile page. Please help us sprad the word about Juggaloism, and what the monsers known as the Juggalo Holocaust. If you all have questions about the Dark Carnival, Shangri-La, Hell’s Pit and the 6 Cards, don’t heasitate to message me!!! I hope you guys will help!

4 responses to “First Church Of The Juggalos-Southside Carnival – Juggalo holocaust church

  1. Do these brainwashed chimps attend a real church that consider Violent J and Shaggy deities? This can’t be fucking real…

  2. well this is the most stupid site that i ever incounterd in my life wtf is this shit i couldnt finish readin this at all first of all its not a gang it a family we treat each other like blood, we dont really kill people the wicked shit is our theme the one thats really kill and rape is called juggahoes [fake] we aint about violence we have positive messege behind the music we dont do stupid shit i can understand if a juggalo does sumthin stupid well i hate that shit so does alot of other juggalos, we r just chill people atleast the true juggalos r all im sayin is u have no idea what you guys are talking about at all how r u gonna hate on us when we dont do shit to you, you have no idea what we are about at all so quit asumin stuff and grow up

  3. of course your not gonna accept my comment cuz you just want people to believe your lies

  4. all i have 2 say is tht i love my juggalos

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