Ninjette – What is a Ninjette , typical Ninjette comment

Fuck all of you juggalo haters. We give you kno reason to hate us. So we dont dress like all of you or listen to the same music as all of you that doesnt mean we arent human beings. Im tired of seeing these damn websites with all this bullshit so what if you dont understand what we believe in does that mean you have to go around killing us and saying every rude ass comment that comes to your mind about us i mean seriously you call us a gang because we dress alike and listen to the same music and yeah i will admit some of us do get in legal trouble but i mean if we wanna get technical we could call “preps” a gang. they dress alike. basically all of them wear hollister, aeropostale, and american eagle and all those other shitty stores like them. they also listen to very similar music and some of them too get in legal just stop with all this bullshit and move on

 Hate haters , hate rich people and hate rude people while being rude and hateful – juggalettes and ninjettes

2 responses to “Ninjette – What is a Ninjette , typical Ninjette comment

  1. SmallzNinjaBiTCH

    yeah you know what? fuck all the haters. They call us a gang, look at the PO-PO! they got uniforms, they got territorys, they got GUNS that are legal for them to carry, Basically a license to kill, and they can get away with it the fuckin bastards. I member i heard about this person who was doing something like gonna kill himself or someone in his house, so like 6 cops ran up in dat bitch and he “fired” at them, so they shot him up. When the coroners got there, he was under a sink FACING THE WALL WITH HIS BACK TO THE CUBARD DOORS, with 6 shots in his back. Cops said it was self defense the reason why they killed this mothafucka. I DONT THINK SO. they didnt get shit for it either, they all ‘hush hush everyone’ fuck that. Thers some crooked ass cops out there, crooked ass people in general, so why they gotta hate on us juss becuase im tryin to fuckin do what everyone else does. IM ME, i like the music i listen to. Im gonna be how i wanna fuckin be, FUCK YOU AND YOUR ‘GANG’ shit bout juggalos mothafockoos

  2. SmallzNinjaBiTCH

    okay okay i fucked it up
    just becuase im NOT trying to do what everyone else says is ‘good’ or ‘right’

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