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New Juggalo Chant

JH and planet lotb brings the new juggalo chant exclusive from the icp

We are stupid juggalos

Our penises are really small

Excuse us public for being so brash

But we are redneck trailer trash!

Our juggalettes take dick for cash

We pretend we aint racist!!!

Ninjette/Juggalette defends here parenting

What a great mother twizted lette is ….. MOTHER OF THE YEAR

“ay yo bitch really??? i got fuckin kidz there aint shit you can say bout that shit cuz i have very honestly met some dumb asses that cant even fuckin take care of cats. i am a fuckin juggalette and i say that shit loud and fuckin proud if you wanna fuckin step to me and my family e-mail me and ill give you my address bitch come try and fuck with me i fuckin dare you bitch like it doesnt even make any fuckin sense to say that juggalettes and juggalos are fuckin ignorant or unfit to take care of a fuckin kid or fuckin dog like seriously????? i have met people that arent juggalos or lettes and they got their kids and shit taken from them for neglect and abuse so you and your fuckin ignorant close minded bitch ass needs to shut the fuck up you dont know shit you really fuckin dont and im going to be fuckin honest here the only reason you said some shit like that was probably because you got your fuckin kids taken away because your bitch ass was to busy fuckin worryin bout the next fuckin gram of fuckin meth while your fuckin kids were probably sitting at home and if you dont have any fuckin kids your probably like 12 and dont even fuckin know shit so why dont you grow up mature hit puberty then fuckin at least say shit that fuckin makes sense at least in the mediocre sense on some real shit you sound just flat the fuck out ignorant dude like really?? if your gonna try and dis people for just flat out bein themselves at least sound like you had 1.0 GPA in high school your ifnorance honestly astounds me grow up and get off it it you dont it i got 4 fuckin words for you FUCK THE FUCK OFF and news flash bitch the world doesnt revolve around you and your frendz opinions dont mean shit and im going to speak for all the juggalo family when i say this BRING IT BITCH YOU CANT FUCK WITH US AND WIKKID KLOWNS NEVER FUCKIN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Ignorant Juggalo Racist

another ignorant juggalo tries to deny the racism and Nazism of juggalos

this made me laugh hysterically! DUDE! are you serious? first off, just because a flag is red and black, does NOT mean it’s a nazi flag. and second, to which nazi symbol are you referring? the lightning bolts of the SS, or the perversion of the navajo symbol for wind? because i see neither of them. this flag looks more like a flag for a country than anything. i’m a native juggalette, and my boyfriend is a white juggalo. racist? i think not.

once again juggalos dont seem to acknowledge the truth

Juggalos and Ninjas – Magic Magic Ninja What

Juggalo – Magic Magic Ninja What

juggalo ninja
same as a juggalo except at the highest rank of juggalo
At school I’m the juggalo ninja.

Clown attack no joke – police – Juggalos ?

AN attempted armed robbery involving a man dressed as The Joker is no laughing matter for Fairfield police.

Detectives are investigating three young men wearing clown make-up one made up as The Joker from Batman and armed with chains who attempted to rob a woman outside Fairfield RSL Club.

About 12.10am on June 28, the 20-year-old woman was waiting outside the club on Anzac Ave for her boyfriend to pick her up when she was approached by the trio.

The three produced chains from their pockets and demanded the woman’s bag, but when her boyfriend arrived they ran off towards the train station empty-handed.

Police are investigating if the group is linked to the Juggalo movement, which has been classified as a gang in at least six states in the US.

Juggalos and Juggalettes are fans of hard-core hip-hop and rap groups such as Insane Clown Posse and others on the Psychopathic Records label.

The fans wear clown make-up and have been accused of committing violent acts in America.

Fairfield crime manager detective Insp Gary Bailey said police believed members of the public knew the identity of the “clowns’‘.

“We’re appealing for information from the public because we believe these persons, if continually allowed to commit criminal offences, could cause serious injuries to members of the public,’’ Insp Bailey said.

Strike Force Spurway was established in January to deal with robberies in Fairfield.

Detectives have obtained CCTV footage of the most recent attempted robbery, which can be viewed here on the Advance website.

“During 2010, on a number of occasions, police have seized quality CCTV footage from business premises, railway stations, buses and taxis,’’ Insp Bailey said.

“That has contributed to the arrest of a number of offenders for the serious offence of robbery and other offences.’’

Juggalo gang committing robbery

Fairfield police are investigating three juggalos dressed in clown make-up and armed with chains who attempted to rob a woman.

once again showing ICP Fans committing crimes .

juggalos are anti-racist

Juggalos are anti racist? hmm...

What two things stand out in this picture?

(answer Juggalo logo on drums , Nazi flag on wall – racism is still alive a kicking with juggalos)

Mommy, What’s a Juggalo?

Our friends and colleagues at Denver Westword have published a super-handy timeline about one of music’s most inexplicable phenomena: the persistence of Juggalo culture.

You probably are at the very least vaguely aware that a Juggalo (fem., Juggalette) is a hardcore fan of Michigan shock-rap duo Insane Clown Posse. You may also be aware that these Juggalos occasionally gather in events where they discuss the mythology of the “Dark Carnival” and drink Faygo, a syrupy Detroit-based soda (note to self: google whether Michigan is a “soda,” “pop” or “coke” region). For a really funny test that helps you determine if you yourself might be a Juggalo, check out this Mongo Nation article.

Wanna know more? Denver Westword’s Thorin Klosowski compiled this timeline of all things Juggalo. Highlight (one of many): “2008 – Juggalo John Antonelli files a lawsuit against the group after being hit in the head by a 2 lt. bottle of Faygo”:

New member of insane clown posse at the gathering of the juggalos ?

Worlds number 1 Juggalette Tila Tequila is at the gathering.

WHOOP WHOOP Tila Tequila is going to be the newest member of the insane clown posse at Gathering of Juggalos GOTJ 2010

Tila Tequila at Gathering of Juggalos GOTJ

Visit To offer your prayers and well wishes to tila tequila after her attack by juggalos